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17.Fringe#5- My problem with this comic is that it's disconnected from the TV's supposed to serve as a prequel but since I missed an issue it doesn’t seem as good as say the Supernatural prequel comic. However I do really enjoy the back up stories.
16. Avengers/Invaders#11- I'm ready for this maxi-series to end, but this issue we are in the next to last issue of the 3rd arc and the highlight of it for me seeing the old WWII Nazi villains.
15. Justice Society of America#27- Honestly I'm sad that Geoff Johns has left this book and I'm not the biggest fan of Jerry Ordway but I have to admit that this issue was much better than I expected. I'm curious to see what's going to happens next issue.
14. Superman#688- I'm enjoying Mon-el in this title much more than I thought I would but he is such a tragic character. This issue he finds out that even though he has all the powers of Superman he is still going to die. Bummer.
13. The Hood#1- Yet another $3.99 book that Marvel has hooked me into buying but this one is more out of nostalgia than anything else because I remember buying the original Hood miniseries and boy has the character come a long way since then. The thing is the guy still has a lot of the same problems he had before ...well now his girlfriend isn't pregnant any more she actually had the baby. It’s a decent read.
12. Nova#25- Yay, Nova aka Richard Ryder gets his powers back but  the big change in his interface to the the worldmind. It’s the image of Ko-rel the Kree woman who had the Nova force until Richard Ryder murdered her when he was infected with the Phalanx.
11. Avengers: The Iniative#24- I missed an issue somewhere in this story arc and I hate Humberto Ramos arc but other than that I enjoyed this issue about the last mission of the Shadow Initiative who got stuck behind enemy lines on a mission after the Secret Invasion ended. At the end of this issue Mutant Zero aka Typhoid Mary has left the team and Norman Osborn offers to put Task Master in charge of the new Initiative.
10. Amazing Spiderman#595- I am not a fan of Spider-man Brand New Day but occasionally I will pick up an issue...this is the beginning of the 5 part American Son story arc where Norman Osborn recruits his son Harry to work for him in the Avengers Tower. Oh did I mention that Peter Parker also beat the sh*t out of Norman this issue because he was so pissed off at the guy? Yeah, that's why I bought it
9.War Machine#6- I still don't like James Rhodes being a cyborg and it also seems like Greg Pak has retro conned the background Christopher Priest did for Rhodie in the Crew but I have to admit that War Machine is still a compelling read. Oh we also get to see American Eagle this issue as well.
8. X-men Legacy#224- I've been a big fan of Mike Carey's work on this title and although I criticized how long this story arc went on I'm very happy with the results...basically Xavier went inside Rogue's head and repaired the damage from the trauma her powers first manifested so now she can control her powers! Yes, finally a character makes some progress.
7. Elektra#3- I don't think this issue was as good as the last two but we still get to see Elektra kicking ass and taking names. Also I can see they are leading up to a confrontation between Elektra and Hawkeye aka Bullseye.
6. Green Lantern#41- Interesting origin story about Agent Orange I have to admit he seems to be one of the most interesting and dangerous characters that have popped up in the Green Lantern Universe in some time.
5.Justice League of America#33- I've heard about all the problems that Dwayne McDuffie has had on this title before he got fired but I can feel his frustration and yet I still think he found a way to tie everything together by linking old JLA bad ass villain Starbreaker to Dharma from the Milestone Comics Shadow Cabinet. Kudos to McDuffie and I'm looking forward to his last issue.
4. Immortal Iron Fist#26- This is still a kick ass comic book and I was happy to see our heroes finally escape from the 8th Capital City aka Hell  but I'm curious as to what's going to happen next especially since it looks like  Danny Rand's company has gone  bankrupt.
3. X-force#15- I'm still digging this title because I swear this team is giving Thunderbolts aka Dark Avengers a run for their money as the most dangerous team in comics. The big news in this issue is that Apocalypse is back.
2. The New Avengers#53- I have to admit I was ambivalent about this whole new Sorcerer Supreme story arc but Bendis pleasantly surprised me with the last page that reveals Brother Voodoo is the new Sorcerer Supreme! Yeah black man got the mystical power!
1. Wolverine #72- This issue was so dope because it showed why Wolverine is such a bad ass character and all the people he killed to get the money he needed to save his family. I was like this will be a good conclusion to the Old Man Logan story arc until you get to end and find out that the Hulk Gang has already killed his family. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the story will actually conclude in the Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant Sized Special.

