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We can both agree Priest isn't a revolutionary or nationalist or a man that committed to his people...I seriously dont think he even thinks along those lines, nor along the lines of thinking he's promoting the superiority of the white male. He's merely a writer that wants to write white characters because his whole career he's only mainly been offered black characters, simply because he's black.  This doesn't mean he sees black characters as inferior, however.  Though yes, I’ve said in my posts on this before that he seems, for whatever reason, overly preoccupied and embarrassingly thankful about writing “white” characters.

This statement (particularly your 2nd sentence) is actually quite damning, ironically supportive of Ture's position (and mine) despite being offered by you in rebuttal A.C.. We have never prospered from giving clever folks the benefit of the doubt because they didn't actually say we weren't as as good as, profitable enough or worthy.

"This doesn't mean he sees black characters as inferior, however." Yes, it absolutely does!



Nah brah, it really doesn’t.  You’re doing the same thing Ture is doing, but at least with him he admits he’s implying.  You can read into and pull a statement apart and rearrange/add to it to fit the argument you want to make, but nowhere in that statement you highlighted does it support Ture’s argument or your stance.  Though at least Ture is saying he’s “implying” say it “absolutely” does means he thinks they’re inferior, and the only way you can say absolutely is if the man actually said that. 

Wanting white characters to be an option to you as a writer isn’t thinking black characters are inferior, or “not as good as, or worthy”, and calling out the fact that, as a writer, you’ve been offered mostly one demographic of characters for most of your career because it’s the demographic you belong to, (which is arguably racist or at least prejudiced) and no longer wanting to do just that one demographic, isn’t thinking they’re inferior.  It’s wanting that entire wheelhouse available to you, especially the bigger, more popular characters that, because of various reasons, happen to be white. Especially since your peers were offered that various times.  And of course it was because of racism...having read Priest along with David and others, their talent is no greater than his.  Matter of fact, he taught David how to plot and write better.

I’ve admitted already Priest needs to express himself better, but yeah, he can be given the “benefit of the doubt” when not only has he spent the better part of his career writing and in many cases elevating black characters (arguably still the best BP to date, despite the usage of Ross) but also addressing in his own way political and social issues regarding race and being black (he did this in his Panther run and his Power Man/Iron Fist run) and has not only used existing black characters in even his recent work on Deathstroke when he probably didn’t have to, but is using to a great extent the current black characters in JL while even introducing a new one and bringing in his Panther analogue Red Lion.

Plus, I doubt he’d be friends with Hudllin or work with Milestone if he thought black characters were inferior.

What some actually want is for Priest to be excitedly committed to writing black characters and elevating them in the ways Ture has expressed that some of his peers have done with other characters...and he’s tried and done that somewhat in the past...but he’s just not that guy for that anymore for possibly a number of of which could be that that’s for the most part all he’s been offered his career.  We think as a black man he should be committed to that responsibility and WANT to write just the black characters, when he’s already done that.

THIS isn’t saying being “black” is a limitation or being a “black” writer is limiting as Ture felt the need to explain...actually, in the context of a profession, putting your race before your profession can be limiting not because being “black” is limiting, but being seen as a “black’ writer does strongly imply to people that you are qualified or interested in only writing about black characters and about the black experience.  This would be limiting if I wanted to write Aquaman or an episode of the HBO show “GIRLS”, because what’s implied is that, yes, I’m obviously black, but I only write about black characters and the black experience.  So I’m probably not being offered Aquaman or GIRLS, but Cyborg or “Empire” instead.  That doesn’t mean one “wouldn’t” write those characters, but it does imply that you can’t, or aren’t interested, in writing others.  And it doesn’t matter who or what “allows” who to impose this implication on them...most of these people, like Priest, work in industries where putting your race first defines not only you, but you’re output and interest. 

And yes, that same limitation would apply if white writers went by the term “white writer”...if Bendis called himself a “white writer”, many would think he was a Richard Spencer type who is only interested in writing about white people and the white experience.  But he’s obviously not since he not only elevated Luke Cage, but created Miles Morales.  Shonda Rhimes, arguably and currently the most powerful woman, maybe person, in television currently, doesn’t call herself a “black” writer, but she absolutely defines herself as black by race.  Yet she’s created shows featuring a diverse racial make-up (Grey’s Anatomy) and a very popular one centering on a black woman (Scandal)

 Coates for instance is seen as a “black intellectual” and is probably fine with that, but that’s because his work and his interest solely centers on race and being black and the black experience regarding social and political issues. Nothing else. Same with Cornel West. And at this point that’s what’s expected of them. But that’s not what Priest is or wants to be.  He wants to be a writer “in general”.  Nothing wrong with that.

As far as the ridiculous inference that anyone said being “Black” is limiting, that’s not what was said.  It’s a numbers game in that having mostly ONLY black characters available to you is limiting, especially when, for whatever reason, the most popular and iconic ones are white. This does not mean being black in itself is limiting. But if I enter a room with 60 people in it and 30 of them are black, and somehow I’m allowed to only talk to the ones who are black, that cuts me off from 30 other people I might be interested in talking to, when I could have all 60 available to talk to.  I get it though, in this metaphor, we want the person to be cool with and satisfied and even committed to only talking to the 30 people in the room who are black...we want Priest to be cool with and committed, as a black man, to writing and elevating only black characters for a number of reasons.  He isn’t though...he has done that and is still doing that and wants other choices that he’s into and probably even relates to just as much as blackness (the man is married to a white woman, so...)

