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13 picks for October 7
13. Superman : World of New Krypton#8- I didn’t like this issue because I just didn’t see the point of the Thanagarians showing up….Also whatever happened with them and the planet Rann anyway.
12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer#29- the cover with Twilight was dope but I ‘m just not feeling this issue…it all just too wishy washy to me with everyone complaining about not being able to use magic to defend themselves.
11. Batman and Robin#5- I want to like this title but sometimes the Grant Morrison craziness keeps throwing me off.  I like Batman and Robin in this but Jason Todd as the Red Hood with red hair and Scarlet as his sidekick.
10. Astonishing X-men#31-I love the look of this book. I love how Warren Ellis portrays the X-men as the science crisis team that has all the tools to get pull off the craziest jobs in the world.
9. Daredevil#501- I read a lot of it in the preview but this issue is still good because Matt Murdock has become a murderer in his role as leader of the hand. I'm curious to see what's next.
8. Black Panther#9- I like the political intrigue of Jonathan Mayberry's take on the Black Panther as well as the dual story about T'Challa trying to get himself back in shape to take on Dr. Doom.
7. Angel#26- This was actually a pretty good issue that reunites Angel and Spike at a showing of the fictional movie based on the actual events Angel and the gang experienced during the Fall of Los Angeles. This was a really good story
6. R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual#1- This was a very good comic for $ 4.99. I was really impressed by how all the stories ended up coming together to show exactly how Starro the Conqueror became all Powerful. Once again R.E.B.E.L.S. is probably one of the best sci-fi comics on the stand.
5.  Absolution#2- Slowly but surely I can tell that Christos Gage is building to something with this title because the man character a superhero named who is killing criminals in his part time is sleeping a little bit too well and enjoying the killings a little bit too much.
4. Irredeemable #7- This comic has steadily improved. This issue we learn about an incident that may have set the Plutonian off on his rampage.
3. Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors#1- I love the way Nick Fury comes off as the bad ass super spy who knocks Norman Osborn on his ass.
2. The Boys#35-Hands down this is one of the best issues of the Boys that I have ever read. This issue we get to see part one of the tragic origin story of Mother's Milk
1. Planetarty#27- This comic is a myth....I never thought I would it come out. Planetary is jewel, and it’s hard for me to believe that it came out 10 years ago. If you a true Planetary fan then you will love this book...its true Warren Ellis goodness. Seriously reading this comic is like getting a crash course in physics. Bottom line Planetary can do anything.  Best of all, the black man doesn’t do in the end :-)

Hudlin TV / Stargate Universe
« on: October 05, 2009, 08:12:59 pm »
Anyone watching Stargate Universe...watched the first issue and I thought it was decent aside from the fact that if something like that were to happen in real life someone would definitely get their ass kicked.  Oh, I was also surprised by the sex...

Hudlin TV / Re: Why are Genre Shows struggling this year
« on: October 05, 2009, 08:06:53 pm »
back to thursday, FlashForward is the ish but it is up against Survivor. I record Flash and watch survivor.
i give abc credit for having their friday as the repeat day for the serial shows.
serialized shows need support.
no ifs, ands or buts about it.
dont kill 'em off after 4 or 5 eps. just ride it out and see if they come.
nothing u do will bring in more ratings, so leave 'em be

Excellent point about serialized shows needing support I wish more networks need to do similar programing.

Hudlin TV / Re: The Cleveland Show. What does everyone think?
« on: October 05, 2009, 08:02:38 pm »
I like the Cleaveland Show at least the first episode. I'm suprised it wasn't more offensive like say the Boondocks which I also loved.