Latest Flicks / Re: Terminator Salvation
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:03:46 pm »
My problem with this movie is that we weren't told that this movie was obviously a prequel to the 1st Terminator film...I was all like why doesnt John Conner know what an t800 look like? He's seen one in T2 but no this movie is set before that.

10. Gravel- I still like Gravel even though it is moving really slow. One thing I didn’t like about this issue is how mercilessly Gravel killed the other member of the Major 7 the Admiral in this issue.
9. Booster Gold#20- Eh, I don’t like Keith Giffen as a solo writer. Whenever he writes anything by himself it just doesn’t really connect for me, so that’s why this issue is at the bottom of my stack.
8.The Unwritten#1- This is an interesting concept…its basically what if a Harry Potter like character was based on the child of the author who mysteriously disappeared turns out to really be that fictional character brought to life. I’m willing to give it to the 1st 6 issues.
7. House of Mystery#13- Magic #13 and I have to admit that even though this was a break from the regular on going story I really enjoyed this. This issue had a real anthology vibe to it with 3 different stories in it.
6. Action Comics#877- This is still interesting story arc for me. Basically Superman has left Earth to move to New Krypton to keep an eye on General Zod, and Nightwing aka Lor-zod aka Christopher Kent and Flamebird aka Thara Ak-var have taken over Action Comics. However since Kryptonians are banned on earth nobody knows who there are as they track down Zod’s sleeper agents on Earth.
5. Dark Reign Hawkeye#2- Bullseye is insane and this title is insane. If you like seeing a murderer in action and want to see just how crazy Bullseye is then check out this series.
4. R.E.B.E.L.S. #4- I don’t know if it is all the sci-fi action but this title gets better and better each issue. I can’t wait to read this entire story arc all in one sitting.
3. Green Lantern Corps#36- Here’s another sci-fi comic in my top 10 and even though there is plenty of action in this title the best part for me was the reveal that Sinestro is Green Lantern Soranik Natu’s biological father.
2. Black Panther#4- Although I wish the story could move a little faster I love this issue because we get to see T’Challa’s sister  Shuri get herbed for her arrogance in approaching the Panther God
1. Fables#84- I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this issue of Fables the first issue to feature Jack Horner since he left Fabletown and moved to Hollywood all those years ago. Jack is in rare form this issue, especially when he seduces a distraught Rose Red.

Other Comics / Re: What do you like about DARK REIGN??
« on: May 13, 2009, 02:33:10 pm »
I love Norman Osburn and how freaking insane he is and because of it how it is all going to fall down sooner or later.

Other Comics / Re: War of Kings
« on: May 13, 2009, 02:27:34 pm »
I'm trying to break myself from crossover and event books so I will probably get this one in the trade

Latest Flicks / Re: New Star Trek Rumor
« on: May 10, 2009, 01:37:15 pm »
I liked the new Star Trek Reboot...liked the whole alternate timeline deal.

Hudlin TV / Re: Smallville Season 8
« on: May 10, 2009, 01:33:02 pm »
I argued about how much I liked this season a while ago on this board but I have to admit I'm surprised by how well this Doomsday story with Tess Mercer minus Lex and Lana has turned out.

Latest Flicks / Re: Wolverine movie
« on: May 04, 2009, 02:46:29 pm »
I saw the movie and I liked it although it was far perfect it was quite enjoyable. The thing is I like Wolverine and he has been my favorite X-man but the character is way to oversaturated now. I read the free Wolverine Saga comic recently and in some aspects the character has become so larger than life it's hard to recognize him now. I think a lot of Voodoo Child's complaints are tied to the way the character has changed in comics. It's like every writer just does what they want with him regardless of previous continuity.
Question, were Agent Zero and John Wraith actually in any comic? I thought they made those characters up for the movie. 2nd question, I read Wolverine Origin and I remember this character Dog but was he Sabretooth in the book? It seems like I remember the hint that Sabretooth was Wolvie's brother or his father or son but I don't actually remember it ever being confirmed

