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Hudlin TV / Re: new Boondocks up to watch
« on: August 19, 2010, 11:30:43 am »
Excellent last episode. LOL@ with that fake ass 24 & all of his gfs dying in a mad f*cked up way. *Sigh* I hope Aaron continue the series.

Writing / Re: Why August Wilson Was No Tyler Perry
« on: August 19, 2010, 11:17:31 am »
":D  Dog, what are you, twelve?  You don't actually believe that, do you?  :D"

U really can't be that stupid to think she won it for her acting skills. You likely think all white cops who pull over black drivers aren't racial profiling them. HAHAHA@ignorance! Wake ur common sense the f*ck up boy.

"Repetition of an opinion doesn't make it a fact.  We've shown that Perry has some type of color issues due to many of his casting choices.  However you have yet to prove that Daniels promotes white supremacy.  Does he also have color issues?  Maybe.  Casting strictly bi-racial heroes in Precious was puzzling.  But Daniels' only other directorial effort was the little seen Shadowboxer with Cuba Gooding as the lead.  Using Monster's Ball and Tennessee to try to "prove" your claim is weak as Daniels didn't write or direct either film."

Um, it's a fact that Lee Daniels promote white supremacy with those racist-ass films. So if a black man produced movies on how wonderful white ppl r, how in the hell IS THAT NOT promoting white supremacy? Also, he did it 3 times.......I prove you wrong 3 times. Also, Shadowboxer had Cuba pair up with a white lady.........another prime example of white supremacy.  
"Nobody's saying his films shouldn't have comedic elements in them.  Even the most tragedy filled life has light moments.  The problem with Perry's films, particularly the ones with Madea or Brown in them, is that the humor is so broad and outrageous that it undercuts the heavy-handed drama of the rest of the film.  Take Meet the Browns for instance.  In it, he shows us the oldest son getting seduced by the streets and ultimately shot in the back.  Then Perry shoehorns all of these slapstick antics of Brown and co. which ultimately dilute the main storyline.  His comic relief characters don't fit.  It's not like these are characters who get in a humorous line or two.  Madea and Brown are full out clowns  They're caricatures from stupid sitcoms, not fleshed out, fully realized characters.   Perry's trying to jam a round peg into a square hole.  A more talented writer/director could maybe make these contradictions work within the narrative, but Perry ain't that dude.  LOL!"

Not really at all. Madea's Family Reunion had a scene in which Madea was talking to Lisa about her controlling husband. There's no jokes in that scene AT ALL. Other scenes in that movie & other films are the sameway as well. Again, it's a comedy drama. LOL@ the dissing skills of Tyler Perry.  

"Not at all.  Spike Lee actually does not do the same thing.  He drops "A Spike Lee Joint" in his credits and one sheets and leaves it at that.  That's self promotion.  Perry has to put his name FIRST.  Even over the title of the damn movie (which tells you what he thinks is more important  ;D).   And then, as the credits roll, his name is peppered throughout.  He even gave himself top billing over Angela Basset in Meet the Browns.  What kind of bullsh*t is that?  :D  Look, talent speaks louder than self aggrandizement.  Perry isn't promoting himself.  He's masturbating to his own delusion of grandeur.  He's like the P. Diddy of cinema.  A great self promoter with minimal actual talent."

LMAO, stop being in denial. In most of his trailers it stated "A Spike Lee Joint" it the same damn thing. WOW@P. Diddy having no talent. Diddy is an extremely talented dude......and I DONT EVEN LIKE HIS MUSIC, LMAO.

"??? ???  That doesn't even make sense.  What does Blade 3 have to do with every Tyler Perry film being officially listed as Tyler Perry's...insert actual film title here...?  If he thinks that he has to put his name in front of every one of his productions to make sure his audience knows that it's his and it's safe to attend, that shows that he has no actual faith in his audience."

It does make perfect sense. We're talking about the reason why Medea name is listed in the title, despite not being the main star (I already explain the reason behind "Tyler Perry Present"). It's for other brand new characters to get shine off of Medea. Like with opening acts for big names like 50 cent & Jay-z. It could also be the original name of the play and those play goers want to see it in movie form.

