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General Discussion / Uploading pics and avatars on this board?
« on: January 12, 2007, 12:33:14 am »
Help! I would like to be able to upload pics into my messages from time to tim or include an avatar. I thought I could just copy and past into my message while typing but this doesn't work. I also can't seem to get an avatar to load. Could someone give me the pointers of how to do it here on the board.

I think what bothers me is that wherever I go, there they are. Sometimes I feel like this is the only "safe" place to be, and who wants that?
This be true. I was surfing around a couple of different wep boards that I just kept getting fed up with until I saw that bright light in the distance. I follow the calling and now here I am in Hudlin's house. ;D

BTW, When you all were battling the "three headed monster" I always wondered why you didn't call them collective beasts what they were, the friggin' Hydra. In fact, they seemed like freakin' King Ghidorah (for all you old Godzilla fans  ;) ).

Right now I'm reading -

Justice League of America
Actiion Comics
Wonder Woman

I used to read "Outsiders" but I am starting get a little tired of Winick's making everyone in that book sex out with everything that walks on two or four legs like they did back in ancient Rome (OK maybe not EVERYONE  :) ). At first it was okay, but it's starting to get annoying. I understand he is trying to get out certain messages but I think he is really starting to beat readers over the head with it too much. Case in point, the Grace/Thunder hook up. Wasn't diggn' that element at all.

Other Comics / Re: Joe Illidge - Something More
« on: January 11, 2007, 12:56:15 pm »
This column should be of interest here, I found it pretty interesting myself

OK. I read the article.

1. The "Heroes" TV show is still worse than Joe realized because if you actually watch the show, this black female who is supposed to be one of the Heroes is NOT in the show. Unless they are talking about the one black female who has no powers and her only relevance to story is that she is jumping from the bed of her drug addict boyfriend who can paint to the future into the one with this New X-men Prodigy/Rogue like dude. She has no powers. As for the black male, he is an ex-con with X-man Kitty Pride powers who is on the run because his wife, who I guess is like the Hulk with out growing big and green, alter-ego set him up and wants to kill him. The point being here that once again, the black male is an ex-con and the black female is clueless, sexual object.

2. What the hell does Paul Levitz, president of DC, mean when Joe says,"Paul and I had a good talk, but in the end, his basic message to me was the creation of Milestone was magic, a convergence of time and talent and righteous frustration and creative hunger, and that such a thing could not be artificially recreated despite the fact that Milestone would find appreciation in this new century." Sounds to me DC is copping out. What the hell does he mean to imply that if you bring back a black directed comic organization it would "artificially recreate" what would be appreciated?!? Wow. I might have stop buying DC comics for awhile based on that ludicrous statement.

So what did you all think after reading the article?   >:(

Other Comics / Re: Marc Guggenheim on Blade
« on: January 11, 2007, 12:27:16 pm »
I've been collecting this series too and I don't necessarily have a problem with the writer, but I don't like some of the changes he's made.  Making his dad white and having him born in a whorehouse in Britain are two things I don't care for, but that's just my take. I  feel like the character is being watered down and made more palatable to the "larger comic buying demographic". This reminds me of a discussion in another forum about some of the changes done to Luke Cage to make HIM more acceptable to a wider audience.

I do understand that Guggenhiem said, in issue#1, he was trying to mesh characteristics of the original Blade with the different interpretations, including the movie's, into this new amalgamation. Unlike some other Marvel characters who may have needed it, I think it's absurd to cherry pick this character's origins since it was the movies with Snipes that reinvigorated the character to even bring back a series about him. Most folks who are fans of the character became that based on Wesley's and Del Toro's take.

As for the art, I'm not feeling it. Not at all. Chaykin may be an industry veteran, but his art is wack. I don't like the way he draws Blade (I admit I was looking more for that Snipes model). Heck, why don't one of the artist who did BP draw for this comic. It might increase it's fan base if they do.

Other Comics / Stan Lee in court???
« on: January 11, 2007, 11:58:01 am »
In case anyone is interested, I ran into this little article about "The Maker":


Man! I loved this discussion! Thank you Supreme Illness and others for bringing the knowledge and slapping love....Uh...well craft down because of some of the inane things he was spouting. Can't completely blame him though. As you all I'm sure are aware he is saying the same things we have heard from other folks of different hues who don't like the idea of a complete Eurocentric foundation of civilization shook.

You all reminded me about some of the books I read in throughout college and still have in my current collection. I had to go dust off my copy of "Destruction of the Black Civilization" from Williams after you all started citing it. ;)

madd props and MUCHO love for the shout out,Evasive1! I am very glad that you read this thread and left such a tite post,for real.Holla true,and believe you me there is plenty of beatins to hand out,man.How did you come to know of this site? Glad to have you,however you came through...anybody OG enough to go grab his DESTRUCTION for a discussion is a must-have here at HEF...hahaha,and I liked that "Supreme Illness" joint...

Ah, the story of my life? Or at least Panther fan to Internet board lurker/poster?

Some months ago I walked into a comic book shop on an off day from work. I hadn't done something like that since I was in high school, which is about that same time I stopped collecting comics. However, I happen to discover this book on the shelf with the title, "Who Is the Black Panther". I hadn't read BP since I was kid and I remember not being terribly impressed back then. However, I am always in search of media that portrays blacks in a positive role so I decided to pick it up and give it a a read...