14. Buck Roger#0-Eh, it was ok. I like the art but there wasn’t very much story at all. I might give the first issue a try though.
13. Angel #20- I like that Angel is actually meeting an actual angel but I’m not feeling this story. I think I want to see more of the old Angel characters.
12. No Hero#5- Ok, I’m starting to feel bad for this character because he is seriously messed up aka deformed and he doesn’t even seem to realize it.  Of course I guess that is the basic premise of No Hero aka how much do you want to be a Super human?
11. Outsiders#17- Ugh, Peter Tomasi is killing me with this slow ass Insiders story arc, but this issue there finally seems to be light at the end tunnel, we learn that the Insiders are immortal because they were exposed to the same meteorite that gave Vandal Savage his long life. Interesting.
10. Jack of Fables#33- I didn’t like this issue as much as part One, but I have to admit that watching Bigby kick Jack’s ass all over the place was hilarious as hell.
9. Justice League of America#32- I love the cover and I love the structure that Dwayne McDuffie is bringing to this story but I’m not sure where this story about Starbreaker is leading especially since the League is a state of disarray right now.
8. The New Avengers#52- For $3.99 an issue I expect Bendis to impress me every issue and I wasn’t impressed this issue. Basically it was filler to me for a story I’m not that interested about who will take Dr. Strange’s place as Sorcerer Supreme.
7. The Mighty Avengers#24- I think this title is still in its shakedown phase but I think I’m starting to like the dynamics that are being revealed. I’m also really started to enjoy Hank Pym as team leader and I liked how Pietro kept following around the team the whole issue. I’m also curious to see what Loki’s end game is going to be as well although I enjoyed the scenes of her putting chinks in Norman Osborn’s armor.
6. Astonishing X-men#29- It’s taking this book too long to come out but I always enjoy the weird science in it whenever it does. Also, I’m happy someone is making use of Forge as a character since he effectively fell off in the 90s.
5. Kick-Ass#6- All I can say about the Secret Origin of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl is HA!  Kick-ass has lost a little bit of its momentum but I think this issue was return to its high form. It was funny and I have to say that the ending took my by surprise.
4. Daredevil#118- I’m fascinated by the Return of the King story arc because I know that it is going to end badly but the question is what’s going to happen. My only real complaint about this issue is that we didn’t get to see any martial arts action just a lot of posing.
3. Supergirl#40- I have to admit that I was really drawn into the Who is Superwoman story line and now the answer is finally revealed that Superwoman is no other than… Major Lucy Lane.  Man, that’s an interesting twist because I remember the old Supergirl movie where Supergirl in her secret identity was roommates with Lois Lane. I’m looking forward to the fight next issue.
2. The Immortal Iron Fist#25- I think last time I reviewed this title I reported that it was coming to an end soon but now I’ve learned that there will be a new series called the Immortal Weapons coming out. I liked this issue so much because we go to see a lot of fights and I was really surprised about the reveal that the ruler of the 8th City was known other than the very 1st Iron Fist who was trapped there centuries ago.
1. Elektra#2 I hate the $3.99 cover price but I love seeing Elektra kick ass and that’s what she continues to do all over the place this issue.  The sad thing is Elektra isn’t even 100 percent yet and next month Hawkeye from the Dark Avengers aka Bullseye is coming to take her down.