"TP Fan #1: Hey girl, there's a new Madea movie staring this weekend. Want to go?
TP Fan #2: Ion't know chile.  Is Tyler's name on it?  I don't wanna see no movie with a bunch a' cussin' and stuff in it.
TP Fan #1:  Girl it's Madea.  Of course it's Tyler's.  It's got incest and drug abuse in it but you know it ain't got no cussin' in it.
TP Fan #2: Well...I guess.  You sure it's Tyler's movie?
TP Fan #1: Girl..."

Now, this was useless^........

"Spike does act in many of his own films, but the difference is he doesn't feel the need to list the supporting character he plays over his actual lead character.  Nor does he put his name first over the actual title of the movie.  Spike promotes the movie.  Perry promotes Perry.  You seem to be a Tyler Perry 'Stan' so I guess you wouldn't have a problem with him acting in drag.   :D  j/k"

If it a "spike lee joint" then he is promoting himself just like Tyler Perry. Also here is a shocker for you: I liked Spike Lee movies more then Tyler Perry's.  

"OK, now you're not even arguing logically.  :D :D  Of course Brown isn't a happy go lucky slave.  His character is a modern one, not one set in the 19th century.  What Brown is though is a happy go lucky colored buffoon lifted directly from the exact same caricatures and stereotypes that Stepin Fetchit, etc were forced to play back in the early to mid 20th century.  Here's the contradiction and hypocrisy with Perry fans; if Brown was created by a white writer/director, they would be, rightly so, screaming for blood.  But since he was created and promoted by their boy Perry, it's OK.  Absolute bullsh*t.  :D"

Actually Halle Berry character in Monster Ball was a modern slave. No, there wouldn't be no huge outrage  from blacks if a white person created him among with different type of blacks. Spawn & Afro Samurai are called demon & evil yet alot of black ppl didn't complain at all......and they were created by non-blacks.

"You've never seen School Daze?  What??  To Netflix with you sir!  Stat!   You know that none of those personalities you just mentioned are actual actresses right?  They've never appeared in Spike's, Daniels', or Perry's films.  I'm just saying..."

Dude, I am just showing you the difference between dark skin & brown skin women. Kelly Rowland ain't really an actress but she was in "Smart Guy." Dark Skin actresses: Jill Marie Jones, Camille Winbush, Naturi Naughton, Rutina Wesley, etc. The only reason I brought up this point about Spike Lee, is to show that he got fault with color issues as well. But, that doesn't make him & Tyler sell outs.

"So, now I'm really confused.  Are you suggesting Spike should have made Jungle Fever, Do the Right Thing,  and Malcolm X without whites?  ???   How is that even possible?  Are you kidding?"

That is only problem I have Spike Lee films. It focus too much on white ppl being evil & not enuff about our world. Spike Lee could had black ppl in white faces being racist in those films, he could just talk about white being racist and not shown them. I can't believe u never thought of this...... also Jungle Fever should had never been made at all.  

"Again, your post here doesn't even make contextual sense.  What does that rant have to do with Perry, Boyd, Daniels, or Lee?  Who's changing races?  What does Waiting to Exhale/Kick-Ass/Friends have to do with anything?  What are you talking about?"

omg, do you even read your own stuff? Here what I was replying to:

"Spike has moved on from all black films because he has progressed as an artist.  He still makes films with predominately black casts, but most black people nowadays don't live in some all chocolate vacuum.  In that way, he mirrors reality.  Many of us actually live and work in integrated spaces."

You made up some dumb ass excuse on why Spike & other black film makers don't make all black cast movies & I reply to it. It's so simple to comprehend to what I am saying.  


What???? If seeing Storm in X-men is my main focus, that doesn't mean I think that is the main plot of the X-men series.