As far as the profit thing, again, that’s not saying black characters are inferior, but because of a number of reasons, racism being one, black characters in comics with the big 2 haven’t and don’t sell as much as many white ones. He was just telling the truth on that. BP over the last decade just became A-list and a high-seller. He’s kinda the only one in Marvel or DC at this point.  Cyborg, despite an over decades push and membership in the JLA, still can’t keep a book.  Cage, who is enjoying a higher profile now than he ever has, also just got canceled...again. Falcon basically has to take over being Captain America and still struggles.  Can we name one black (or even minority or gay) hero in Marvel or DC that is a high-seller other than T’challa?

As for you Ture, 1) if Priest thought black characters were inferior, again, why would he use them at all when he doesn’t have to?  Black “sidekicks” and analogues aside, he does use, highlight, and even introduce black characters even in his current work writing white characters...hell, he even brought in a host of other black characters in his Panther run (Cage, Brother Voodoo, Falcon, Nightshade, Storm, QUEEN DIVINE JUSTICE, Vibraxis) and you’re being disingenuous about the Ross thing...again, nowhere did he say he used Ross because he thought Panther as a black character was inferior...he did say he wanted to attract white readers and we can argue/agree about the fallacy in that way of thinking...but this doesn’t mean he thought Panther was inferior. It means, from his experience, that black characters often aren’t as marketable to a greater number of readers. Again, even now there’s evidence of that. He also said he wanted to juxtapose a white character and use him as an analogue to show the stereotypical ways some white people see blacks, and make fun of it.  Along with wanting Panther to be more mysterious and not a guy who talked a lot...thus he had Ross for a narrator.  It would be hard to believe the guy actually though T’Challa was inferior with the respectful way he wrote him.

2) I would be pissed if they told me I could ONLY write Sandman in his African incarnation...though I’d be interested in writing an african story with him in that incarnation.

3) The Crew and WOW were just terrible....I can’t say the board was responsible for that ending,  and didn’t Coates himself bring on these other writers like Narcisse and so forth?  Many don’t seem too impressed with Nnedi.  Isn’t it just as arguable that Panther is getting this much more story and attention due to the movie?  Or that other writers just like him?  I’m just as happy for the attention but come on...also, if you’re referring to Coates taking down his twitter, he did that because of the argument with West and the fact Richard Spencer came on his feed commenting about it, not because of Black Panther fans.  I’m sure he’s reacted to and notice quite a few fans don’t like what he’s doing, but he’s somehow still on the book and getting, still, a certain level of critical acclaim for it.  I don’t see it personally because I don’t like what he’s doing in the book either...but there it is.

This is the last post I’ll react to as we could go in circles for months guessing, implying, and inferring what Priest thinks or doesn’t think about race and black characters...I’m just saying for various reasons, there’s plenty of room for doubt when implying that he thinks black characters, or even people, are inferior.


Ok...semantics aside with "imply" and "infer", with one being an educated guess and one "hinting" at something, which is often a manipulative ploy to cast someone in a certain light...whether you "implied" or "infered" it, it's still a pretty ugly and serious implication when no one actually said it.  I really don’t see the two as just happens to be stronger than the other.  You “hint”, I make an “educated guess”...neither is fact.

I won't argue about BP's profile being raised with Hudlin this is true...though what I was referring to is the even greater amount of popularity he has now.

YOU brought up Miller and said Priest did for BP what Miller did for DD...I never mentioned Miller.  It's surprising you would bring up the argument that perhaps Miller had a greater impact after saying that.  For whatever reason, Miller certainly did.  However, I brought up more equal contemporaries of Priest's career such as Waid, Busiek, and David...Miller is on a whole other level as far as status.  The point is these three have been granted greater opportunities writing the bigger books in their career than Priest has while having similar statuses...Priest even brought David into this
So that's saying something.

Priest "said as much"?  There you go pulling meanings you choose to see out of people's words again....he never actually said "white means mainstream", however, in comics, the truth is most, nearly all, of the "mainstream" characters are white.  He has said before minority characters are a struggle to sell...something underscored by Cyborg and now Luke Cage being cancelled despite their pushes by their respective companies. This unfortinately is just the truth...but it doesn't mean that anyone is saying "white equals mainstream" in general. 

You say the intelligent, alternate strategy for Priest to take was to do what Claremont, Miller, Byrne, and Moore did for Xmen, DD, FF, and Swamp Thing...and then say Priest did that for BP.  No, he didn't.  He tried.  All of those examples equaled greater sales and profiles for those characters and their respective writers...that didn't really hapoen with Priest, unless we count "The Crew" as a game changing title for him. Priest often said BP still struggled when he was writing it and it was eventually cancelled.  He also tried with Falcon, who still struggles with sales.  Sam gets a boost from his association with Cap, however.  He has said before minority characters are harder to sell in this field...many examples such as this often and unfortunately just proves him right.

I won't get into the wordplay of defining the word writer...if we go by the racism of white supremacy and how you're explaining it, Priest or any of us may as well not call ourselves anything regarding a profession.  It's not that deep...the man sees himself as a writer and professionally, that's what he is, and doesnt want to be limited to just being a "black writer" and all that connotates.  The same way Jim Lee is not seen as an "Asian artist" and all that connotates.  Meaning both examples define the person by their race first and not their profession.  It also implies they only work majorly on things related to their race, something Lee hasn't been limited to but in some ways Priest has.