9 picks for April 15
9. Green Arrow and Black Cnary9- Honestly, I'm starting to lose interest in this title since the rest of the supporting cast is gone. Still I like new villainess Cupid who is stalking Green Arrow. My only question is how can she go toe to toe in hand to hand combat with Black Canary who s one of the best fighters in the DCU? Does insanity really give you that much off an edge? Maybe…
8. Uncanny X-men#508- I like Matt Fraction on this title, and I love the lush pencils of Greg Land but I’m not really feeling the whole Hellfire Cult thing of Madelyne Pryor…how the heck is she still alive anyway? I’m just counting down to the Dark Avengers roll into town.
7. R.E.B.E.L.S. #3- Viril Dox is a dick but I find myself fascinated by him and his quest to take back control of the L.E.G.I.O.N organization. This issue he basically screwed over his tracker Wildstar by blasting her in the back and turning her into an energy being in a containment suit to help him in his quest.
6. Action Comics#876- I’m surprised that I’m still interested in this title considering Superman isn’t in it any longer but what I can I’m a big fan of Kryptonian on Kryptonian violence. This issue we get to see General Zod’s wife Urza smack the crap out of Nightwing and Flamebird  Its an interesting new dynamic in the DCU/
5. X-men Legacy#223- This story about Danger is running a little bit too long but I’m happy that Mike Carey is able to do good work with a lack luster villain created during Josh Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-men. My favorite part of this issue is when Xavier asks Danger what he could have done to free her when she knew how to kill his X-men, he didn’t even know how she came to life in the first place, and the Shi’ar engineers who installed the Danger Room didn’t believe him when he told them about her.
4. Captain America#49- This is a slow set-up issue that really focuses on Sharon and her coming to terms with murdering Steve Rogers under the Red Skrull’s influence. Oh, did I mention that she also remembers that she was pregnant with Steve Rogers’s child as well this issue? Yeah, it’s all messed up especially with crazy 1950s Captain America running around in the background too.
3.Green Lantern Corps#35- Honestly, it’s not a good time to be a Green Lantern and I’m sure many fans have said that before since the Corps has failed before but with this War of Light going on it’s even more dangerous. Sinestro graces this month’s cover and we learn that Green Lantern Dr. Soranik Natu, Kyle Rayner’s hidden girlfriend is his daughter. Yeah, that can’t be good.
2. Fables#83- It’s the first issue of the Great Fables Crossover and it doesn’t disappoint as the influence of Mr. Dark cause Bigby Wolf and Beast to go at each other. Also, what’s the Legend of Blue Boy? It really does seem like its beginning a full fledged religion
1. Incognito#3-Man, I’m still feeling this title! This issue we finally get to see Xander go into action against some of his old supervillian buddies and of course he murders them in public. Yep things are really about to get bad for this guy.

8 picks, 10 books for April 8
10. House of Mystery#11-12- I'm still not sure what's going on but damn if I'm not fascinated by this title. Also, Fig and Harry finally end up sleeping with each other and from all the sexual tension I saw I knew that was going to happen sooner or later.
9.Superman: World of Krypton#1-2-I wasn't going to buy this miniseries but I keep finding myself drawn into this story about Superman now known as Commander El living life on New Krypton and serving under General Zod.
8. Exiles#1- I used to love Exiles under Judd Winick, Tony Bedard, and for a little while under Chris Claremont. Now it looks like Jeff Parker from the Agents of Atlas puts together a new team and drops them on a world where Magneto has just killed Wolverine on the Island of Genosha. It was decent not sure if I will commit to this title though.
7. Marvel Zombies 4#1- I think this is a good start but I'm not necessarily hooked on this title like I was on Marvel Zombies 3. Also, Zombie Deadpool irritates me but I'm willing to follow through on this title.
6. Booster Gold#19- I still think this is a good title but since it is about time travel the plot twists around a lot. My recommendation...sit down and read it all in one sitting.
5. Green Lantern#39- Honestly, I didn't quite get it who or what Agent Orange is but I do know this much he is incredibly powerful because he sliced and diced those Controllers like they were nothing. I’m looking forward to next issue when we see The Green Lantern Corps versus the Orange Lantern Corps.
2. Irredeemable#1- If you don't know Mark Waid, a fellow Alabama native is one of my favorite comic book writers and he just started a new series called Irredeemable about what happens when the world's greatest superhero think Superman becomes its greatest supervillian.  From the looks of the first issue it's not going to be pretty. If you liked Empire about what a Doctor Doom like character who took over the world then you will probably like this one too.
1. Dark Reign: Hawkeye#1- Bullseye is now Hawkeye which makes him an Avenger but that doesn't make him a hero. Hell, Bullseye is still an unrepentant psychotic murder and being an Avenger under Norman Osborn just means that he needs to be a little bit sneakier. Unfortunately he gets caught on tape committing his latest murder. Yeah, I'm sure he will do a lot of killing to get that tape.

