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Black Panther / Re: Black Panther #4 SPOILERS and Discussion
« on: July 27, 2016, 05:44:06 pm »
So issue 5 will conclude this arch? I was hoping 4 was; looking for a reason to drop. Unfortantly, I just can't stop in the middle of an arch. Not even a bad one...

Sad thing is, his usage in Ultimates, ALMOST, doesnt bother me. I see that book as a Blue Marvel book first most. You can tell that Ewing is really enjoying BM as a character from his crazy development of Afam's family from the entire Time he wrote Mighty Avengers to now. While T'Challa may not see much action, his character is on point and is being respected. That's more than can be said than by any of the writers that wrote T'Challa post Liss, in any book that used T'Challa (looking at you X-Men, Age of Ultron).

I think that in Ultimates 2, which kickstarts after Civil War concludes, Ewing will have more time and opportunities to flesh T'Challa out in a team settling moreso, just like he did with Blue Marvel, who really came into his own during Captain America and the Mighty Avengers. In Ewing, I trust... At least more than Coates in not only writing Black Panther, but Black charters. Ewing has done nothing but show our characters of color, not just black but Hispanic (White Tiger, MAC) major love. All Coates has done is show and tell negative Black imager art in a hostitale climate at a time in our country where we really don't need that ish.

Hell, I have white friends that have read BP/Coates issues and told me that they can't read another issue. It's not BP, it's not Wakanda.

Now, I can respect the story. I can respect the kind of story he wants to tell, and the chapters to create. But destroying such a legacy, a mythos... ruining a character especially right after his FIRST breakout appearance in the big screen... Nah. I don't think I can continue supporting this BP title in good faith. Not anymore.

I'll probably buy the first issue of this Wakanda comic; I always give Black lead comics the first issue try out. Now that it's being helmed by black creators; that interests me greatly; but if Wakanda is ruined beyond repair due to Coates, I think officially my BP collection run ends with Secret War.

But then again, surprisingly enough, MANY of my comic collecting ended with Secret War and Rebirth. So there is that....

Ive never wanted a Black Panther comic to be canceled ever In my life. But here I am. Thank you Coates.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther #3 SPOILERS and Discussion...
« on: July 02, 2016, 03:16:23 am »
For all that crap-talk Priest had to say about the Panther mythos in the Civil War movie, I would just love to hear his thoughts on how Coates is dumping on his legacy now.

Other Comics / Re: Marvel Reveals Newest Ongoing Anti-Hero, MOSAIC
« on: July 02, 2016, 03:03:33 am »
Hm. Well, I just canned all my DC books. All that extra money, this gives me something new to buy! Gotta support!

Latest Flicks / Re: Independence Day: Resurgence Review (Spoilers)
« on: July 02, 2016, 02:55:19 am »
I liked it a first, but when I sat back and thought about it, the more and more that this movie wanted to cater to its legacy, it still focused more on two new characters more than on the original surviving characters than I liked. I decided within the first ten minutes that I really didn't care about Thors brother or his friend.

What happened to the crazy Guy's three kids from the first movie? They would have been better choices to focus on.

Time will tell. Time will tell.

Why hasn't that costume been put in the comic yet? That was a badass suit and it should be rocking all across the media landscape.

Where is Marvel vs Capcom 4? Panther vid's would all over YouTube by now, owning chumps.

Ooff. That just can't let that ship be sunk, huh?

Well, we also have to remember, the movie universe is not as crazy vast and whimsical as the comic universe. The comics had 70 plus years of world building from many writers that have continuously contradicted each other over the years.

The movie universe, at least in my eyes, is as close to being in 'our' real world as close as possible with the 'fantasy' element not being to far out of the element of possibility. I think that's why Marvel's movies (well, the majority of them, the Iron Mans, the Incrediable Hulk, the Cap movies) have done so well over DCs attempts, sans the Batman. So far, what little we saw of Wakanda, was probably adapted to the 'real world' feel so people in the general audience (ahem, that means, non Afrikan/black wish fulfillment watchers) could relate, at least this early in the introduction to the Panther.

I'm sure the Russo's will hit them with the hard stuff in the real Panther movie.

Like I told Supreme in our last phone call, there is a Screen Gems studio in my home town. They shot Half of Iron Man 3 here and we originally had the shorting rights for Cap 3 and Thor 3 until our governor pretty much got rid of the movie shooting vouchers for studios here and we lost them to Atlanta. He's on his way out this voting season. Screen Gems is working aggressively to get that deal back with Disney.

I'm working to get back in shape so I can audition for Kadper Cole for Black Panther 2 whenever they get around to that movie, lol!

I'm at the point, I wish T'Challa would have reset things for himself back before Doomwar. Spare us all of the tragedies of That tragedy and onward. Hell, if I were T'Challa I would have popped in during AvX, snapped Hopes neck, dipped out, preventing the Phoniex wanting Hope meaning never coming to Earth and no flood. Boom. Instant fix for every lil shot those writers with an agenda against T'Challa did were erased in an instant.

Granted they would still be in print, but forever erased from what really mattered in Panther mythos.

Another reason why War Machine's death and the emotional attachment from her seemed forced. We as readers haven't really seen any on screen evidence to support their invested 'relationship'.

And what's wrong with a little Neapolitan love making? Without the mixture of chocolate and vanilla, your boy Blanks here wouldn't exist! Ya'll making a bruh feel very loved here, lol!

Seriously though, I've been campaigning hard for T'Challa and Monica/Pulsar since Reggie's vampire arch way back when. Was kinda disappointed in the choice of Storm, but grew to love the coupling. These days, Storm is damaged goods. The only way I see fixing/mending that relationship is a soft reboot, and Secret Wars could have fixed that up if Disney had the rights to Storm.

Seeing the early criticism of the newest X-garbage film, Storm fans who opposed the marriage are getting their just desserts as once again, Storm is there to fill the minority quota and really do what she's done in all the movies.

Nothing much of nothing.

So. Who will be T'Challa's lady love? The comics will mirror the movie, that much matters. If they remake Monica (the RnB singer) into a better character and use her in the movie, you best believe the comic will mirror it. Example, I'm not that big of an Iron Man fan, but I knew enough. When I first saw the movie, I was like, who the hell is Pepper?

Maybe he'll be a villainous Vibraxus.

I kid, I kid!

Or do I?

Be as it may, this is not the kind of comic showing T'Challa needs after his spectacular revealing to the masses via the Captain America 3 movie. Nothing I would show to an new, wanting to see more Panther-fan. Definatly would throw them the Trades of Priests entire run and The Huldin and Liss collections, tell them to wiki the Doomwar arch, and wait until this one concludes.

This kind of story, while probably definatly needed to be told, but not while throwing Wakanda under the bus again. It's been non-stop abuse since Doomwar.

I kind of refuse to acknowledge that T'Challa didn't know about this. None of the decreased Panthers told him of this during the lead up before Time Runs Out? I'm sure that the spiritual ancestors of Wakanda who have continued to watch over the land would have told their King of the Dead everything he needed to know to 'save' Wakanda.

Brother Supreme and I had over an hour phone conversation today regarding our belief in this. And other Panther related talk. Very... Illuminating. These two issues are bad imagery, coming right behind an awesome first appearance in Marvel's biggest movie of the year.

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