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Other Comics / Swapped: Supes/Bats/WW/Hawkman & Cap/IM/Thor/BP
« on: May 01, 2011, 08:12:49 am »
If YOU had switched some Hawkman, Superman, Wonder Wonder & Batman characters with some Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Black Panther characters to each others' universes and having them to never remember everything from there, how different would you have things be?

How many characters would you swap?

And finally, how would you make the characters' Copper Age
origins similar, but not the same as their original ones?

Note: Copper Age is another term used for the era of comic books that existed after the Bronze Age, this scenario won't start out with a Crisis event, you can only have the characters' backstories resemble their CA ones (like those from our world), this whole thing will take place in story, the characters will live in each others' cities, all real and fictional american cities will remain in their respective universe, chars who're related to
the ones getting swapped can go with them and the non humans races of some chars (related and otherwise) will get swapped too.

Modern Age characters who are related to the swapped ones would have to be
related to somebody else. For example, Terry Sloane's DNA + Talia al Ghul = Damian.

Also, after Zero Hour ended and Entropy recreated the Marvel 'verse (respectively), you
could either integrate the Modern Age backstories of the swappys to certain universes
here or you could keep their histories the same.

Other Comics / Re: World Without Supers
« on: April 04, 2011, 08:35:32 am »

O.K. let me try to answer your question(or what I think you were asking).

In a world without any powers or uber-tech whatsoever guys like Batman would run everything.

The rest of the uber-tech, like the tech used to make freeze guns for example, would still remain.

The most dangerous villains would be terrorists like Ras Al Ghul and Kobra or terror organizations like Hydra and Aim.

Ra's won't exist in that universe (he's immortal).

Daredevil would be a Zatochi like blind swordman.

Daredevil still posess his superpowered four senses, so he can't actually exist in this 'verse.

Black Panther / Ultimate Black Panther
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:41:40 pm »
Anyway, how would things go if Regnald Hudlin's Black panther series took place in the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

How many comic readers and non-comic readers react towards the series if it was part of the UMU?

What would happen if the mini-series still became an on-going series during
it's interception and after it's released like in our reality?

How different would the Black Panther tv series be if this scenario happened?

Finally, how long do you think the comic will last if this happened?

Note: Just so you guys and gals know, I'm not starting any controversy or anything here.

I'm just placing this as a what if/conversation thread (and please keep it civil, folks).

Other Comics / Re: World Without Supers
« on: March 27, 2011, 04:59:14 pm »
How 'bout we up the ante and say that you and your family line lived in that universe.
How would you and your fam do in a world like that?

Other Comics / World Without Supers
« on: March 23, 2011, 05:22:38 pm »
What if super powered beings such as Superman, Sinestro, Spider-Man,
Fire, Wolverine and others never existed...outside of comic books?

What happens if some universe just had hardcore normals as their heroes, villains and grays?

How would these non-powered heroes, villains and grays do in that universe?

Would things be for the better without the supers around?

How would the populace feel towards these people?

Who would be the top hero(es), villain(s) and gray(s) of that universe?

And finally, who would be the top hero/villain/gray team of that 'verse?

Note: The universe here is a combination of both the DC & Marvel
universes during the Dark Age period, this whole thing will take
place in real time and the only heroes, villains and grays that'll
actually exist in this scenario are the ones that were created
in comic books first.

There will be no spiritual, intersteller, extradimensional, monstrous, anthromorphic,
godly and supernatural beings in this universe. As well as gods, immortals,
cyborgs, mutants, time/multiversal machines, divine power, magic and everything
else that'll grant people super powers internally (incl. Bane).

The cloning process will be similar to ours in the real world, supers who
are blood related to humans will only exist as normals in this alternate
DC/Marvel world (ex. Black Canary II) and whether y'all want to
have Captain America in this scenario or not, it's up to you.

Artificial intelligence, armored normals and people with cybernetic implants of comic book standards
won't exist in this universe and for the normals with the skill/talent to build that stuff, but don't use them
on a daily basis, those abilities will be downplayed to real world standards (ex. Mr. Terrific II).

Oh, BTW, grays is a term I'd used for anybody who're somewhere between the hero and villain route.

Other Comics / Doctor Doom ongoing?
« on: January 20, 2011, 08:00:23 pm »
What if Black Panther (vol. 4) was never mentioned and made in the year 2005 and
instead TPTB at Marvel announced and produced a Doctor Doom ongoing series
back then?

What would happen if Reginald Hudlin had wrote the Doc Doom series back in '05?

How many Marvel readers enjoy having a Doc D title in comic stores or shops
before and during it's released?

Could Doc Doom gain higher status as a Marvel character then he did before
during his ongoing's production or not?

Will Marvel capitized on Doc Doom title's success (if the comic even gains enough
success after it's been released) or not? And if they do, how they do it?

Would the ongoing title continue to this everyday or not?

Finally, would you ever read that comic book if it did exist back then?