Did I ever called Spike Lee: stupid, useless, etc.??? Noooooooo. I am just pointing out his faults as well. If Spike Lee complain about Tyler's color issues, stereotypes, etc. then imma point out Spike Lee's as well.

"Nope.  Perry came in after Precious was already in the can.  He had no creative influence over the final product.  Thank God.  Otherwise Precious would have ended with, like, Shemar Moore sweeping Precious off her feet and attending a church service to make everything wrap up nice, neat, and simple.  Props to Perry for helping get the film to theatres though."

Tyler Perry still produced it. You need to praise him for producing that sh*tty movie. And he shouldn't be a sell out to you, since he produced that film you love so much.  


Since you're a Perry fan, shouldn't you be in love with Precious?  Perry produced it and according to you, the man is above reproach and can do no wrong.  :D :D :D"

Boy, can you comprehend & stop making sh*t up that I didn't say. I said Tyler Perry has color issues but isn't a sell out. But, hey you r a big fan of Precious & should be Tyler Perry biggest fan.     

"Why?  Because you think that Tyler Perry should be critic proof?  Please.   :D"

No, cause that Boyd is just hating. I never saw/read no piece praising Tyler Perry while insulting Spike Lee, John Singleton, etc.  

Writing / Re: Why August Wilson Was No Tyler Perry
« on: August 12, 2010, 07:17:26 pm »
"First off, all that bullsh*t about Halle only getting an oscar because she had sex with a white man is childish nonsense.  There absolutely NO factual evidence supporting that "claim".  C'mon man.  We've gotta be better than that."[/i]  

Dude, stop being in denial. You know she won that cause of the sex scene.

"You'd have to ask Lee Daniels what his criteria is when choosing his projects.  It seems to me that Daniels is not afraid of controversy.  He doesn't make lowest common denominator films.  His films are tough to deal with and aren't made for general audiences.  Precious having a color complex is one of the points of the film.  Daniels isn't promoting white supremacy.  He's showing you a victim of white supremacy.  Daniels has color issues (just like your boy), but the difference between Daniels and Perry is that Daniels isn't afraid to hold up a mirror and examine those issues.  Daniels confronts uncomfortable situations head on, whether the audience likes it or not."

Lee Daniels already have a track record of promoting white supremacy & I already said that Tyler Perry does have color issues. How doe the movie: "Precious" show the girl is the victim of white supremacy when only the light skin mixed ppl & that white teacher were helping her??  

"Perry on the other hand wants to have it both ways.  He likes to introduce tough subject matter, but then not really deal with it.  Instead he tosses in some juvenile bullsh*t with Madea or Mr Brown to soften the edges and wraps everything up in a nice little obligatory church service.  He's a very condescending, dishonest filmmaker."  

It's a comedy dramas. They need comedy in there somewhere, unless it'll be all drama.

"Does he employ a lot of black talent.  Absolutely, and he deserves credit for that.  Is he a vain and arrogant man?  Absolutely.  Any "artist" that feels the need to put his name over EVERY title he produces, and then give himself top billing, whether he was the "lead" has got esteem issues.  TYLER PERRY PRESENTS... A TYLER PERRY PRODUCTION... WRITTEN BY TYLER PERRY...DIRECTED BY TYLER PERRY...STARRING TYLER PERRY...    Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy:D"

LMAO, ok now you just have a personal vendetta against the man. Spike Lee does the samething with "it's a spike lee joint." It called self promotion & to raise his status higher as a director/producer/actor.......aint nothing wrong with that. "Tyler Perry Present" his is "branding"... that's a smart business move & I love when black ppl brag about ourselves.  

"If Madea's not the star of the movies, then why does every movie s/he's in have his/her name in the title?  That's dishonest.

And why does he have to play the part?  I asked before, and I'll ask again.  When he originally conceived of the part, why him?  Why not a real middle aged woman to play the part of...a middle aged woman?"

So more people can see it. Like how Blade 3, wasn't really about Blade at all. Also it could be the name of the original play & Tyler want ppl who liked that play to watch the movie with the same name. Movie, music, etc. that we don't like will always be dishonest in our opinions.