« on: October 05, 2009, 07:59:54 pm »
I disagree. Season 6 is  good because it's about the characters growing up and learning that they can have fulfilling lives that don't necessary revolve around Vince. By the same token I can seen that eventually Vince is going to learn to live without his Entourage completely depending on him to take care of them. Also...I love Matt Damon. This dude needs to win an emmy for best guest actor for his performance on the Season Finale

Hudlin TV / Why are Genre Shows struggling this year
« on: October 02, 2009, 06:57:31 am »
I was just reading an article over titled SciFriday: Memo To Fox: Move 'Fringe' Off Thursdays Ratings in the show's sophomore season have plummeted, but Thursdays are just impossible My question is why are so many genre shows struggling? It seems like networks schedule them at the worse possible times.  For instance there is another story on that same website that says 'Smallville,' 'Dollhouse' Premiere To Series Lows Both at least 30 percent off last season's averages What do you guys think?

Other Comics / Dial H for Hero
« on: September 21, 2009, 12:32:52 pm »
Just read the latest issue of the Brave and the Bold with Batman and Dial H for HERO. Does anyone remember that HERO series that Will Pfifer wrote about 5 years back with Kano on art? Man I hate that series ended I really enjoyed that one

13 picks for August 5

13. Mayhem#1- So Tyrese Gibson has his own comic book and I think its neat little property for a possible movie he is in the process of developing. I'm not sure what it’s about quite yet but it’s pretty violent.

12.Absolution Crime files-I didn't expect to get this but I'm glad I did because it gives me some background on the new universe in the Absolution comic or at least I think it shows me the first reason the hero starts killing the criminals.

11. Absolution#1- I decided to give this comic a try because Christos Gage was writing it and the subject matter was intriguing what happens when a hero starts killing criminals whose crimes are so horrific that maybe they just need killing.

10.Exiles #5- The name of this story is The Humans are Dead and the Exiles visit a universe where the Cereboro became sentient and murdered the human race but Hank Pym found a way to download mankind's conciseness into various machine bodies. This was a good read.

9.Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three#4-This story has become so larger than life I'm not even sure what it's about still I'll be glad when the whole thing finally comes out so I read it one sitting. What I liked about this story is that it is street level adventure with cosmic ramifications.

8. Superman: World of New Krypton#6- So Codename Patriot begins with this issue with an assassination attempt on the life of General Zod that leads to Commander El having to slip on his Superman costume once again.

7. Black Panther#7- This is it, Reginald Hudlin's last issue and the beginning of Jonathon Maberry's run on this title. This issue was a good transition from the events of the last story arc until the new direction of this title with Shuri as the new Black Panther heading to America . On the flip side T'Challa is still recovering from the attack on his life and he ain't giving up without a fight.

6. Amazing Spiderman#601- I absolutely love the cover with Mary Jane on it! First up we have a humorous story about Peter being hung over  the next day from Aunt May's wedding and accidentally sleeping with his roommate. 2nd we have a nice little back up story from Bendis and Quesada about Peter Parker and how he is still influencing Jessica Jones until this very day.

5.Invincible Iron Man#16- Wow, this story has been going on for 9 issues now so I guess that means that Tony Stark has been on the run from Norman Osborn for like 9 months then.  How the mighty have fallen. What I liked the most about this issue is how crazy Madame Masque gets around Tony Stark. Overall a very good chapter in one of the best Iron Man story arcs ever.

4. Irredeemable#5- Hey this issue was only .99 cents! However this is a good independent title by Mark Waid that gets a little better with every issue. I think the big reveal this issue was that one of the Paradigm team Bette Noir used to sleep with the Plutonian.

3. The Boys#33- Yeah this issue was good and violent as Butcher stays behind finish off the rest of the Payback team. On the flip side in the Seven Queen Maeve stands up to Black Noir on behalf of Annie.  Next issue the boys have to deal with Stormfront the Super Nazi.

2. Buffy The vampire Slayer#27-Oz played by Seth Green returns, and he is married with a kid! Best of all he has learned how to control the Wolf by communal living that allows him to purge his  magic into the Earth. That’s just what Buffy and her army of slayers need since they need to hide the magic that powers them from Twilight who is chasing them.