Yeah, he said no to Black Panther...vehemently. It can arguably be surmised that in whatever talks he's been having with Marvel that came up and he's not interested.  It also sounds like he had a not enjoyable experience dealing with racist fans and editorial interference while working on the character. He has nothing else to say with the character.  He already wrote him and thinks he now belongs to a new generation of writers like Coates. 

Plus, should he have a passion for the character when he doesn't?  Because he's black?  I'm saying right now, I'd be pissed if I went to DC as a writer and I expressed interest in writing Aquaman and they pushed Cyborg on me.  I have no interest in that character and yeah, I'd wonder if they gave him to me because he's black.  I might even take the Ray over him.  Lol...

Ive already said the man has some issues...the way he expresses himself regarding white characters and his thankfulness for DC "allowing" him to do so is embarrasing...but I'm not pulling out of that that he thinks black characters are inferior.  It's obvious the man has been treated a certain way in this field due to prejudice based upon race...which probably is the root of a lot of the questionable, and frankly embarrasing, ways he expresses himself on this.  But it's also fair to mention that he does include and write black characters into hia scripts...he brought in the new "black" Kid Flash and Powergirl into Deathstroke while also creating rhe analogue for BP Red Lion character.  He also created Quantum and Woody, a black and white buddy team where the white guy is the even hinting at him thinking black characters are inferior may be a stretch.

Also, i'm not sure what to pull out of the whole paragraph about somethimg being wrong with his skin color?  No one said anything is wrong with his skin color or that that is to blame.  You said prejudice and racism is the problem and I think that's what he's saying and has said and means when his opportunities are limited when he's only mostly given black characters to write.

Sure, Deathstroke could be seen as settling.  Batman and Iron Man are the ones he has the most desire to write, but jis recent statement is that he wants to write white characters..  And it also has lead to his now steward of Justice League...which is THE team book in DC featuring all of their biggest characters and it’s already raised his profile. Hardly nothing to sneeze at and by far is the biggest book he's been offered in his career.  To paraphrase his statement and make it more focused,  "you can't get any more MAINSTREAM than that". 

Though it is curious he would say "whiter" when there are currently three minorities on the team.

Yes BP is owned by a white company and fan clubs and online communites such as this exist to maintain the integrity and dignity of BP....but, and I'm not being ugly here,  how is that working in the realm of comics when many havent been totally satisfied with a BP comic since Hudlin left?  Maberry, and now currently, Coates?  The point is the company will do with the character what they will as it's not really answerable to the people.  Maybe the movie will change that.  But right now, the integrity and dignity of the character on the page is arguably being sullied by Coates.

I agree and said multiple times that the way Priest expressed himself is problematic and frankly embarrassing...the man has some issues or maybe he's just addle-brained.  I merely said saying, or implying, that he, or anyone, thinks black characters are inferior is a dangerous stretch.

And I don't think you should give him a pass for that, but I also dont think he, like Coates, cares or even notices either way.  Though personally?  I would appreciate the opportunity for the man to explain his statements further...

Funny thing is on many black sites people are saying West is just hating on Coates cause he's no longer the most lauded black voice...the same way he started hating on Obama cause Obama didn't kisst the rings of him and Smiley...I personally don't think it's that simple.

truths probably somewhere in the middle

Surprised that no one has brought up, or is talking about, Coates taking down his twitter due to the controversy over all this.  The man really doesn’t seem to like confrontation much...

"Normalcy" and "Mainstream" are not placeholders for "white". Agreed, I said as much "Again I must point out mainstreaming shouldn't be regarded as white streaming only." Let us be clear that mainstream and norm were your words and no where to be found in the interview I posted. My discourse stems from that interview and the disgust it engendered. Thus all inferences made to mainstreaming are yours not Priest's. Giving full transparency, in 2011 Priest did use the word mainstream. "I agreed to do Falcon if I could concurrently work on a more “mainstream” book, something with white characters."

Again the questions begs... What defines Will Smith, Viola Davis and Kevin Hart as mainstream? Is it their consistency at certain character portrayals? Is it their political beliefs and affiliations? Is it their silence or indifference on certain issues for fear of a loss of position and/or revenue? Or are they just the new trend enjoying their 15 minutes.

Concerning Black Panther what demographic was absent thus curtailing his mainstreaming? The most incredulous part of the argument is that popularity is the defining trait of mainstreaming and not character complexity, environmental nuance, cultural relevancy, political awareness or philosophical insight. All of which were on the table for Black Panther and are the very elements that will be found in the upcoming movie.

"Steward of" Once again your words, your inference. Priest did not state such however he did say he was happy about being allowed to write white characters. Fortunately for Black Panther, Priest actions spoke louder than his words. He did for BP what Frank Miller did for DD. Don't sleep on The Ray. He was just introduced into the Arrowverse as a gay character during the season's highest ratings for their Crisis crossover event. 

If the popularity and number of Afrakan (aka Black) characters were equal to those of white characters, who do you think Priest would want to write? You may infer but Priest  was very emphatic. He didn't say women, though some years back, he did pitch a miniseries featuring an all-female cast. He didn't say Asian, Indian or Hispanic but then again some years back there was his mutli-ethnic book called The Crew. Apparently Priest's interest in women and multiple ethnicities seems to have gone the way of the"Blacks." He didn't say children, teenage, physically challenged, LGBT, Kryptonian, Amazon, Martian or mutant. Priest did not say any and all characters despite their color, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation etc... He didn't even say he wanted to write the most popular or best selling. The only descriptive adjective and proper noun that man used was white.