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

I wanted to find out how Hudlin got involved with writing BP, let alone comics, so I started surfing the Net reading all the interviews and critiques both bad and good. This led me to read comics message boards which led me to that other BP board, the Black Panther Message Board, where I believe alot of the same folks here frequent. I was amazed at the animosity toward Hudlin and the current BP run and I was kind of getting disgusted. I tried to find other boards but I noticed some were shutting down their BP threads or were havens for anti-Hudlin folks. I eventually cam to Hudlins site to see if I could at least drop some compliments to him and give my support as I thought what he was doing with BP was needed and entertaining. Unfortunately, the site was down for awhile so I was never able to register and it was like that for awhile as I'm sure you are all aware. Luckily, I came back one last time and notice the new layout of Reggie's site so I registered, and jumped on the forums.

And here I am. A pro-Hudlin BP fan (Not saying I agree with everything Hudlin has done, but overall he has my support :) ). I even ran out and started collecting comics again starting with the Priest run of BP,which I read in it's entirety. Loved it with reservations too.

If you believe that as well cool you are entitled to your OPINION.
That was exactly my point.  I agree completely.

Therefore for clarification the african man was made for the african woman.
Again, I agree completely.  Since all humankind originates from Africa that makes your statement equivalent to Wise Son's.  Agreement all around.

Uh, I wouldn't agree. I think Kitamu Re was referring to african men and women of the African Diasporic period over last couple of centuries since the Middle Passage. NOT since the birth of human kind.
Lacking the context to recognize sarcasm is one of the hazards of showing up late.  Not your fault.

 ??? Uh...ookaay then. Don't believe I was all that late since I read the entire exchange that occurred. Sarcasm can be hard to interpret via the written word on these types of boards sometimes. I didn't catch sarcasm in what you wrote, but if that is what it was then cool. I was just trying to bring some interpretation to Kitamu Re's response in case the meaning, as I saw it, was not expressed adequately.  I wasn't trying to offend.

Black Panther / Re: The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: January 10, 2007, 11:38:03 pm »
Still do not agree with this assessment of "Arena" and while it did not read as a "great story" it was not a lesbian fantasy or anti-Storm.  Wonder if any of the naysayers here support independent Black comics and put their money where their mouth is since they don't like the first major Black super hero in comics recreated by Claremont.  If you don't like it then don't buy it...if Claremont hadn't written it you would never have known Storm.  In any medium an artist hits a zenith and will come down....Claremont at least had the balls to write diverse characters and take risks.



Black Panther / Re: Get to work Reggie
« on: January 10, 2007, 05:15:42 pm »
....Ofcourse....There is always the Threesom Option.

T'Challa,Ororo,and Emma all getting down in the Royal Bedroom  :D :D ;)

SWEET CHRISTMAS!!! GOOD GOOGLIMUGA!!! I knew T'Challa was up to something when he left the festivities of his own bachelor party in (of all places ::)) Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He was saving up all that sexual tension for the Rose Bowl of the Romper Rooms!

...of course I would have to drop the title if Reggie wrote that. :)

Black Panther / Re: Get to work Reggie
« on: January 10, 2007, 04:43:58 pm »
Storm has kicked Emma's ass for way less. I don't doubt for a second that she would slit Emma's throat and stand over her while Emma bled to death if Emma touched her man. She'd be like a modern-day Selvina Delvina[/url]. And if they did a body switch, BP would know it. He was able to detect the fake Doom, and they'd never even had sexonamuhf*ckinplane before.

If Reg pulled some sh*t like BP cheating on Storm for ANY reason EVAHEVAHEVAH, I'd burn every BP copy that I own.  We FINALLY got us one good, healthy, loving black couple. Leave that triangle angsty sh*t for pansies like Cyclops and Gambit. Besides, T'Challa would never touch a tramp like Emma Frost - he has more pride than that. The only woman he put his balls on the line for is his queen now.

I can see it now, the bodies of T"Challa and Emma sprawled out lifeless in the royal bedroom riddled with bullet holes..and standing over them is Ororo with a smoking gun, saying to herself,"...Now how do you reload this thing?" ;D

Yall act like yall aint smashed some 6 or 7s in yall day ::). Your boy luke just got jammed up with a 7 and did the big thing and owned up to his responsibility. Say what yall want bendis showed the realist negro moment at marvel that year. lol :D

Damn! I told Aquaveeta not to let those pictures get out. How will I ever convince Gabrielle Union to quit her husband and run away with me? Oh, no!  :o

If you believe that as well cool you are entitled to your OPINION.
That was exactly my point.  I agree completely.

Therefore for clarification the african man was made for the african woman.
Again, I agree completely.  Since all humankind originates from Africa that makes your statement equivalent to Wise Son's.  Agreement all around.

Uh, I wouldn't agree. I think Kitamu Re was referring to african men and women of the African Diasporic period over last couple of centuries since the Middle Passage. NOT since the birth of human kind. There have been too many cultural differentiations since then so even if folks don't believe in race we can at least look at cultural groups and the stratifications within those specific groups for this particular discussion.

Best Believe all the white girls I step out with are Bangin, Im not getting yelled at by my Momma and my Sisters for nothing. But anyway the point is that Regardless,If you see a white Comic Book Guy with a Black Comic book Girl you can bet she is not going to look like Whoopi Goldberg(even tho that seems to be the type a lot of white guys like to date :-\)

Really? It has been my observation that white guys are seen mostly with decent to bangin' black women. Every now and then you see them with a Whoopie Goldberg clone (sorry, Whoopie. Bless her heart. :D) but that doesn't seem to happen often enough.

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