1.Angel#24- Wow, Drusilla is back and crazy as ever in a story co written by Juliet Landau the actress who played the character. Basically before the Fall of Los Angeles Dru was in a mental institution being treated by people who don't know that she really is a vampire so as you can imagine, that doesn't end well.

13 picks for  July 8

13. Ms. Marvel#41- I missed an issue somewhere and ever since then it’s been hard for me to catch up but I know this much...the original Ms. Marvel is back and the War of the Marvels is about to begin.

12.House of Mystery#15- Honestly, I'm gonna have to sit down and reread this entire run of House of Mystery from cover to cover to get a good understanding of what's going on. Basically the House is alive and pretending to be one of the people trapped in the House, while on the last page Cain from the old House of Mystery series and Sandman shows up

11. Green Arrow and Black Canary#22- Ok this is interesting. This title just went up to $3.99 but you get a get a 2nd featuring one of the 2 title characters.  I wasn't too interested in either story  but I like the concept for these characters.

10. Flash Rebirth#2-Ok, I missed this issue earlier in the series and now that I went back and got and reread it does make it seem the story seem to flow a little bit smoother. The long and short of it is that Barry Allen is turning into the Black Flash.

9. Booster Gold#22- In this case I don't like the $3.99 back up feature on this story because I'm not that interested in the newest Blue Beetle, however I really dig the Booster Gold story about Dick Grayson getting killed as a Teen Titan

8.No Hero#6-Yeah this issue was pretty gruesome and that's saying a lot for this series but basically Joshua turns against the rest of the team by viscously murdering a teammate. Looks like he is on the path to becoming a super hero

7. X-men Legacy#226- Rogue and Gambit get into San Francisco just in time for the riots of the Dark X-men Utopia story arc. The highlight of the story for me is when Rogue used her new control of her power to absorb Aries abilities.

6. Dark X-men: The Beginning#1- Man, this story arc is tight. This issue we get to see stories about Namor, Mimic, and Dark Beast. This is an interesting team that Norman Osborn has lined up.

5. Superman: World of New Krypton#5- First of all the cover is so dope because it immediately reminds you of the Richard Donner movies staring Christopher Reeves as Superman. The best part of this issue for me was the surprise assassination attempt pm General Zod.

4. R.E.B.E.L.S.#6- I have to admit this story about Vril Dox and his new L.E.G.I.O.N. on the run for Starro. The new leader of the Starro seems like a bad mofo.

3. Batman#688- I'm really impressed by Judd Winick's takes on Dick Grayson as Batman. I'm really enjoying seeing Dick Grayson a veteran Superhero have to learn how to play a new role.

2. Green Lantern#43- Wow...I had no idea how crazy Black Hand really was...this has to be one of the sickest, rawest stories I have ever read and a perfect set up

1. Red Robin#2- Why is Tim Drake so off the chain? This is one of the most action packed intrigue filled series I've read in a while and I love how they have reinvented Tim Drake as the new Red Robin

