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Hudlin TV / "Stargate" Shown the Door
« on: August 22, 2006, 07:09:01 pm »
By Joal Ryan
2 hours, 25 minutes ago

Jack O'Neill's galactic team outlasted Mulder, Scully, Picard and Sisko. But it won't fight on forever. At least not on Sci Fi Channel.

The cable network announced Monday it was decommissioning Stargate SG-1 after the conclusion of its 10th season sometime next year.

In less distressing news for the Stargate faithful, Sci Fi said it was renewing Stargate Atlantis, the SG-1 spinoff, for a fourth season.

SG-1, long headed by Richard Dean Anderson as the Earth-protecting Major General Jack O'Neill (and the series-defending executive producer), aired its 200th episode last Friday. Some 2.5 million viewers observed the occasion, per Nielsen Media Research, making it the second-most-watched Sci Fi show of the week after the E.T.-free Extreme Championship Wrestling (2.6 million).

Unless another network steps in to salvage SG-1, the series will end its 10-year run with 215 episodes, more than The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--or any U.S.-produced sci-fi show. Ever.

In a statement long on plaudits (i.e., "worldwide phenomenon") and short on specifics, Sci Fi said it was canceling SG-1 because, well, it just was.

"Having achieved so much over the course of the past 10 years, Sci Fi believes that the time is right to make this season [its] last on the channel," the network said.

A call seeking comment from MGM, the studio behind SG-1, was not immediately returned Tuesday. In the Hollywood Reporter, an MGM rep said the company was "vigorously working to continue the franchise."

The Sci Fi pink slip came on the same day MGM closed a long-awaited iTunes deal that makes episodes from the current seasons of SG-1 and Atlantis available for download purchase.

SG-1 is nothing if not well-traveled. The franchise was launched in 1994 as the theatrical movie Stargate starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. In 1997, the TV version debuted on Showtime with Anderson and Michael Shanks filling the Russell and Spader roles as soldier and scientist, respectively. Sci Fi picked up the series in 2002.

As with most long-running shows, not all cast members lasted the marathon. Anderson, the former MacGyver innovator, first cut back on his hours, then left the series for good last year. (He still returns, however, for occasional appearances--as evidenced by the 200th episode). Farscape alum Ben Browder took the com as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell as of season nine.

SG-1 is scheduled to conclude the first half of its 10th season in September, before returning to finish off its slate in 2007.

The Ori, meanwhile, were said to biding their evil time.

Other Comics / Re: Incognegro
« on: August 17, 2006, 10:42:40 pm »
When I was at the Vertigo Panel at San Diego I remember them talking about and I'm willing to give it a try because I really enjoyed the Papa Midnite mini series Matt Johnson did last year. Besides, I gotta support the brother!