Again you infer. Priest never said anything about more money being an incentive to want to write in the mainstream. He couldn't have been worried about the money as he walked away from writing comic books to write novels. In 2011 he did say this "I am more than busy doing work that actually matters—feeding the hungry, comforting the lowly, preaching the Good News. Doesn’t pay nearly as well, but the gig comes with amazing fringe benefits."

DD was being published bi-monthly and on the verge of cancellation until 1981 when Frank Miller took over. The reason Daredevil outsold Black Panther during Marvel Knights and immediately following was due to the popularity of Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada and the world building of Frank Miller.  As I stated earlier Priest did for BP what Miller did for DD. Coates and Stelfreeze are comparable to Smith and Quesada  being able to build on such solid foundations.

Don't want to write Cyborg but will settle for writing Deathstoke (guest starring the Panther). I guess any white character will do. I say settle because Priest is still just taking jobs and not writing the characters he really wants which are Batman and Ironman. In conclusion Priest didn't get to steward those white characters he so desires because some white owners, white publishers, white editors took the responsibility of marketing their images both selfishly and seriously. Racism to them means race first.

Its not because Priest was black it is because he was not white and thus some whites are not beholding to one who is not their own. Just because the word white isn't stated or written doesn't mean it is not implied. You work for Disney you work for a white company. You work for Microsoft, Sunoco, Ford, Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue you work for a white company. What are you going to do deny, Sony is a Japanese corporation? Volkswagen isn't German? Really.

From Tarzan to James Bond; from John Rambo to Frank Castle; Jason Voorhees to Freddy Krueger; Captain America to Superman; Don Corleone to Tony Montana; Captain Kirk to Luke Skywalker; Batman to Spider-Man; all the way through doctors Who, Doom and Strange; all designed to promote white male dominance, expertise, values and pathology. All marketing the white male's supposed superiority. I don't accept excuses being made for "Blacks" who want to aid them in this simply because they choose not to see a hero that looks like themselves, because they can't hero worship an Afrakan (aka Black).

If your profession is comic books and you are Afrakan (aka Black) working in a white comic book company then it would be not only in your best interest but that of your family's, friend's and people's to create, promote, market and advance  Afrakan (aka Black) characters. 

I understand what Priest is saying but find no reason to defend or identify with it.

Lol...oh I will sleep on the Ray...they could make him bisexual he's still going to be a D-list character. His sexuality isn't the point.  And yes, Priest did do for the Panther what Miller did for DD.  The difference is, DD gained instant popularity at the time while Panther's was still decades to come after Priest left.  The other difference is that Miller went on to superstar status and got to work, and actually redefine, arguably the biggest character in comics while Priest went into obscurity and STILL had the characters he wanted cut off from him.

Some great reward.

"Normalcy" and "mainstream" were definitely my words, and "mainstream" by my inference simply means what's A-List and most popular.  Let us be clear that you took those words, quoted them, and infered that the "language" meant "white".  I in no way meant that mainstream meant white.  However, the reality is that for most of Priest's career, including his run on the Panther, all of the most popular and iconic characters at both companies were white.  For the most part they still are. And it's not hard for anyone to see a pattern that when it came to their stables, he was given for the most part all of the black characters, while being thrown a few less popular white ones for short stints and one-shots, which again cuts him off from a huge portion of their most popular characters.  And at the end of the day, the man wanted to be seen as a writer and not a "black" writer...the same way Jim Lee is seen as an artist and not an "Asian" artist.  We could argue all day about Priest and whatever non-comittment to the struggle and his people he has, it's obvious for many reasons he's not that committed to that, though he has been responsible for some of the better depictions of black images in comics either way.

The above in no way is saying that anyone, including Priest, sees black characters as inferior, something you also infered that the man never actually said.  I've already stated that i definitely think the man has some issues from the way he expresses himself about race, but let's not pull something so disturbing as "seeing black characters as inferior" out of what anyone has said since he, or anyone, did not directly say that.

If the man actually saw black characters as inferior, I doubt he'd even talk about giving Milestone the time of day, nor would he have written the black characters he was given as well as he has. 

I must bring up again that his contemporaries, the Waids, the Busiek's, the David's...all had opportunities in their tenures to write the biggest, most iconic characters ans books in both the stables of the big "2".  It does say something that Priest never got this opportunity...until now.

Again, mainstream in this instance simply means popular.  Many factors can contribute to this and the actors you mentioned have actually made comments and stances on certain issues...but this has little to do with the point.  I do think the questions you brought up have merit, but it's a more deeply layered discussion that has nothing to do with how I used mainstream.  Totally another discussion.

Priest did not have to say "steward of" as something like that is obvious if he's expressed great interest in wanting to actually write BATMAN and IRON MAN...he wanted Daredevil at the time Marvel Knights came out.  Pointing out him writing Iron Man for a few issues in Panther's comic or writing Batman in a 4 issue limited series isn't the same.  When he says he's only given "black characters" to write he means he's been given the books of those characters, as he has been given or offered that consistently.  Of course he's saying he wanted the actual books of white characters as well.  That's taking steward of.

If the number of black characters were equal to and as popular as white characters, neither of us can say who Priest would want to write.  Saying "I want to write white characters" doesn't mean he doesn't want to write black, or any other group, we can think of.  What it does mean is that as a black man, he was mostly given black characters to take steward of by the company he worked for.  It's entirely believable just from his tenure that if things were as you say, he'd want to have all popular or "mainstream" characters, black or white, available to him.