26. Justice Society of Amercia#28- I should have followed my first instinct and not bought this issue. It was ok but I just don’t think Jerry Ordway provides the same quality of work that Geoff Johns did. Still on the bright side we get to see the Black Spectre in action.
25. Ms. Marvel#40- Um…apparently I missed an issue some where because I have no idea what the heck is going on but these book has not 1, not 2 but 3 guest stars with Deadpool, Spiderman and Wolverine. Of course the Dark Avengers are in the house as well.
24. Uncanny X-men#512- This was an interesting time travel story but I’m just more interested in getting to the Dark X-men story arc.
23. Avengers/Invaders#12- Wow this maxi-series had a lasting impact on the Marvel Universe because in the end young Bucky Barnes uses the cosmic cube to wish Toro back to life in the present day Marvel Universe.
22. Fringe#6- This was a decent issue because it finally tied into the television because you because learn that Walter has been telling all the stories that we have been seeing in the past 5 issues to someone who has been torturing him on behalf of the FBI. This guy disappears when Olivia finally shows up to check Walter out of the insane asylum.
21. X-Force#16- I enjoyed the Messiah War, but what’s going to be the fall out? I don’t think I’m going to read Cable anymore so I guess I will just have to check out the next issue of X-force.
20. X-Factor#45- So by now everyone knows that Peter David is the king of Shock endings on this title and this issue is no exception because on the last page Rictor and Shatterstar end up kissing and just like Guido said …I really didn’t see that coming.
19. The Hood#2- I always liked the Hood because he was always the anti-Spiderman but he dealt with a lot of the same issues like taking care of his family. The Hood is not a nice guy like Peter Parker but you still feel for the guy even though you see he is slowly losing his grasp on his status of Kingdom of Supervillians.
18. Daredevil#119- This was a fill and simmer issue…not to much action but I can tell that something big is about to go down…oh wait Daredevil#500 is next
17. Elektra#4- You know why this issue was hot…because Dark Avengers Hawkeye aka Bullseye was in it and as bad as Elektra is…she is still afraid of the man that killed her before. Hands down this is one of the best fights I’ve seen in the Marvel Universe for a long time. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
16. Captain America#600—Honestly, I was overwhelmed by how much material was available in this 600th issue, but that’s a good thing for a $4.99 cover price.
15. Superman#689- You know what I haven’t been that impressed by James Robinson in the DC Universe and yes I know he wrote the seminal Starman but I dig his take on this Superman title and it just hit me is that what he is doing is painting his own canvass with the character of Mon-el. I am digging Mon-el’s world adventures.
14. Teen Titans#72- I was not going to buy this and I have a love hate relationship with this title but despite the $3.99 price tag I bought it for a couple of reasons. One, the cover was tight, two there is new writer that I wanted to give a chance, and I enjoyed the back up feature starring Ravager.
13. Avengers: The Initiative#25- Hell, this was definitely a game changing issue as the Norman Osborn, Taskmaster, and The Hood take over the Initiative. Also, I like how the sub plot about Tigra being pregnant by the Skrull Hank Pym and on the outs with the Initiative especially because of how the Hood attacked her in the pages of New Avengers.
12. Green Lantern#42- I think this story is just hype to the Blackest Night event but I did like how Hal Jordan’s blue lantern ring blew Agent Orange off of him especially when his sincerity was registered. Also, man the Guardians did the Blue Lanterns dirty by leading Agent Orange to them
11. Nova#26- Man, Richard Ryder is back doing what he does best rescuing people as the Nova Prime. Good issue. I’m waiting on next issue for the heavyweight fight with Strontian cousin of Gladiator leader of the Imperial Guard. I only hope Robert Rider doesn’t get killed in the process.
10. Justice League of America#34- Dwayne McDuffie’s run on this title has been plagued with problems from DC editorial and he got fired for complaining about it. Still on his last issue he delivers an excellent conclusion to his story that ultimately ended up being about how the Milestone Universe become connected to the DC universe. Great Job Dwayne McDuffie!
9. Astonishing X-men#30- I’ll be honest this title has lost a lot of his momentum due to lateness but I don’t want people to sleep on this title, especially this issue because it’s a game changer because Forge essentially goes bad and the team has to take him down.
8. Thunderbolts#133- The direction of this title has change a lot in the wake of Dark Reign and  new writer Andy Diggle  taking the reigns but this issue we get to see original Thunderbolt Songbird make a return and find out who the 2nd Black Widow really works for. Guess what he’ the title of my next pick down the list.
7. Secret Warriors Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing#5- Oh yeah Nick Fury and his commandoes bring the heat to  both H.A.M.M.E.R. and Hydra this issue but Hydra ain’t nothing to play with…and Fury still has his Secret Warriors up his sleeve.
6. Utopia#1- This is what I have been waiting for all summer and it was a good set up. I’m still excited but I think it’s going to move a lot slower than I thought it would. This issue Norman Osborn takes over San Francisco  with martial law on the hunt for Scott Summers.
5. Immortal Iron Fist#27- Aw the final issue of the Immortal Iron Fist. It was a pleasure to read this title. This issue we also get a peak at the new series the Immortal Warriors and we get to find out that Misty Knight and Danny Rand are expecting. That’s how you end a series on a high note.
4. Dark Wolverine#75- I have to admit although I wasn’t that fond of the art I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this issue. Also, I had no idea Daken had a secondary mutation power to control people with pheromones. Last but not least I like that Daken and Bullseye have beef with one another.
3. Dark Avengers#6- Wow, I thought Namor was going to kill Norman Osborn this issue when Osborn yelled at him…Seriously, I was like this dude about to get his ass whupped worse than Tony Stark did back in the illuminati one shot. Also, Osborn released the Sentry’s inner void to go kill those entire rogue Atlanteans. Yeah Norman is about to go crazy very soon.
2. New Avengers#54- I love Dr. Voodoo as the new Sorcerer Supreme! Also, I respect the realization that Clint Barton had when he realized that they are going to have to kill Norman Osborn to get him out of power.
1. Amazing Spiderman#598- When the hell did Norman Osborn got so popular because this guy is in 4 of my top 5 books. However, this issue takes the cake because Harry finds out that his ex girlfriend Lily who thanks to Norman is also the super villainess Menace is also pregnant by Norman. Hell naw!

14. Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three#3- I dig this title but it’s a little bit dense. I can’t wait until it all comes out so I can read it all in one sitting.
13. Gravel#12- I’m still following this one trying to figure out what exactly Gravel’s angle is with the Major 7…I’m gonna keep reading in the meantime.
12. The Literals#3- Although I’m huge fan of Fables I’m not a huge fan of this story arc. Still I think this story ended in the best possible way and I’m ready for a new story arc.
11.  Exiles#4- Hmm. I’m just like Blink I’m not sure what’s going on with the new Exiles but I’m going to stick with it.  I keep waiting on some new reveal.
10. Buffy#26- Man, there is a lot of action in this issue. Some how or another Buffy and her slayer army have ended up defending themselves from a massive attack. Oh, also, public opinion has turned from the Slayers to the vampires thanks to Harmony’s reality show.
9. Agents of Atlas#7- Interesting stuff…basically Namor and Namorita where raised as cousins but in truth they aren’t really cousin’s so maybe they can get together..
8. Invincible Iron Man#16- Finally Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are reunited but Madame Masque ends up jacking them. The really sad thing…Tony Stark so brain damaged now he doesn’t even remember Happy Hogan.
7. Irredeemable#4- Ok, I think I’m started to get into Mark Waid’s groove on this title. I think we close to getting a breakthrough on what exactly made the Plutonian, Earth’s most powerful hero become Earth’s most powerful villain. Still my favorite part is the conversation about what all that power and responsibility feels like especially when the Plutonian makes Qubit choose to save 10 people out of 4 million to rescues when he sinks an island.
6. Batman and Robin#2- This is still a solid series after a stellar first issue but my favorite part is the dynamic between Damien and Dick. I swear that kid is a ticking time bomb and I can see Dick struggling to control him in the field more and more.
5. Green Lantern Corps#38- Yeah this is a bad time to be a Green Lantern because  a) someone will try to kill you or b) the Guardians will force you to murder someone in cold blood. Bring on the Blackest Night.
4. Fantastic Four#568- The Master of Doom is the greatest villain I have ever seen! This guy is just toying with the Fantastic Four like her he did with Doom last issue.
3. Angel#23- Now this was damn good issue! Basically we find out what happened to Gunn after Los Angeles returns from Hell. Man, although that brother is no longer a vampire he is in bad shape. I like how they are going to spin this issue into a miniseries with Gunn and Illyria on the road trying to find themselves.
2. Uncanny X-men#513- Oh yeah this issue was better than the last one…Basically Norman Osborn reveals his new team of Dark X-men Emma Frost as the Dark Queen, mystique pretending to be Prof X, Cloak & Dagger, Weapon Omega, Daken as Wolverine, Mimic, and surprise Namor. I think Matt Fraction did a good build up but I’m ready for Bendis to rip over in the pages of Dark Avengers.
1. The Boys#32- Yes, the Female is still alive!  However, Payback over from the pages of Herogasm makes a move against the Boys, and they are able to take out everyone but Butcher. This issue Butcher only killed Crimson Countess. Next issue I expect him to kill all the rest.