From the movie trailers saying it "magical, wonderful, experience" to the rapper saying "its his best work since his first album".... and us completely disagreeing with those statements will be dishonest TO US.  I don't know why Tyler Perry choose to act in drag. Maybe he thought it was funnier that way. But, I really don't know why and I don't see any problem with him acting in drag. Also, Spike Lee starred in his own films as well.

"Mr Brown being nice to everyone doesn't make him any less of a clown and a damaging, insulting stereotype.  Stepin Fetchit, Bojangles, etc were at least the products of their time.  There is NO excuse for a creation like Brown to exist in a modern realistic setting.  Again, dishonest film making."

He is not a happy go lucky slave to white folk. He's just a stupid kind man that is a Deacon. That more Bojangles will ever be.

"Look, just because Perry "struggled" to get into Hollywood --which is actually not true.  He made his fame in the chitlin circuit.  When he went to Hollywood, he already had a name and built in audience, so he never actually "struggled" to get into the Hollywood system.  Diary of a mad black woman the movie was made independently with his own money I believe.  He took the finished product to the studios, they put it out and his built in audience came out in droves."

He had to fight to keep the whole cast black in his movies & tv shows. Hollywood wanted to add more white folks, Tyler Perry said no and did it his own way. He had to show and prove that black ppl & other races like black movies. Hollywood don't even acknowledge black consumers.

"Lionsgate signed him to a deal.  That's not struggling in Hollywood.  I'm not knocking his hustle, but let's be real about it.  Hundreds of black filmmakers are actually struggling everyday to get their stuff out without built in audiences or sweetheart distribution deals.  Daniels and Lee are a part of that group.  Do a search on either of them and listen to them talk about how difficult it is to find $ for their films.  Get your facts straight, brother."

Tyler Perry had to shop around for a deal (got turned down alot) & Lionsgate accepted him cause they was smart. It has always been "the chosen few" to make it in hollywood & ppl like Tyler Perry is one of them. You know John Singleton had hard time looking for studios to produce hustle & flow, rite? Tyler Perry also talk about studios not backing him on Black America on CNN.

WHITE HOLLYWOOD STILL DIDN'T BELIEVE IN HIM AFTER ALL OF HIS SUCCESSFUL MOVIES TO FUND "House Of Payne" at the very beginning (he funded it himself). A struggle is a struggle. Some are the worst then other.  

"Spike Lee has been giving us sexy dark skinned sisters since he started in the business.  As a matter of fact, he actually casts across the spectrum.  What are you talking about?  Tracy Camilla Johns(ok, more caramel, I guess)in She's Gotta Have It.  Kyme in School Daze.  Angela Basset in Malcom X.  Alfre Woodard in Crooklyn.  Regina Taylor was in Clockers--small role, but she still looked good Grin.  You get my point."

Kyme is the only dark skin woman you mention & I never saw the film School Daze (so I am not gonna comment on it). The rest are brown skin. Dark skin: Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell,. Buffie The Body, etc.  So, my point still stands. There need to more dark skin female leads like "How She Move."

"Spike includes racist white people in his films?  Well, yeah, if that's what the film call for.  Again, what are you talking about?  Huh Cheesy  A lot of Spike's films deal with race. You kinda need racist whites in a film dealing with racism."  

And that is problem: white ppl getting pay by black to say niggar in films. Shoot, alot of white racist folks would love to do that. That my only pet peeve about those type of films. You can make a movie about racism without white ppl. You just need to be creative.  

"Spike has moved on from all black films because he has progressed as an artist.  He still makes films with predominately black casts, but most black people nowadays don't live in some all chocolate vacuum.  In that way, he mirrors reality.  Many of us actually live and work in integrated spaces.

LOL, progress as an artist? You don't need to change the race of your characters in order to progress. Fighting aliens in space? Becoming a superhero? You can still make them blacks. SINCE WHEN TV, VIDEOGAMES, MOVIES, EVER BEEN REALISTIC WITH RACES? Look at "Friend", "Kick-Ass", tons of tons of white stuff. Why can't black movies be the same way?? That why 'Waiting To Exhale" was such a huge success. It was a different black book, cause it wasn't about white ppl being evil.

