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General Discussion / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2006
« on: July 25, 2006, 09:53:02 pm »

me and a bunch of other creators.

left to right:

Me. M. Torez (Nefertitti Jones & Wild Child). Mulele Jarvis ( Korby Marks ( The AWESOME Robert Roach ( and, crouching, the fantastically gifted Todd Harris (The Red Line, Redjack).

The one thing that stood out above all the other things was the sheer number of balck creators and fans wandering around the place. And, among the creators, the depth of talent.

Something is up, folks. Something is definitely up.

now. As for the Black Panel. This was the second year in a row that I was disappointed. The moderator was most of the problem as his patter seemed a bit hostile and, in some ways, demeaning to the audience (essentially telling us to behave our coon selves cuz otha folks was around). I didn't like it last year and i dind't like it this year.

Reggie's panel, the one that followed right after, had a certain amount of hostility as well (you can't have watched BET for the last decade and not have some anger) but, unlike the previous host, the Prez managed to keep things professional and on point.

Plus, the new BET animation stuff?


Really. You have no idea.

Just. DAMN.

When I say a hush fell over the crowd after watching the small segments that Reggie was able to show, I am not exagerating. You could have heard a pin drop. BET might have been a  joke before but within the next two years, MAX, it'll be slapping FX, SPIKE and the rest around.

It's on, folks.

Like donkey kong.

General Discussion / Re: San Diego Comic-Con 2006
« on: July 25, 2006, 08:03:39 pm »
I got a lot to say I guess.

I couldn't find redjack, the place was a goddamn zoo, and all his info was on the forum. :(  Sorry guys, and sorry redjack.  At the black pannel I introduced myself as Sam Wilson, hoping anyone from HEF would come up to me and say what up.  Guess no one heard me.

Hung out with Mike on Sat. He is a cool brother.  Totally old school comic collector, cool guy, I hope to hang out with him more when we aren't surrounded by 10,000 people. 

I got to meet a bunch of cool industry folks.

Reggie, you are a rigteous cat brother.  Heh. Talked martial arts w/Dwayne McDuffie and Dennys.  Word fellas, you all dope as hell.

Met Chuck D.  Rapped with him.  We exchanged pounds.  Goddamn.  Another righteous cat.  He's gonna come to my school and talk to the kids.  Talked about the same things w/Reggie and the BET crew.  Those kids minds would be blown if all these cats showed up to talk to them about the benefits of education. 

BET has some AWESOME stuff going on.  A crime program about how crime is bad, perfect for my kids at school.  Some bad - a$# animation, HARD core stuff.  Hard hitting, pull no punches political fare, dope superhero stuff, Hannibal w/Vin Diesel.  BET animation is going to be the new adult swim, believe dat.  Word.

More later, still coming down off of it all.  Bought a sh*tload of art.  Got a commision from Bill Siencewicz.  He's also going to come the my HS to talk to one of the art classes, he's in ATL this sept.  Man.  sh*t was large.

Mike, you gotta come to atl.  We'll keep it kosher, it'll be aiight. I'll check in later...

don't worry. we'll work out a way to get you the books.

As for the black panel, I'll give my thoughts on that later but, if you were there for that and the following BET panel, you'll remember me ass the guy who lined up to ask a question and then didn't get to.


Toya, it went very very very well.

I'll be back later with pics. I took one with Michael who, I'm happy to say, isn't nearly as ferocious in real life. Nor, I suspect, did he find me to be.

There may be a lesson there, I think.

General Discussion / Roll Call
« on: July 25, 2006, 03:41:34 pm »
Redjack back in the pool.

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