Latest Flicks / Re: Terminator Salvation
« on: June 18, 2009, 09:15:45 am »
I believe John Connor's reference was to the fact that he had never experienced or heard reference in his mother's tapes to any "terminator" like Marcus Wright -- a terminator with real human organs and (in part) a real human nervous system, a real human brain.  And yes, in none of the earlier Terminator movies was there such a terminator.  In Terminator Salvation Marcus is described by the "computer-generated" Dr. Serena Kogan as one of a kind.  Which explains why Connor had never experienced anything like Marcus Wright before. 
I've heard that arguement before but for some reason I just don't buy it. I guess my thought is with the exception of Arnold in the end of the film we never see any human form terminators. All the humans seems geniuinely surprised that Skynet can now make terminators that look human instead of the fact that he has human organs.
Also, again, recall that John Connor froze when he was scanning that computer and saw the image of the T-800. He stopped scanning the files and stared at it. There, he clearly recognized the T-800. 
Yeah that's what I thought at first but for some reason it never seems clear to me that he recognized it from his experiences in the past aka T2 or he just realized that Skynet was building a new model of Terminator.
It was also quite clear to him that Kyle Reese was his father, and that he had to send Kyle back in time to "father" him, and that were he to fail to do so, he would never be born and the Resistance would be lost.  That is a major theme of the movie, Connor's attempt to save his "father" (in 2018 still a teenager).
I agree that  John Connor does know Kyle Reese is destined to be his father but I believe that its possible that the  only reason he knows this because is simply because his mother told him and/or  she recorded the message about it at the end of the 1984 Terminator telling him that. 
Indeed, his mother's tapes would not even exist had she and he not experienced the events of the prior Terminator movies. Watch the movie again when it comes out in video, without thinking in terms of it being in some "alternative timeline" and I think you'll see that it does all fit together as taking place after the events of all the prior Terminator movies.
I will probably end up watching it again hopefully with a commentary to clear it up but I still think  based on watching years of sci-fi that's possible for some kind of paradox to exist where John Connor can exist without actually have experienced the events of T2 as a young man