The money part is an inference, but since we live in a capitalist country, most people would want to make the most out of what their profession is. And working on more popular characters (and yes, in this case white ones) definitely raises one's profile along with monetary gains. You’re likely going to make more money writing BATMAN then you will FALCON. However, one's dignity and creativity also often comes up.  The man is a proven veteran who for decades was given limited options in his field, based on the race of the characters and the color of his skin.

Deathstroke over Cyborg isn't settling, as Slade honestly, despite DC trying to push Victor Stone, is arguably a far more complex and popular character. (Definitely LOOKS cooler)  Plus, again, pattern.  You come back after all this time and still get offered the black character simply because you're black?  Again, Priest has his issues but if he's stated this pattern before, why would he come back and want to continue it?  Plus, "settling" for Deathstroke got him to take steward of their biggest team book containing all of their big gun characters.  This is the highest profile book he has ever “taken steward of” and is more likely to lead him to writing Batman or even Iron Man, and from interviews, it's something he's extremely excited about.

Defining companies by race is not the point, though yes, there is truth to what you say, minorities working for a "white" company in their profession still want and will fight for the opportunities they want.  This entire board is dedicated to an african character owned and created by a white company...that still doesn't stop you or many on here presenting, or in some cases even demanding or petitioning for, what you want or don't want for the character and his world, despite said character not belonging to black people. And again, you possibly infer...Priest never said he chooses not to see a hero that looks like himself...again, saying he wants to write white characters since he mostly has only been offered black ones doesn't mean that.

Also, he has written, created, promoted, and advanced black characters in his tenure...and if he works with Milestone still will.  Just because he wants to work on white characters too doesn't mean otherwise.

We can both agree Priest isn't a revolutionary or nationalist or a man that committed to his people...I seriously dont think he even thinks along those lines, nor along the lines of thinking he's promoting the superiority of the white male. He's merely a writer that wants to write white characters because his whole career he's only mainly been offered black characters, simply because he's black.  This doesn't mean he sees black characters as inferior, however.  Though yes, I’ve said in my posts on this before that he seems, for whatever reason, overly preoccupied and embarrassingly thankful about writing “white” characters.

In the end though, i don't think anyone is asking you to defend or identify with any of that.  I completely understand why you wouldn’t.   Lets just not pull out unfounded claims from what’s been said.

Priest has no problem using his Panther in DC though...

justice league cover

tell me how this really makes any sense lol

Red Lion sounds like a worse guy than T’Challa, while Priest has a bit of fun poking fun at this being an obvious copy.  But he can do things with this guy he, as a professional writer, couldn’t do with Panther.

I”ve thought before it would be cool if DC/Marvel allowed him to do some meta-sh*t and Red Lion was “happy pants” panther from priest’s run that T’challa hid away...and he escaped to another plain of existence called “The DC”.  Then Panther would have to come into “The DC” to retrieve him, and maybe get into a fight with Deathstroke, along the way...


and a lot of us pulled bits and pieces of this stuff just based on his comic book writing lol

I actually thought about that when I read the piece on the guardian and other sites.  And though I get where West is coming from, it kind of feels petty to call Coates out as not having earned his pessimism and view through struggle.  Don't we all earn that just by being black in america?

But again, I see what he's saying, and it does pair with why he's the black neoliberal darling right now and also it shows why he writes BP the way he does.  Beautiful writing about the problem gets redundant when one isn't working towards, or providing, solutions.  Funny thing is on many black sites people are saying West is just hating on Coates cause he's no longer the most lauded black voice...the same way he started hating on Obama cause Obama didn't kisst the rings of him and Smiley...I personally don't think it's that simple.

Mortal Man thank you for you brilliant and dead on the money commentary over CJP's disappointing, and frankly very disheartening comments!  You and brothers Sal, Ture and 4Sake have echoed all of the thoughts and feeling I've had in reading CJP's interview.  I remain grateful for what he did for BP and will try to hold on to that, but it is very difficult to appreciate him, even historically after hearing all he has to say, not the least of which is that he is a fan of what TNC has done to BP.  Words like self-loathing, pompous, shady and disingenuous come more immediately to mind.

My Two Cents.



The thing that irks me the most is that some people still stay disrespecting Reginald Hudlin's wholly much more appropriate take on the BP Mythos whilst praising Priest wishy washy Ross centric BP like it was the second coming.

This is a fair point.  As much as some people like to throw shade at Hudlin's work, lets not act like Priest's work couldn't get that smear campaign bidnzess too if we looked past the big picture impact of it and instead got as granular with it as some like to do with Reginald's.

We could have a field day just about the Ross "problem" itself... let alone the troublesome origin/purpose of the Doras -which was just begging for a writer like Ta-Neisha to use against the mytho-, or Hunter/White Wolf... or all the cumbersome text on page that would make Adam Brasheer and his overtly verbose-laden soliloquies blush.

The good and impactful far outweighs the bad but I'd say the same holds true for Hudlin's run.  Shuri and his depiction of the Doras will now reign supreme in pop culture, forever.

These points up here are very well said. Very well said.

But I was there. On deck. When CJP wrote BP. You should have SEEN the HATE he was getting...from people who would NEEEVER read the book. I'm sayin...these fools were saying that BP shouldn't act like a King. I mean...LITERALLY saying that. Not just inferring it or making an argument TANTAMOUNT to it. They were LITERALLY like: "He's not really a King, so he shouldn't act like it."

