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Latest Flicks / Re: What DVD's have you bought?
« on: July 30, 2006, 05:11:01 pm »
Just bought The Boondocks and Chapelle:Lost Episodes.

Black Panther / Re: I'd like some clarification on Hudlin's BP.
« on: July 29, 2006, 04:37:06 pm »
2. Sgt Tork? Doesn't really matter because he's only useful when tied to Kasper.  Whenever kasper shows up again, then maybe you'll see Sg. Tork.  As of right now, he would have lil' to do with the events in Wakanda.

Not necessarily. Tork was around long before the Kasper character so if Hudlin chose to use him, there's already a history with BP.

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