11 picks and 13 books for March 18
11. Angel#18-19-I loved Angel the TV series and I really enjoyed Angel after the fall but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to follow this comic series. Basically these two issues we get to see Angel attempt to rebuild his detective business in the midst of the fall of Los Angeles.
10. Eternals#7 & 9- So I'm missing issue #8, but apparently this series came to an end and it ends with the Eternals teaming up with the X-men against the Horde. Also, the Dreaming Celestial gets emotions and becomes a humanoid individual. There were a lot of interesting story points but somewhere along the line I got lost.
9. Outsiders#16-I like the cover with Halo and Katana on the cover. Other than that it's more of this new team of Outsiders coming together as a team and trying to figure out what the mystery is at the center of the earth.
8. X-men Legacy#222- I have to admit that I was surprised when Mike Carey decided to tie Rogue's story into Danger from Joss Whedon's story on Astonishing X-men. I'm not sure how it's all going to end but it should be interesting.
7. Air#7- I was already reading Air even though I think I missed an issue, but that $1.00 cover price was very welcome. I like this issue because you get the see the origin of Zayn who drew Blythe into the whole hidden world of Narimar in the first place. This is a good jumping on issue.
6. Uncanny X-men#507- My favorite part of this issue is when the Mayor of San Francisco calls Cyclops into her office and she is all like "what are you guys doing up there building a militia" and he replies back army. I love the breath of Fresh Air that Matt Fraction has bought to this title.
5. Wolverine#71- Once again Mark Millar shocked me with his take on the future of Wolverine with Old Man Logan. I don't want to spoil but I will say this much...this issue does not end happy.
4. Black Lightning Year One#6--I really enjoyed this take on Black Lightning and I have to admit it never went in predictable direction. I'm really happy that DC was able to put out not 1 but 2 high quality Black miniseries this year.
3. X-factor#41- Man, X-Factor is crazy...because every issue ends on some cliffhanger. This time we end with Madrox back in the future where he meets Ruby Summers, the daughter of Emma Frost and Scott Summers
2. Green Lantern Corps#34- The cover says it all because Mongul and Arkillo really, really go at it. Surprisingly Mongul wins, but I have to admit I thought it was close.
1. Dark Avengers#3- Wow...Norman Osborn bonded with the Sentry by talking about what it's like to hear voices in your head. Also we get to see more of the Dark Avengers battle against Morganna Le Fey and when Norman and Dr. Doom travel back in time to confront her it seems like things are about to get even worse.

15 books/14 picks  for March 4
14.Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#5- So it comes to a conclusion and honestly I enjoyed this story about Marvel's Black Superman. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of this character.
13.Green Arrow & Black Canary#17-18- Interesting I'm not sure what direction this new writer is going to take this title but I'm very interested in this psycho chick that is obsessed with Green Arrow
12.Thor#600- Wow this was $4.99 comic that was actually worth $4.99 because it contained so much content. There was plenty of action in this one and the direction fo the book has been changed since Thor has been banished from Asgard.
11. Action Comics#875- I'm really feeling the new direction of his title especially since Greg Rucka is at the helm. Also, I was generally surprised to learn the identify of Nightwing and Flamebird aka General Zods son Chris Kent and the chief of Security for Supergirl's father.
10. Daredevil#116-an, I thought I was done with Daredevil, but just like the Kingpin this issue I got pulled back in. Unfortunately the Kingpin's attempt to start a new life met a very bad in and no he is on his way back to reclaim his kingdom
9.Booster Gold#18- My only problem with this issue is that I was't impressed with the big reveal of the time traveling figure. I mean who the hell is Rex Hunter? Yeah I know some old character.
8. The Boys#28- Yeah the sh*t is about the hit the fan as Wee Hughey found out this issue when The G-Whiz team turned against him when they found out he was a plant. Still he felt bad for them when the Frenchman and the Female killed them
7.Black Lightning: Year One#5- Once again another solid issue of Black Lightning as we see Jefferson Pierce try to hide his secret identity by appearing in public with his alter ego.
6. Secret Warriors#2- This was a really dense read but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. It's also interesting to see  a machevilian villian that isn't necessarily Norman Osborn as well.
5. Terror Titans#6- If you are looking for non stop action this was definitely the miniseries for you and this last action continued to deliver the goods as the Dark side club was broken wide open.
4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer#23- This was  dialogue heavy issue but I have to admit that I enjoyed the character development this issue that focused on Buffy and her relationship with Andrew the nerd from the Terrible Trio.
3. Immortal Iron Fist#23- Wow, the fights keep on coming for Iron Fist this issue. If you are a fan of martial arts goodness this is the book for you especailly if you want to see the very 1st Iron Fist.
2.Fables#82- Wow, the cover says it all. Blue Boy is dead, Flycatcher and Pinnochio miss him but the sad thing he isn't coming  back. What happened to Blue Boy was tragic and I don't think Bill Willingham is going to undo it.
1. Black Pantther#2- Wow, in the wake of Dark Reign  Dr. Doom just attacked T'Challa in an all out battle that took the life of at least one of his Dora Milaje. I have got to admit Doom really came with it in his attack the Black Panther.