LITERALLY. HUNDREDS of them were saying this. To CHEERS. Imagine CBR times a zillion. Yeah. That's what CJP dealt with.

I remember when he had BP defeat KRAVEN. Them racist White guys? Lost EVERY BIT of their minds. I'm serious. I remember hearing how BP should lose to KRAVEN because BP worshipped a Panther and Kraven had a lion pelt on him, and since lions can beat panthers? Kraven should ALWAYS defeat BP.

He made that argument and got a ring of applause for it.

R to the H got lotsa hate. His BLACK Panther? Got even more hate. His BLACK Panther is just STOMPIN fools depictions [ which still give me Panther-gasms and curled toe Panther talons today ]? Got even more hate. Most of us remember that. We know for sure that R to the H remembers every bit of that.

ANYONE who writes BP as he is meant to be in the 616 pre-Coogler? Will receive hate out of all proportion than if they took some underused White character like say...TASKMASTER, MOCKINGBIRD, DAZZLER, DOC SAMSON, WONDER MAN, SILVER FOX, TIGRA or LONGSHOT...and really made them the dopeness they're SUPPOSED TO BE.

As surprising as it was to see...even LISS and HICKMAN wasn't immune to the hate. Especially Hickman. Most especially Hickman. I knew he'd get side swiped for his initially prominent and uncompromising depictions of T'Challa, but the "Swiper No Swiping" that he got surprised me. Caused him to change some plotlines, I bet [ or at least that was the belated word of my at that time "insider" and ever ubiquitous secret informant ]. And this is hate piled atop of Hickman, who wrote a BP that we all had serious vomitous reactions to, at times [ and Sal probably from the moment that RH was removed from the book ]. HIckman, who most definitely didn't write as unflinchingly formidable a BP as either CJP or RH wrote.

 But CJP? By far got the most hate. By far. Not close. Even worse? He got alllll that hate...coupled with by far THE LEAST DEFENDERS. Because he did it in the smallest pond, with the most concentrated hate, the least possible restrictions on the forms of said hate, the strongest possible Editorial "I don't give a damn-isms", and more.  I mean, the word is really strong [ and confirmed ] that names like Chris Claremont told CJP to his face that his book wouldn't make it to 12 issues. And BET on it.

Right there is where the X-Office hate started. Cuz CJP went 5 plus years.

Then. To get THE CREW just dismissively canceled like that? No notice? Had to be told by outside sources that his joint was assassinated before it could even get 3 issues out? Hell naw. That? Is iodine, wax, and Harpy's poison in the open wounds.

So, yeah. CJP is a funny book vet. A legend, even. And he knows how to make the right noises to placate teh righ theads in order to smooth out where he wants to go. And ya know what? His last BP series was Ross-centric, too. And that CJP series? Was literally iconic, ground breaking, mold breaking, game changing...and the mandatory prerequisite to BP being in any movies, period. Unadulterated props and respect due.

If he wrote a 12 page joint centered on He kilt a 64 book series that was mostly Ross centered. He'll kill 12 pages, no problem. And won't diss TCHALLA in the process. I think we need to laud him for his relentless creativity, humor, and absolutely incredible writing chops. Not diss him because he's going back to a character...Ross...which was the POV character that put TCHALLA on the map FOR REAL. And made all this plausible, if not possible, in the first place.

Supreme, all this is well said and true...(and your post before citing mine made some great points that echoed mine too) and that's NOT to say Priest doesn't seem to have some issues involving race...he does...along with the way he expresses himself and this seemingly desperate need to write "white characters"...but let me address some things...

It would do well to ask or at least try to interpret, what people say, or the language being used, correctly without pulling a meaning out of it that wasn't intended.  "Normalcy" and "Mainstream" are not placeholders for "white".  Will Smith is mainstream.  Viola Davis is mainstream.  So is Kevin Hart and movies like "Girls Trip" and shows like "Scandal". Right now, the Black Panther is mainstream.  When Priest took on his book years ago, he wasn't.  It can be argued he always should've been, but he was not on the level of popularity that Daredevil, Spidey, and Batman were.  And the truth with comics, especially companies like Marvel and DC at the time, and even now, is that the major, most popular, most iconic characters in their possesion were not given to Priest in all his years to take steward of.  And yeah, most if not all of those characters happen to be white. And they outnumber all other races of characters in those companies by a HUGE percentage. 

And therein lies the problem and why, despite how he's expressing himself, and his own apparent issues, he has a point.

Steward of.  Writing "Captain America and the Falcon" is.not taking steward of Cap, being given the Captain America book is.  Writing a one-shot or limited issue book with Batman isn't being given steward of Bats, being given the BATMAN book is.  Writing "Justice League Task Force", a team of mostly C and D listers, isn't the same as writing JLA.  And who ever really gave a sh*t about The Ray?

I do think Preist likely has some self-hate issues, but if most of his career the books he's been given actual steward of are
mostly, if not all, the most popular black characters, is that not cutting him off from a huge percentage of other characters and especially the ones that are far more popular and iconic?  Who, yeah, happen to be white?

The comparison is disengenuous when white writers have taken on black characters while still having the greater amount of, and more popular, white characters open to them and a black writer doesn't.  Bendis can afford to take on Luke Cage when nearly every damn Marvel charactee has been given to him to take steward of. It also says something when, as pointed out before, one's contemporaries like Waid, David, and others have been given steward of these more popular, iconic characters when a Preist with his resume and time put in, hasn't. 

