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General Discussion / Re: Interesting commentary by Priest.
« on: July 05, 2007, 10:37:39 pm »
Would Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor and the average soap opera on ABC have just as much of a pathological affect on young Black women as well?

General Discussion / Re: Interesting commentary by Priest.
« on: July 05, 2007, 10:32:09 pm »
I think there is almost an implicit insult toward Black women whenever they are the ones solely asked on whether "They are offended by rap music". I have never once heard a rapper specify a Black woman whenever they use the derogatory words bitch and ho in a song; therefore why should Black women be the only females offended? The vast majority of Rap music is purchased by whites and even more Rap is a world-wide phenomenon. Given the reality of those circumstances I think it would only be right to ask how much of a detrimental affect it may have on women as a whole.

I watched the lynch mob on Oprah and I found it very surprising that no one pointed out how bizarre it is that young, educated and talented Black women at a prestigious university would identify themselves with any negative words in a rap song.

« on: June 27, 2007, 05:50:48 pm »
You have never see a Godfather movie/ I didn't think it was possible to escape them, at least the original. No Wire watching is an offense and community service is in order for you! ;D

« on: June 10, 2007, 08:17:55 pm »
Last week it took Chase 52 minutes to make a classic, in the finale he was able to achieve it less than 5. Everything was set up to have Tony come out alive and then 10:00 hits and he makes you believe it will all come crashing down. The man who looked like a retired fisherman seemed like a decoy and then Mr. Members only walks in and away we go. While Tony initiated the eye contact, Members Only kept looking over and when he started toward Tony all I could say "was not this way". Of course Chase couldn't leave it at that and brought in 3 Black guys who seem completely out of place at the diner and who of course seem like hitmen the Mob hire to maintain anonimity.

So, either Members Only pulls a Michael Corleone and Kills Tony or it's the 3 Black men who gun him down and of course there is option 3 where Tony finishes his meal with his family and goes home.

For the thrill he gave me for those agonizing 4:30 minutes Chase has my total respect.

P.S. If Cablevision had really blacked out at that moment there may have been a riot in the streets

« on: June 05, 2007, 07:38:40 pm »
Whatever happens Tony gets out alive. The reason Chase is ending the series is because he doesn't want to kill Tony.

« on: June 04, 2007, 01:41:51 pm »
I might as well start the wild speculation for the last episode.

1) Tony gives up all interest in Jersey for Phil's scalp- With this new El Duce persona Phil has I am sure there must be someone in the 5 families willing to give up his whereabouts for all the joint projects in Jersey. I would say Carmine JR. but it would take a miraculous 180 for him to pull this off. Maybe someone is still angry enough over the Rusty murder to do something. 20%

2) Scarface final scene Sopranos style- Highly unlikely as that would be too expected and Chase is known for the swerve. I don't think the Bobby special even lets off a shot during the finale.5%

3) Tony fades away- Somehow Tony gets out alive and exchanges some crucial information for Phil's whereabouts,, after the hit Tony quits the life. No snitching, no witness protection, on his own terms he leaves. Carmella just made over a half a million dollars on the sale of her home along with the other provisions Tony has left for her, Meadow is well adjusted and tough enough to move on without him, the sticking point is AJ. 50%

4) Tony goes to jail- This is slim. All of the informants we know about are dead, the biggest thing over his head was Christopher caving in and turning on him and he is dead as well. The terrorism angle has been diminshed by his giving information on them, so what is really left? 24%

5) Tony is abducted by aliens to launch a sci-fi spinoff. 1%

« on: June 03, 2007, 08:24:24 pm »
In a word, perfection. Chase gave us an episode that leaves so many openings. Chase plays with our emotions by bringing the possibility of Tony snitching twice, once with the Fed explicitly and the more subtle point with the Terrorism website on A.J's laptop. Then at the safehouse when Tony is alone and raises the AK I thought for a minute he might actually commit suicide. Now both options are completely out of the question given Tony's character, but Chase's mastery let's you believe each time.

I know Tony doesn't die at the end but I can't see how he gets out of this. If Chase doesn't live up to this episode during the Finale he has more than made up for it with this classic.

P.S. If there is justice Carmella does not get off untouched


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