"And if you really think that Boyd's article was just about dissing Perry, I suggest you re-read it.   Cheesy"

Boy, when did I ever said that? Don't put words in my mouth & BOYD knew that him dissing Tyler Perry would get his stuff more media attention. Boyd dissing Tyler was MY MAIN FOCUS.

"True.  Perry did executive produce Precious.  Hmm, I wonder how that affects Afro Samurai's argument?  Wink"

My point still stand about Tyler Perry. I guess you're now a Tyler Perry fan since he produced a movie you're sticking up for.

"Anyway, I didn't mean for this to devolve into a Perry vs Daniels argument.  Or any director vs any director argument for that matter because that wasn't even the point of the article.  So apologies for the thread derail. Grin"

Boyd shouldn't had mention Tyler Perry name at all.

Spirituality / Re: Does the black church keep black women single?
« on: August 11, 2010, 10:03:58 pm »
Hell no to the topic title. Hell, you can pick up some freaks from black churches...HELL, that's one of the main reason why some ppl only go to church.......I need take my sinful ass back to there  8).

Hudlin TV / Re: new Boondocks up to watch
« on: August 11, 2010, 09:58:09 pm »
^I think it won't be the series finale. I remember Sony had a big fuss over Boondock season 3 trailer calling it the final one.

ROFLMAO EPISODE!! But it was deep tho. Ruckus's mom & his brother worship white supremacy while the father despite it and hated it.........and had to come home to watch his own family praised it. I wish they would had got into why the grandma didn't liked her own son and grandchildren.   
What makes it even funnier that all of this "revitoligo" talk is actually true. Also if they want to end the series on a high note they can. Sony is already on some bullsh*t "revamping" spiderman. We don't need them to "revamp" The Boondocks. It was kind of sad on what happened with his childhood and the same goes for his father.

Actually it is not^. Ruckus's mom told him that lie & his pop told him tell him the truth while ruckus's other fam was tryna hush up the pop.


Also in the 2nd BET episode of Boondocks, it reveal that Ruckus is 100 pure black.

Technology / Re: GAMERS THREAD
« on: August 11, 2010, 09:52:19 pm »
Saw 2 the videogame is coming out and you play as a black man again. I am mad hype for this.......I need to get 360 back.

Writing / Re: Why August Wilson Was No Tyler Perry
« on: August 11, 2010, 09:49:23 pm »
"That's an extremely simplistic and limited view of what was going on in that film, but...OK. ???  Besides, Lee didn't direct or write this film.  He only produced it."

So why would he produced such films like that? You would never see something like that with a white jew woman and a nazi man. Halle only won the Oscar, cause she f*cked a white man. And that was the main point of the film.   

"OK, Lee did direct this one, but I don't see how this film praised white supremacy. Sure, it dealt with black on black abuse, but white supremacy??????"

The main character is an ugly, fat, dark skin, stupid 16 yr. old kid with 2 kids. She has sexual fantasies about her white teacher & when she look into a mirror she see herself as a skinny white blonde. Mariah, Paula & Lenny the light skinned mixed ppl are the only ppl that help Precious. Also add this to the fact: Lee wanted white ppl to like this film........BADLY.

That's some sell out thinking there. White ppl love this film to death.......that shows that this film is bad. White ppl weren't jumping up & down in joy for "Malcom X." Just like films like: Freedom Writers, Dangerous Minds, etc. it stating that black ppl are less then humans and made these situations (being poor, drugs, etc.) entirely by ourselves. While the white ppl are only helping us out, showing that African culture is evil & that white people never did anything wrong to contribute to the horror of black ppl. Also these films being based on "true stories" just make white ppl more happy.

Mad TV - Nice White Lady


LOL^ a funny ass skit to show what I am saying. I am with Paul Mooney, "a demon wrote this film."

