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Technology / Re: The iPad: Opinions?
« on: June 12, 2010, 02:12:02 pm »

Grangted I'm not thier target demographic but it seems to me that if the iPad can't use Flash (no Youtube, no Hulu and no online Flashgames) it pretty much useless for anything somebody'd actually want to use it for.

Five bills is a lot for a Kindle with delusions of grandeur.  

Before my 81 year old mom passed away, she had a macbook that she barely turned on because the world's simplest laptop was still too confusing for her to understand.  She also had an iPhone that she "could" understand and thrilled her octogenarian pals with her highTech-dexterity.  But alas, as she grew older her vision blurred and her fingers began to tremble. She could no longer hit the right buttons accurately enough to play with her phone.
If she were alive today, I would clear out my bank account to put an iPad in her hands.  At her age everything was magical anyway.  
The iPad would have blown her mind.

Maybe Apple is so successful because they're the first company to acknowledge that even the nerdiest geeks on earth have plain ordinary parents.
A truly untapped market.


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