Other Comics / Re: wktf and Sam Wilson's Comic and tpb Reviews, 8/9/06
« on: August 16, 2006, 02:29:44 am »
Hey Sam and Wktf,
I've been away since the site went down but its good to have your reviews back up. Also, even though it's not on my list for this week I also want to give a shout out to the creators of Red Line and let them know how much I really enjoyed that book when I bought it at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con. In any event, I have 14 picks(21 individual comics)
14) Ultimate X-men#73- I'm sure I've stated this in previous reviews but I'm not really a fan of Ultimate X-men or Robert Kirkman, but I really liked his first issue on the title, so I've been buying it to see how everything is resolved. My only complaint with the title is the fact that this story with the Magician really seems to be dragging out although I'm really excited about the fight between him and Phoenix next month.
13) Firestorm#28- I'm disappointed Firestorm ranked so low with me this month, because I genuinely enjoy this title but I think it's still trying to find it's legs after the whole One Year Later story arc. I'm happy that the Professor is back and that the Russian Firestorm Pozhar makes an appearance as well, but I think it's just going to take a minute for me to get readjusted to it all.
12) Civil War: Frontline#5- I pretty much always enjoy this title because it has decent stories and it comes on very consistent basis. I guess the biggest thing for me to comment on is the firing of a well-known regular reporter at the Daily Bugle. Now that surprised me.
11) Ms. Marvel#6-Now, that we are past that wack story with that alternate universe magical villian I finally feel like this title is moving ahead. Unfortunately, instead of moving ahead on its own, it's moving into Civil War. In any event, I rather enjoyed this title because we get to see a pro registration hero and I enjoyed her interaction with Wonder Man.
10) Green Arrow#64-65-As time goes on, I guess I'm starting to enjoy Judd Winick's writing on single character titles more and more because slowly but surely, he is hooking me on Green Arrow. I really like how Winick was able to use One Year Later to improve upoin the character and I love how GA took down Deathstroke. I'm also happy to see Speedy is still alive and well and hear mention of Conner Hawke as well. I'm really, really looking forward to next issue so we can finally see exactly what happened one year later.
9) Fantastic Four: First Family#1-6-I'm not the biggest fan of Joe Casey but if you sit down and read this early Fantastic Four adventure like I did in one sitting like I did, I'm sure that you will admit that it is a good read.
8)Wolverine:Origins#4-5-Ugh, I tried to avoid this new ongoing Wolverine title from Daniel Way(the new Garth Ennis) and Steve Dillion(Garth Ennis old partner on Preacher) because I thought it should have been told in the orginal Wolverine title, but two things made me pick up these issues. 1) The baddest fight you will probably ever see between Wolvie and Captain America, and 2) they finally came up with something new i.e. a shocking revealtion about Wolverine's past. If you are Wolverine fan check it out, because the first ongoing is hit or miss now with the Civil War story.
7) Secret Six#3-Bottom line Gail Simone is a good writer, and Secret Six is a good story, and I love how she keeps turning random acts of violence where the sh*t hits the storm in this book.
6) She-Hulk#10- I really enjoy this title, so much that I actually went back and bought the first 3 issues of this relaunch. Hell, I also need to go back and buy the trade of the last series as well, because it's just that good and I knew that last year but I just didn't want to fork over the dough but it's worth it. Well, in this issue, it the love triangle between Pug, She-Hulk and her new husband John Jameson(Man-Wolf) all comes to a head, and I'm sure the resolution to the StarFox saga is on the horizon as well.
5) 52 Week Fourteen- This book is consistently good as always and I'm sure that it will be heralded as one of the greatest experiments in comics of all time. I liked seeing Steel and I'm excited about the prospect of The Question and Renee Montoya running into Black Adam in Kahndaq.
4) Superman#655- I can really tell the difference between Kurt Busiek's work on this title and what I believe is feel in work on Action Comics until Geoff Johns and Richard Donner take over, because here Busiek has such a sharp take on Clark Kent, his personality and relationships as well as  the powers and unique abilities he has as Superman. I also like how a magazine someone has in this issue was actually the cover of Action Comics. Overall, this has been one of the best years to read Superman Comics.
3) Beyond#2- Dwayne McDuffie had me kind of worried in the beginning, but as usual he blew me away with the end. McDuffie is like Priest, because reading one of his stories is always worth the journey. Hopefully, 6 issues is enough time for him to really flesh out his story.
2) Squadron Supreme#6- Wow, I think Book of Lost Souls is currently my favorite JMS title, but lately he has been consistently blowing me away with how smart and well-written Squadron Supreme is. I live the geo-political angle and I can tell really tell how educated JMS about foreign policy.
1) Fables#1- I was worried that Fables might have lost it's momentum after the landmark 50th issue, because I wasn't really feeling last issue's Cindrella story, but this month's issue has convinced me once again how brilliant this title is. If you aren't reading this title do yourself a favor and read it.

Other Comics / Black Comics I picked up at 2006 San Diego Comic Con
« on: August 16, 2006, 01:30:35 am »
I already posted this once over at Dwayne McDuffie's Forum but now that I know that this site is up now, I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to do it here as well. In any event, here's a list of all the black comics I purchased at the San Diego Con. I really enjoyed the chance to meet the creators and get all their autographs. I want to encourage everyone to try these titles.

1) 803 Volume 1 Number 1( 803 Studios)
2) 803 Volume 2 Number 1 (803 Studioss)
3) The Red Line#1(Ludovico Technique)
4) Storm Bringers ashcan(The Korby Marks Intellectual Property Mananagement Company)
5) The Guardian Line Preview issue( A United Ministries Inc. Company)
6) Public Enemy(American Mule Entertainment)
7) Book of Xomen#0(Black Smith Ent)
8. Kana's Island(one Room Hut)
9) Black Bastard#1( Rorshach Press)
10) Black Bastard#2( Rorshach Press)
11) Black Bastard#3( Rorshach Press)
12) Dragon Firefly Island#1 (Idiot Genuis Comics)
13) Dragon Firefly Island#2 (Idiot Genuis Comics)

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