"OK, you want to talk about white supremacy and black filmmakers?  Cool.  Then look no further than your boy Tyler Perry.  Let's take Madea.  A big black man like Perry decides to play the main role, his most famous character, in drag.   In effect, emasculating himself, to play this part.  You're telling me that he couldn't find an actual actress to be Madea?  He had to put on the wig, boobs and dress himself?  Seriously?  And I'm supposed to treat this sh*t like it has some credibility or validity as serious art?  C'mon, man."

Madea is just the comedy relief. Usually it about serious stuff and Madea is never the main star of the shows/movies. Medea show up do something funny and they get right into the rape, violence, god, etc. topic again. Most of Tyler Perry movies are comedy dramas, so course there need to be something funny in there.

"Then we've got Mr. Brown.  An old school coon.  You could put this fool in a movie with Bojangles and Stepin Fetchit and no one would bat an eye!  Brown almost single handedly sets Black cinematic images back sixty years."

He is nice to everyone & it mostly to black ppl. Bojangles, Stepin Fetchit, Uncle Remus, etc. were happy go lucky slaves to only white folk. That's the big difference there. 

"I'll grant you that Perry employs a lot of black talent that you don't normally see in more mainstream films, and I do give him props for that, but Spike and his peers have been employing black actors since the 80's.  I know Perry is the flavor of the month, but let's put some things in perspective. :D   Besides, his mostly black casts don't absolve him from criticism.  Black actors worked consistently in TV and film during the early 70's and that entire era gets heavily criticized.
Perry's skin color issues absolutely make him a sellout.  By casting predominately light skinned actors in hero roles and dark skin actors in villain roles, he's reinforcing the idea that BLACK is BAD and WHITE(or LIGHT in his films) is GOOD."

I even said that's only problem I have Tyler Perry films. But, Tyler seem to be putting more dark skin heroes in his work like: Curtis Payne, Daddy's Little Girls's Idris Elba, etc. But he is not a sell out cause he had a hard time into getting hollywood and tv white execs to help him. B/c Tyler Perry want to produce movies/shows with just all black casts. Lee Daniels, never had that problem with the films he produced and/or directed. I mean did Spike Lee, Singleton, etc. ever display a dark skin sista as sexy in their work? Are they also sell outs, cause they never did that? No, they're not.

Tyler Perry need to do more disrespectful stuff to blacks in order to be a sell out. At the end of the day, Tyler Perry put more black ppl in his work then Spike Lee & other. Spike Lee like to include racist white ppl in his films, while Tyler Perry like to focus more on our own black world. They are not perfect, but we still gonna love & respect what they are doing something positive for us black folks.

"Well, first of all, white, asian, and latin directors aren't the point.  Boyd's talking about BLACK entertainment.  He's talking about the difficulty of adapting for the cinema work as nuanced and complex as Wilson's plays to audiences accustomed to the simplistic--   
Aren't you doing the same thing you accuse Boyd of doing by bringing Spike Lee into this?"

Yeah, they are pointless. Not really, if I am writing how wonderful Spike Lee is, I wouldn't insult any other black directors along the way. I brought up Spike Lee cause he was dissing Tyler Perry as well. Boyd, knows that him dissing Tyler Perry would the the highlight of his writing. And I am tired of black hollywood tearing each other down.

Writing / Re: Why August Wilson Was No Tyler Perry
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:32:49 am »
I am in agreement that Lee Daniels is far more egregrious. At least Perry's movies generally end on a hopeful note and have characters that are resourceful and have faith or find it by the end of the film, or if not faith, family and/or love of some sort. I think Perry has used stereotyping, but so has Spike Lee.

Though Do the Right Thing gets praised to the high heavens, almost every black person in the movie was portrayed in a negative light. Mookie was lazy and trying to get over, Buggin' Out was doing just that, the old black men sitting on their asses complaining about the industrious Korean guy, Radio Raheem walking through the hood like a black brute, etc. Spike has blown up stereotypes or turned them inside out with movies like Bamboozled, but he has also employed them from time to time.