And SUPREME, you bought up and excellent point regarding the difference between a Preist and Hudlin...Hudlin can afford to come in and only be concerned with writing BP, putting him on the map, and this isn't an argument about his run being good or not good, it's that the dude is a millionaire and gets money from many avenues, while writing comics isn't even his main profession.  THIS IS Priest's profession, and has been for years, and being given the opportunity to write more popular, more well known characters like the Daredevils and Batmen not only raises his profile to a greater.height in the profession, but creates him more revenue.  Any writer writing BATMAN or AVENGERS is going to make more money than writing the FALCON.  This doesn't mean one refuses the Falcon because he's black, but one should have these other characters, who happen to be white, open to them as well.

As great of a job and focus as Priest did with BP, it still didn't sell as well or was as popular as DD at the time (the book he really wanted) and that meant less revenue for him.  And we can talk about the responsibility of being a black man and taking it upon oneself to write,create, and make more popular and iconic, black characters, which the man has tried to do and will be doing with Milestone, but why shouldn't he be concerned with raising his profile and bank account by writing these other characters he's never been given as well?

And he comes back after all these years, and he's given CYBORG?  Not only does the pattern continue, but who really wants to write Cyborg?

In the end, even im a bit disappointed he doesn't seem as interested in writing T'Challa again as he does Ross. Though even when he was wrting Ross and having him narrate, it was still in regards, through a second party, of showing and telling how awesome Panther truly was.  Panther was still the vehicle that drove the narrative.  And maybe he really doesn't have anything more to say with Panther now.

But after all this time, he's being given steward of the actual books of the more popular characters he's wanted to write and never did because yeah, he was largely only seen as a "black" writer and mostly given the books of the bigger black characters to take stewrd of while his contemporaries were seen as just "writers" and had everything, including the more popular, iconic characters, who yeah, are white, open to them.  If this is your profession, than its not about seeing black characters as inferior, but about your opportunities being limited in the work you're given.

Why would the white writers complain about writing only white characters when the white characters were the norm, the mainstream, and the ones that often made up 90 percent of the comics world?  That's a lot of choice. It IS segregative when, say, a Peter David or Mark Waid has a choice of 85 to 90% of all of Marvel to write and Priest may only be given 15 to 10% of it to write because he's only given minority or black characters. I don't think the implication is that writing black characters is inferior, especially since he's written the black characters he's been given with respect and done them well, but that as a professional writer, he's being limited to ONLY black characters to helm.

And of course the truth is white writers have no such limitations, as white writers have written for lengthy periods characters like the Panther, Black Lighning, Cage, Storm, John Stewart, and others over decades.  ALONG WITH stalwart white characters like the Xmen, Iron Man, Batman, Cap, and others.

The wikipedia list presented is a gross amount of work, but most of it shows very short stints, limited series, one shots, and fill-in issues.  I did forget he did Conan as Jim Owsley for some years, but outside of that his longest and most constant stints were with Power Man/Iron Fist, Steel, and Black Panther.  Who were not only black characters but, at the time, were not A-list or mainstream.

Priest basically bought on Peter David and served as his editor.  They are contemporaries.  David has had well-known and lengthy stints and made his mark on mainstream characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Aquaman.  Waid is another, and has been given lengthy stints on Captain America, the Flash, Daredevil, and more.  Busiek i think has been given near everything, and served as writer and steward on one of the longest Avengers runs ever

Priest hasn't recieved work on that level, with characters that big, who, yeah...are white.  He's just now after all these years getting THE Justice League book.  We'll much control he has and how long he's gping to be on it.

But yeah, there's a difference between thinking that writing black characters are inferior, and being frustrated that the only characters they're allowing you to actually take over the books of are black.  That's limiting your choices, cutting a writer off from a huge percentage of comics characters, many whom are iconic and most comics writers, white or black, would kill for a shot at.

I remember CAPTAIN AMERICAN and THE FALCON, but that's still not being given the actual Captain America book, which instead went to Brubaker, to helm.  And let's be honest, he was given it because of the Falcon.  Which is what he ended up with after all was said and done.

And I do remember him being editor on a lot of books back in the day, but that's still not the same as writing them.  With his history and background, Priest should've been given cart blanche to helm the books of characters the way his contemperaries like Peter David, Mark Waid, and Kurt Busiek have been given.

Also, I actually like Ross and wouldn't mind at all seeing him return as I enjoyed his character in the Priest book and mythos, just a little surprised Priest is basically more interested in writing Ross than Panther.  Though I do see him still wanting to use he always loved that character and he's able to use him for snark and comic relief in ways he can't use Panther without writing him too out of character.

What Ezyo said, plus I'd like to add on that writing "white" characters in a main book like the ones listed isn't the same as being given those characters' actual books to take steward of.  Priest from what I know has never been given Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, Batman, or others listed to take actual steward of.  (Iron Fist yeah, but through Cage by way of proxy) I think his over zealous attitude and how he conveys his "thankfulness" is over the top and embarrasing...but I'd understand his frustration after having wanted years to take the helm of BATMAN or JLA and they just follow the same pattern by offering him CYBORG.  Now he has the top team book at DC.  I'd love to see him take on the Avengers title with Panther and Iron Man as the team co-leads...

This makes sense though as he really wanted Daredevil back when Marvel Knights came out and he was offered the Black Panther instead...which he did great work with.