16 picks for June 10
16. Deadpool#11- It was good enough for me to buy because I'm not the biggest Deadpool fan but I think its ok. I like Bullseye and I like the fighting but I hate the comedy.
15. Action Comics#878-m I like the direction of this title but I feel like I'm missing a piece of the story which should be answered when I read the annual. Still, it was good to see the renegade Kryptonian Bonnie and Clyde .
14. Titans#14- I haven't been feeling the Titans lately but I bought this one because it shined the spotlight on Cyborg. It was decent story but I don't think it was good as the Cyborg miniseries that came out earlier this year.
13. JSA vs. Kobra#1- Interesting...I'm not a fan of new miniseries but I tried this one because Mr. Terrific seems to be narrating and it ties into some old Kobra story arcs from Checkmate.
12.X-Factor#44- Ugh...I love the art with Monet on the cover although I still think her skin has been lightened  Overall I really enjoyed this issue because I'm enjoying the story about Madrox in the future along with the crush that Darwin has on Monet. Still  I have a love/hate relationship with Peter David's cliffhanging endings.
11. Fables#85- This book is hilarious! Jack teaches Bigby and Snow's kids how to play poker and smoke while hustling his own illegitimate son from the Snow Queen into trying to go on a quest to kill the literal Kevin Thorne.
10. Flash Rebirth#3-I liked this issue but damnit I'm missing issue#2, so I'm behind on the story. The highlight of the issue was when Barry Allen blew Superman out of the water in their race.
9. Booster Gold#21- I like Booster Gold but I aint' feeling this $3.99 cover price even though we got an extra Blue Beetle back up story. I enjoyed the first story about Booster's run in with Dick Grayson as the new Batman, but I'm ambivalent to the Blue Beetle story.
8. Doctor Who: Autopia- Now this was a neat little story featuring a story about the 10th Doctor and Donna visiting a utopian planet where machines are enslaved.
7. Green Lantern Corps#37- This was a game changing issue because Green Lantern Sodam Yat aka the New Ion has turned the sun of the planet Daxam yellow which means that everyone on that planet has the powers of Superman now.
6. R.E.B.E.L.S. #5- Writer Tony Bedard has really hit his stride because each issue is more interesting than the last and we also get to meet new characters. Right now this title has real Farscape vibe to it as Virl Dox and his team stays on the run.
5. Uncanny X-men#511- First the Greg Land cover art was dope. Second the fight scenes were good. Third I enjoyed the tension between Logan and Cyclops over Wolverine having kept a lock of Jean Grey's hair.  Fourth, I liked how the Beast laid down an ultimatum about Cyclops revealing the truth about X-force. The only thing I didn't like is that I didn't understand how the hell Madelyne Pryor came back to life in the first place.
4. The Amazing Spiderman#597- Man, I'm really feeling Amazing Spiderman now...especially since this was then issue where the Dark Avengers laid the smack down on Peter Parker
3. Fantastic Four#567- All...I can say is wow! The new villain...the master of Doom really laid the smack down on Dr. Doom. This was probably the best issue of Mark Millar's run on Fantastic Four.  I suggest everyone check it out
2. Red Robin#1- This is Tim Drake aka Robin like you have never seen him before. Wow, I was blown away because I remember the very first Robin miniseries where Tim Drake was constantly getting his ass beat and now this guy is like a machine going through a tear in Europe . I'm very impressed by this issue.
1. Batman#687- I did not expect to like this issue but it was so well written and it connected all the different issues like Battle for the Cowl, Red Robin, and the new Batman and Robin series that I have to give respect where respect is due

Latest Flicks / Re: THE HANGOVER (THE Comedy of the YEAR!
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:53:39 pm »
I've seen the Hangover and it is off the chain! The funniest part to me was when they actually got the camera and saw all the debauchery they engaged in that night. Yes there will be a sequel and I'm sure the premise will involve one of the other guys getting married.

Latest Flicks / Re: Terminator Salvation
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:51:44 pm »
My problem with this movie is that we weren't told that this movie was obviously a prequel to the 1st Terminator film...I was all like why doesnt John Conner know what an t800 look like? He's seen one in T2 but no this movie is set before that.

How can it be set before that? He's an adult with the tapes his mother left him. He's lived throught the previous stuff.

My thought exactly.  Now if someone says Terminator Salvation is set in an alternate original time line before the events of Terminator II took place, I'm gonna bop 'em over the head and send his brain to Cyberdyne Systems for cryogenic therapy ...  >:(
I know I'm late responding to the response to my earlier quote, however I still believe that Terminator Salvation is a prequel to the 1984 Terminator  because I don't think John Conner himself had ever seen a T-800 or rather this movie was set before the incidents Of T2 where a young John Conner was buddy buddy with the Arnold T-800. Basically John Conner is a living time paradox thats why he can have his mother's tapes but not actually have lived through the events of the other movies yet. Besides doesn't anyone remember the line where he says his mother never mentioned Terminators and living tissue?

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