I don't think Perry is perfect however, he has a colorism issue IMO. Too many of his villains are dark skinned and the heroes are light, pertaining to the male characters. Don't know what's up with that.

Woah, woah, woah!   :D

Lee Daniels' pieces may be dark and dreary, but that's reality for a lot people.  Most situations don't end up with a light skinned blue collar worker swooping in to save our poor, but STRONG BLACK WOMAN heroine off her feet and taking her to an obligatory church service!  :D :D :D

And let's not get it twisted; Perry is currently the biggest mainstream offender of showcasing Black stereotypes.  Spike Lee may have less than positive characters in his films, but that's kinda the point.  No one in Do The Right Thing was supposed to be "the good guy or the bad guy".  The film works on a much more complex level than that.  People are complicated animals.  No one is all good or or all bad.  No character in any Spike Lee movie even comes close to these clowns:

Alot of Lee's work r just praising white supremacy.

Monster's Ball:

The black chick was so horny & lonely that she had to had sex with a white racist that killed her hubby on the first nite.


2 white boys go on a journey, along the way they "saved" a black woman from her controlling black husband. So the black woman go on a road trip with 2 white guys she don't know.


pppfttttttttttt, i am not even gonna get into that bullsh*t.

Madea is not that bad. She is just over the top with everything. Including helping people.

Mr. Brown is stupid & with a big kind heart............FOR BLACK PPL... not just white ppl.

You also got to give extra prop for Tyler Perry having more black ppl star in his films then Spike Lee & other. Granted, Tyler Perry is annoying with the "dark skin man is evil" but the man aint a sell out.

To your 2nd post:

What is the point of bringing another black man down, to raise another up?? That type of sh*t annoyed me, how come the writer didn't diss white, azn & latin directors?   

Hudlin TV / Re: new Boondocks up to watch
« on: August 11, 2010, 06:59:36 am »
^I think it won't be the series finale. I remember Sony had a big fuss over Boondock season 3 trailer calling it the final one.

ROFLMAO EPISODE!! But it was deep tho. Ruckus's mom & his brother worship white supremacy while the father despite it and hated it.........and had to come home to watch his own family praised it. I wish they would had got into why the grandma didn't liked her own son and grandchildren.   

"BV: How much did you make off of this? Was it six figures?

MF: I don't know."

Wow, talk about being a stupid bitch. LOL@her comparing her dad playing as Ike Turner to her being a porn star, THERE'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE PRETENDING TO BE EVIL AND REALLY BEING A WHORE!!! Also wtf with her dissing Brain Pumper so much? *Sigh* her career is done, she will always be D plus actress if she choose to go acting in movies, show, etc. after she is done with porn.

In The News / Re: Give Wyclef a Chance
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:06:34 pm »

This is kinda odd that a white man that claim a black man is robbing his own homeland. Sean should be going at every charities (if u send 10 dollar to the Red Cross 6 goes to "process the money" and the 4 go to the Haiti).

But, I am all for Clef as president.

Feel The Funk / Re: Aaron Hall beefing with R. Kelly, others
« on: August 06, 2010, 04:59:50 pm »
WOW@these old ass idiots still beefin with each other.

They both copy that "OOOO" style from Lenny Williams & both slept with underrage girls. Both of them are lame as hell & need to stop this weak ass bitchin........ok I admit I like R.Kelly music tho

*Plays Bump N Grind*

Feel The Funk / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: August 06, 2010, 04:54:56 pm »
Curtis King Jr. & Dana Calitri - Dreams Dreams

^ Damn, 2 hosting gigs that what up. Didn't even know there was a Black Pageant.......hopefully a dark skin sista would won this.

Some woman who claim to be Montana's friend said that Montana used to be hooker since Laurence refuse to give his daughter any more money. She said this was b4 Montana jumped into porn....honestly I believe this reasoning. Montana is just doing this to insult the great legend Laurence. Laurence need to disown her ass and hopefully he can move on.  

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