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supreme illuminati,

all that being said, its still mostly're mostly creating scenes about what "could" have been done with Storm or Queen Ororo or what you would like to see and not speaking of what was done or most likely would have been done.  "See Wakanda and Die" was a great story and a good example to pull from.  But just because Hudlin (and Aaron in that one story) used her in various and prominent ways in his Panther Book still doesnt mean she wouldve been a part of all that is happening with Infinity now in any prominent way.  And even if she was, it still would have been not on her own credentials but on just being married to Panther.  Everything she would have gotten or did get, being Queen, being in the Avengers, being involved with Infinity, even the wish or presumption by some posters of her being in the Illuminati (which would have made no sense, as Storm, if one were to remain consistent with her character, would never approve of the group, and the awkwardness created by having a married couple in it would be obvious) would be because of being married to Panther.  In this she would always be second to him no matter what she did because it would all be because of him.

But I maintain that its presumptious to think she would have been in the Illuminati or an Avenger or involved in Infinity that much if they were still married.  Definitely she would have been seen helping to defend Wakanda when Black Dwarf attacked but the spotlight and crux of it still would be T'Challa.

Now, thats not to say that is necessarily a bad thing, but to some readers Storm deserves greatness on her own and not because she married the king of Wakanda.  I personally have always liked their relationship from back when Chris Claremont first wrote that small back up story, though I do dislike Dickey's re-telling of it and felt Jerome Dickey did a small disservice to Ororo with how he changed their initial meeting.  I didnt even mind the marriage though it was surprising but felt that in some ways it could have been handled better.

By the by, Im pretty sure Storm cant create earthquakes.  That's geological manipulation not weather. And I dont think her powers work in the way of disrupting the electricity in someone's brain or creating sleet storms in their intestines.  But maybe an instance of those happened that I dont know about?  Always room for error.

I also have to disagree that she did more in "Little Green Men" (a story that, despite all of the many great things Mr. Hudlin has produced, I disliked) than literally everthing combined than she's done under everybody else combined.  It's been a long time since he wrote an X-book, but Storm's initial greatness was definitely achieved under Chris Claremont, who had her involved in and do many great things for a number of many years.  That can't be ignored even with the arguably lackluster things she may be involved with now in the x-books.

Hah, and Afro-Storm with the Black Panther Party look and pose was a cool looking novelty concept no doubt, but not something I would like to see as a look for her in the actual comics.  Its just not her.

The problem with this argument is that when Hudlin and Mcduffie was writing her she was literally a costar. It is not our problem that the rest of Marvel didnt want to write her like that.

The argument I made has nothing to do with what Hudlin or McDuffie wrote, I was pointing out the presumed premise of some posters I see on here that if she had continued to be married to BP, she would have been used in NA or in Infinity or Avengers prominently or at all.  And it most likely would not have been the case since logically she would not have fit in the Illuminati.  Its also not like Sue Storm is there with Reed nor is Medusa that involved at all.   I also dont think they would have used her in Uncanny Avengers or regular Avengers simply because she remained married to T'Challa.

The other part of my point was that even if that were the case, would it have been respectful to her character that she got in these groups based on the fact that she is married to Panther and not on her own credentials?that wouldnt jibe with the somewhat strong pseudo feminist stance that the Xwomen have portrayed over the years and that xfans value.  Its an interesting dynamic to look at though...


Brevoort clarified that they weren't talking about Storm.

Storm and Wolverine are definitely together now. As she's been following him around and sleeping with him. Then there was the scene with the two in Wolverine #7 (before Nick Fury interrupts them) that heavily supports this.

A lot of BP fans are still fans of Storm, and are simply disgusted at the questionable co-signing done by her more devoted fans (who are more on the side of Storm and are anti-BP) over her crap showings.

Thanks for the link.  The question and answer makes no sense though since Supergiant said the omega level "mutates" were the only threat, meaning she meant there was more than one there, not just Iceman,...and Rachel Grey, whom was also there, has been a confirmed omega level mutant since she first appeared.  I dont think Brevoort was clearly answering the question, just going off of the fact that supergiant chose to possess Iceman.  But it could be correct that she is not omega level, though her wiki page lists her as one of the most powerful mutants on the planet and she's been said before in the comics to possibly be omega level but that is a point they've never clarified on.

I thought Storm and Wolverine were just "sex buddies" now, didnt know she was following him around though I know they both were in Wakanda recently since Logan lost his healing factor...did she confirm through words that they were officially together, did she tell T'challa that?  Was just wondering.

No getting around it, some xmen fans like them together and have been wanting it for a long time...I think its less questionable than it is a matter of different tastes.  I dont think its necessary as I valued their friendship moreso than them getting involved but not disgusted by it.  And she's actually had some good showings in the adjectiveless Xmen book as well as uncanny x force, but I admit they could be doing more with her.

Black Panther / Re: NEW AVENGERS 9
« on: September 28, 2013, 08:48:18 am »
just a passing thought.

With T'Challa as "King of the Dead" (is there a TPB of those issues?), could he ultimately replace Thanos' long-time consort and rob Thanos of his narrative purpose?

T'Challa could become the multiversal avatar of Death and then reject Thanos as his champion -- robbing him of his powers or even enslaving him.

Would such an outcome be a violation of T'Challa's earlier portrayals?

I think T'Challa is king of the dead for Wakanda and can commune with the Wakandan dead, its not a universal thing where he is connected to all of the dead throughout the universe.  I would like to see him commune with Wakandan dead just to see how he does it though.  Hickman has not been doing much with this "king of the dead" thing...

When was she confirmed as not being Omega level?  In the recent infinity books when Supergiant attacked the Xmen. Supergiant referred to her, Iceman, and Rachel Grey as Omega level.

I'll also say that while I do think the marriage was a good idea at the time that I dont think it was always handled correctly though I applaud Hudlin and those who supported him for the effort.  But even with Storm married to BP there was no guarantee she would have been prominently in NA, Infinity, or Avengers.  More than likely she would have been in NA as just a support for BP, the same way Medusa is in it a bit as a support for Black Bolt, but not there on her own credentials.  That's what I think X-fans didnt like among other things, that they wanted Storm to get proper attention on her own and as an Xman, not just because she married BP.   The X-women have always been portrayed as fiercely independent women who spoke up and did whatever they wanted to do, it was a hallmark of Claremont's legendary run. 

I'll also say that I've always liked the mohawk as one of the choices for her look, and think it was a good choice for now in the sense that a lot of women do major changes in how they look and in their life after a major break-up.  It made sense for her to let loose a bit after what happened.  And even though they've always flirted sometimes (most of the Xmen flirt with each other over the years) Im not a fan of Logan getting with Storm either, though I dont think its anything official.  They're not officially "together".

At this point though, its interesting that there is still a thread about this...I would have thought even BP fans would have let it go by now especially with the awesome attention BP is getting under Hickman in Infinity and stuff.  Like I said, there's no guarantee Storm would have been getting anymore attention than she is now if she remained married to T'challa, except as "Black Panther's wife"...which to Storm and X-fans would have simply made her a supporting wife/character to T'challa who in the Avengers world is the greater figure.  The same way Medusa is to Black Bolt.  Medusa is NOT Illuminati and knows nothing about it, she's just married to Black Bolt.  Storm would have been the same.

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