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Oh and crazy response afterwards.  Marvel execs very impressed by everything, and emails for days after from Hollywood producers who were in the room. No one, even my friends, saw all that coming. 

General Discussion / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2006
« on: July 26, 2006, 12:03:00 am »
Here's what happened on the BLACK panel:

An amazing array of talent.  Dwayne McDuffie talked about his new book at Marvel.  Denys Cowan talked about his new book at DC.  The RZA talked about scoring AFRO SAMURAI.    The Davis Twins talked about their new publishing deal with Simon and Shuster.  John Dokes (Marketing chief at Marvel) ducked questions about Black Panther movies and series.  Jeffery Wright, who runs a huge Christian publishing company, announced he was starting a comic book line.

That's a lotta brothers doing well.  Very well.  With a lot of great news.

I gave a shout out to a lot of the HEFfas in the house - Redjack, Michaelimp, Furie1 and Sam Wilson.


Here's what happened during the BET panel:

First I showed a reel of upcoming shows on BET.  Because I figured a lot people at the con either didn't know what BET was, or had an outdated idea of what it was. 

What was on the reel?

Reality shows like KEYSHIA COLE: THE WAY IT IS and DMX:  SOUL OF A MAN.  Both of which are on Wed. nights starting at 9pm.

Specials like THE TOP 25 HOTTEST BODIES (hosted by Kevin Hart and Toccarra), which has already aired and was a hit on the network.

Ongoing shows like THE BLACK CARPET (which covers the world of entertainment from the Sundance Film Festival to The Detroit Player's Ball) and HOTWYRED, which covers the world of online, gaming and electronics.

News specials like SAVING OUR SELVES - ONE YEAR LATER, which offers eyewitness testimony about what IS and ISN'T happening in the wake of Katrina (this will air in August).

Then there are the shows slated for the fall. 

BEEF is a weekly series based on the popular documentary DVD line.  It will feature old and new school rap beef (LL vs. Kool Moe Dee, Jay Z vs. Nas), and also expand into sports beef (Shaq vs. Kobe), olds chool beef (Diana Ross vs. Mary Wilson), even supermodel beef (Niaomi vs. Tyra).

THE NEXT LEVEL:  VINCE YOUNG is a sports show that follows the Rose Bowl MVP as he transitions to the pros.

AMERICAN GANGSTER is a series that will profile the most imfamous gangsters in our history - Nicky Barnes, Freeway Rick, Tookie Williams, The Chambers Brothers, see not only their rise and fall, but their effect on the communities they destroyed.

Okay, all of that was just the introduction of WHO the network is. 

Then I went into what's coming up in the world of animation.

I introduced Sidney Clifton, one of the top executives at Film Roman, and showed their reel of work, which is vast - from Simpsons and Family Guy to...well it's pretty damn impressive.

BET and Film Roman are hammering out a deal to partner on projects.  Quite frankly, this deal alone is big news.

Then I explained the BET Animation roll out plan.

This winter, I will be showing animated shorts throughout our programming day.  It will be a wide range of styles.  To demonstrate my point, I showed two examples.

One is a six second short about Biggie Smalls.

Then I showed an award winning short called BID 'EM IN, based on a song by Oscar Brown Jr.

After it was over, silence, then applause.  It's that kinda short.  Knocks the breath out of people.

Then I gave a few glimpses of the future.  The series that will be debuting in fall '07. 

I started with a sketch by Denys Cowan.  Everyone I show this sketch to is blown away.  Then I said the show will be written by Dwayne McDuffie.  Yes, the Milestone team back together again...creating an original show for BET.

Then I showed 30 seconds of conceptual art from HANNIBAL THE CONQUERER, which will be produced by and starring VIN DIESEL. The African King who conquered the world will have an animated prime time series on BET. 

Then I took questions.

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« on: July 25, 2006, 11:31:59 pm »

General Discussion / Welcome Back...or welcome aboard!!!
« on: July 25, 2006, 11:25:00 pm »
I love that I'm not even the first person (or even the 20th person) to post on my website.  In this crazy new world we are living in, we have vibrant communities that span the globe with people we have never met.  This site is downright addictive, but in the food/sex/friendship way, and we're gonna do it stronger, faster, better than ever before. 

It will take a minute to get the site where we want it to be, but it will get there and beyond.

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