Other Comics / Re: The New Apartheid Of DC Comics?
« on: December 20, 2010, 04:51:07 pm »

Thanks for the info VV. I liked Lightning, from Outsiders, and didn't care for Batman being a prick to her. I don't know much about Thunder, but the concept of a black superhero team could be pretty neat if DC did something with it. RH, I get the personality argument. Most of the black DC characters, and perhaps all the minorities can be bland, and Milestone's did have more personality.

Thunder is the one that joined the Outsiders, not Lightning.

Black Panther / Re: What would happen if the X-Men moved to Wakanda?
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:42:28 pm »
If the mutants came to Wakanda then Cable & Hope Summers would also go
there once they return from time travelling from different eras and escaping Bishop.

When they arrive in Wakanda, some might Wakandans see Hope as a threat, maybe more
so like Bishop had/does, and wouldn't want her and/or the rest of foreign mutants there either.

T'Challa & Storm would allow Hope to stay in Wakanda.

T will be prepared for Bishop (and any allies he'll have) in case
the former X-member comes to Wakanda to try and kill her.

Sooner or Later, Bish would've team-up with T'Challa's rogue gallery or
with a group of Wakandans who'd kill Hope because they believe his theory
on who/what she really is (if he'd even team-up with somebody at all).

Other Comics / Re: DC/Marvel merger?
« on: August 15, 2010, 08:03:39 am »
In this scenario, either Dan Didio, Joe Quesada or somebody else
would've the editor-in-chief at the merger comic company.

Or maybe, both of those guys could've been EiCs.

The Black Panther and the wakandans appeared in the Power Rangers series at the start of
season three instead of having The Masked Rider, Edenoi and the inhabitants of that planet
appear in the show (with BP teaming up with the Rangers for some reason)?

Would The BP franchise get more recognition than it ever did before?

How would the BP/PR meet-up and team-up story arc do for the Rangers' ratings?

Would there be a Black Panther television series after the team-up story arc?

How would Marvel fans and Power Rangers feel about that team-up happening?

Would this scenario change this things for the BP franchise at Marvel?

And finally, how would y'all feel about this scenario if it actaully happened?

Other Comics / Re: DC/Marvel merger?
« on: July 16, 2010, 09:41:01 pm »
I believe that there could be Thor/Supes slash fics on after the Marvel/DC merger have taken place. 
Heck, maybe there'll be a fanfic involving Batman and Thor (in some way) competing
for Superman's love with Supes trying to decide which of these two guys he would
want to be with.

Black Panther / Re: Avengers and T'challa
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:07:39 pm »
Are you sure about that? Prof X seemed to always pursue a peaceful coexistence between the species of homosapiens and homosuperior.

The reason I'd believed that Xavier was like Malcolm X and Magneto was like a Weatherman is because
the former has a paramilitary team (unlike Martin Luther King Jr. who pretty much didn't) and the latter
would go to such over the top things in order for mutants to survive and thrive in the mainstream
MU (like how the Weathermen do such over the top things for their agenda).

But, thinking on it now, I'll say in a way Magneto is a mixture both Malcolm X and a Weatherman and
Xavier is like Martin Luther King Junior, but not exactly like him (what with Xavier doing certain things
that MLK Jr. wouldn't do).

Black Panther / Re: Avengers and T'challa
« on: June 25, 2010, 03:24:39 pm »
Then there was a period he left the Avengers and started calling himself "the Black Leopard" to distance himself from the Civil Rights battle that was then taking place in the U.S. Why would the King of an African nation whose religious/political system has always referred to their leader as the Black Panther ever think of changing that cultural reality and the name of his office from Black Panther to Black Leopard because of the U.S. Civil Rights struggle. It's as I've always said and believed. Many people believe Marvel's Black Panther predates the Black Panther Party. This is NOT the case. I have always believed Stan Lee "borrowed" the Black Panther name from the Black Panther Party, just as the X-Men concept absolutely mirrors the different approaches taken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (Xavier) and Malcolm X (Magneto).

Actually, Prof. X is like the Malcolm X of mutantkind while Magneto is like a Weatherman of mutuatkind.

Black Panther / Re: What Black Panther needs.
« on: June 24, 2010, 11:08:39 am »
Most of Hawkeye fans decried his transformaton into Ronin, as it made no sense for the character (it was a result of him having his ID stolen by Bulleye and his psyche being in a dark place).

Actually, Barton wore the Ronin disguise because wanted to avoid
recognition (this was before Bullseye had his Hawkeye mantle).

Other Comics / Re: Younger Young Justice
« on: May 04, 2010, 02:18:46 am »
Iím sort of surprised they never did this. Between Wallyís super powered kids, Sin (Black Canaryís adopted daughter) and young Chris Kent(before he got aged) they could have had a real endearing answer to Marvelís Power Pack.

Unfortunately nearly all the characters you mentioned have either been artificially aged, depowered or killed. 

Are you referring to the YJ cartoon series I'm talking about in this scenario thread or do you believe
I was talking about a YJ comic book series? If it's the latter, then no, I'm not talking about a new YJ
comic book. Rather, I'm talking about a YJ cartoon featuring the pre-teens heroes I've mentioned on
this thread.

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