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Black Panther / Re: I'd like some clarification on Hudlin's BP.
« on: July 29, 2006, 08:04:17 am »
From what i read,  the Man Ape was coming to tear some sh*t up with his army,  
Bp had though about tis in advance and just put him on the list and let him in.

He then chose to start acting a fool and spidey put him in place.

secondly in the way i read the first arc,  half the book recounts his origin, and then skips to the present day when claw invades Wakanda once more to avenge his family.   It seems from the way i read it that it was not claws first attempt to take wakanda.

Much of his History still seems in tact based on the interactions i have seen with other charecters.

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