It is also a little disconcerting to see him return and be more interested in writing Ross again instead of T'Challa however...

Most of what Priest is saying there makes a lot of sense, and I get why he would want to write other characters and not be pigeonholed...but geeze...his gleeful "thankfulness" towards the DC editors letting him write white characters is dude, calm down.

Frankly, I'd love to see a new, competent writer take on T'Challa since Priest is no longer interested and though I respected his ideas, was not the biggest fan of Hudlin's take. For instance, I'd LOVE to see what Tom King, who is doing amazing work on Batman and other books like Mister Miracle, would do with T'Challa.

I’ve said many times before, Monica Lynne can totally work.  Especially looking at how right now people are going crazy, and many black people specifically, are losing it over a regular American black woman (or biracial woman if you choose) marrying into the British royal family.

Black Panther / Re: The petition is live.
« on: November 26, 2017, 05:25:38 am »
I do think the language for the petition charge is unnecessarily inflammatory, but I guess the petitioner was into his feelings I guess, and he was being open, honest, and raw. When you put words like 'kill' in there that's too far. I mean, it's almost like blurring a line between reality and fantasy. T'Challa is not real and we don't need him to be to critique Coates's poor, demeaning take on the character.

Yes, it was hyperbolic to the point where it might not be taken very seriously at all...calling Coates “evil” was quite a bit much.  If the man himself reads it he’d probably laugh and shake his head thinking “crazed fan boys...”

Black Panther / Re: The petition is live.
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:45:20 pm »
Haven’t been here in awhile and not even reading BP anymore since I grew bored with Coates take like, a year ago.  I’m amazed however an actual petition has been put up on asking for Coates to be removed...and I’m kinda startled by the audacity of what he did in this latest issue.

However, I just looked up three reviews, one on black nerd website, simply praising the book and this current line saying Coates is making Wakanda more intellectually stimulating than ever before.

With reviews like that, not sure how much this petition will matter...

So Coates's is to be rewarded for his lackluster, piss poor portrayal of the Black Panther and Wakanda (which he did on the eve of the greatest media event a comic book character can ask for) by getting to write Captain America. That figures.

Watch what a outstanding job he does respecting truth, justice and the American way while implicating the need for so called blacks to apologize to the white supremacists for all their transgressions in fighting captivity and enslavement; have some avian person of color character suggest making amends for not working hard enough and begging for civil rights; all the while spinning concept that the only thing holding minorities back is themselves. And I still bet the Falcon and Harlem will fair better than Black Panther and Wakanda did under his pen.

I just hope this means Coates is leaving Black Panther all together and much sooner than later. Get him off the BP main title by September if possible; let the movie hype stimulate the need for a new Black Panther comic all the way through to December.  Then announce the triumphant return of the Black Panther family of comics in January under the writers that made him a modern day legend and inspired the movie... Priest writing Black Panther and the Crew limited series and Hudlin writing Black Panther World of Wakanda limited series. Then drop a Guy Johnson - a respected so called black literary writer (since that seems Marvel's way, meaning literary writers) on the new on going  Black Panther title.

Let the healing begin.

I fear that your scenario describing how Coates is going to kneel before Captain America and show him proper respect, really over respect, in comparison to how he treated Panther and his legacy and the symbolism of that character, is going to happen. I also think that maybe Wilson and Harlem will be handled better by Coates. The urban US scene is a bit more in his lane. That being said, Wilson will likely be chin checked by Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Claire Temple, Nightshade, or perhaps someone of Coates's own creation to reinforce Wilson's beta status vis-a-vis Rogers.

Crazy thing is? Wilson ALREADY gets beat up by Misty Knight in his own book! I saw that happening and was like...hell naw! Yes. I get it. Misty is a true badazz, and had the IIF as her bf for years. But. Wilson is a acrobat and was the main sidekick to Steve Rogers CA forever. Personally trained by CA when he was considered hands down  the best in the biz. Misty should not have beaten Wilson, and if she did? It shouldn't be the thoroughly one-sided shellackin he got.

This pic above combined with this pic below, of Sam Wilson Captain America getting "talked down to pep talk" from Misty Knight, and being ordered around by her? Probably gave TNC a clitoral orgasm:

He couldn't wait to leave T'Challa right then and there, in order to further tear down and diss anutha brutha.

Gotta say supreme...that scene with Sam and Misty wasn't so bad, especially considering the part you didn't show...which was the practice fight ending with Misty on top of him flirting with him and looking like she was about to kiss him.  I got a Green Arrow/Black Canary vibe out of that always
Made sense that Canary was a more skilled fighter than Arrow and it makes sense that Misty, with her years of training in martial arts and having dated Danny Rand, (not to mention her bionic arm) would be a better fighter than Sam.  No shame there, plus she's always been quite aggressive.

Plus Sam put down and personally delivered Crossbones to Maria Hill in that book too...something I wasn't to sure about, but there you go.

Misty giving Sam tough talks to get his head together really wasn't a bad choice either, being that Sam was going through everything from living up to Cap's name and the public perception around him from doing it HIS way, to his outing with SHIELD, to all else he was dealing with and wasn't sure about.  Issues aside with Spencer, he still came off the main hero in that book, and the choice of Misty being a voice of reason and/or motivation to him displayed a cool friendship/slightly intimate relationship between a black man and woman that honestly...Misty herself isn't known much for.

Was better than Cap giving him a rallying speech all the time...

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