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One of the main reasons I loved coming to this forums was the chance to listen (or read) what you guys have to say about the state of the world and politics in general. I mean it is good to know that there are folks who see the world in the same way I see it but with the ability to express my views in ways I'm unable to. It was great to read the stuff RedJack had to say about Women and Men and the way each gender relate to each other. It was quite interesting to get an inside vista on the way of thinking of a conservative/republican/Jew through Michaelimps writings and comments. JV also contributed a lot to shape and re-shape my views of the world. Each one of them and many others I can’t remember now have enlightened me and at the same time expressed my very thoughts in ways as I said before I myself wouldn't be able to express.

Now after my short rant I want to go right to the point. For the reasons I stated above I wouldn't like for this site to get heavily moded. It would be nice if the site could stay the same way it was before but with the compromise of each one of us to try to not cross the line between healthy debate and childish name calling. This site is awesome because is completely free if it were to get just like any other forum in the net then it would just be like killing it.

I mean we're grown ass men and women. We shouldn't need anybody to tell us how to behave. Cienciano when and IF he comes back he is got know that we won't accept his sh*t anymore. If he wants to discuss politics then he has to be willing to do it by sharing ideas not insults. Whoever threads in that territory should simply be ignored.

What do you guys think?

You're lucky I'm 2 months behind been in Venezuela and all. ;D Anyway it should come out at the end of this week.

HE HE HE It seems I'm the only one benefiting from all this mess. Now I can start with a clean slate.

General Discussion / Re: So... what happened to the site?
« on: July 25, 2006, 03:18:06 pm »
Hudlin said it was hacked by some turkish guys.

are you in there?

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