14 picks for February 25
14. She Hulk#38- So the newest series of She Hulk finally ends where Peter David finds a way to connect his story arc with She-Hulk working as Bounty Hunter with a Skrull to her old life as an attorney in that wacky law firm. Also we get to see Shulkie old nemesis Mallorie Book as well. I'll  miss this title but I guess it was time to put it to bed.
13.Mighty Avengers#50- I like Dan Slott but I'm not sure where he is going with this story. At first I thought this series would focus on Hank Pym but now it seems to be all over the place from Iron Man to Scarlet Witch.
12. Teen Titans#68- I wasn't gonna buy this issue but I was intrigued by Kid Devil's story and his trip to hell with Kid Eternity. I'm happy that for the time being Eddie seems to be free of the deal selling his soul to whatever devil had the contract.
11. New Warriors#20- I'm sad that this series ended with this issue but I'm happy that Kevin Grevioux was able to get a 20 issue run. My only regret is that you never actually learn how Dwayne Taylor came back to life.
10. Fantastic Four#564- I know Mark Millar is building towards something but I'm still not quite sure what it is . All I know for sure is that things are not quite what they seem on the Fantastic Four's Christmas vacation to Scotland.
9. No Hero#3- Ah more Warren Ellis insanity. Josh becomes superhuman but at what price because to be perfectly honest he doesn't even look human anymore.
8. Justice Society of America#24- I'm not sure where this title is going but I think we're looking at some kind of definite conclusion to the whole Captain Marvel story arc. My favorite part was seeing Billy Batson and Stargirl almost get a chance to kiss like they did in the old days but they were interrupted by evil Mary Marvel.
7. Jack of Fables#31- Finally we get to the conclusion on  of the War with the bookburner. Sure it was funny but I'm not sure what's going to happen next but I know the Big Fables crossover is looming on the Horizon.
6. Green Lantern#38- Hal Jordan is the man. I mean the guy is the greatest Green Lantern but in this issue he is infected by rage and transformed into a Red Lantern and then he is cured by being inducted into the Blue Lantern Corps. Also, we get to see Carol Ferris  inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps
5. Gravel#8- Now that William Gravel has killed the Minor Seven and taken his place in the Major Seven we get to see him learn how to use the Sigsand Manuscript. Also we learn a little bit about his past and then in the end we see him get his arm cut off.
4.New Avengers#50- I have to admit that despite the $3.99 cover price I was excited about reading this issue because of the cover  showing the New Avengers versus the Dark Avengers. In actuallity we really get to see the New Avengers versus the Hood and his gang. Also Clint Barton goes on the news to tell the world that Norman Osborn in crazy.
3.Captain America#47- What I like about this title is how much I've adjusted to Bucky as Captain America. I'm really feeling Bucky aka the Winter Soldier and how this mission from his past has come back to haunt him  and how he finds himself reunited with Namor and the Human Torch.
2. X-force#12- I'm still feeling this title because this is the most dangerous team of mutants in comics right now. It seems like ever issue they are going from one crisis to another and the ending this issue where X-23 and Archangel were caught in an explosion was off the chain.
1. Nova- I like Nova because this title is slowly building towards something and I think that's the Nova World Mind may be evil. I'm not sure how or why but this issue we learn for sure that the Worlds Mind has been exhibiting subliminal control over the new Nova Centuarians including Richard Rider's brother Robbie.

24 picks for February 18
24. Young X-men#11- I liked this series and I hate that it is coming to end, and there is more going on than meets the eye.
23. Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel#4- I like this series but I can tell that it is better to read it all in one sitting than in individual issues.
22.X-men Legacy#221- I really enjoy Mike Carey take on Professor X in this series but I'm not so much interested in his take on Rogue and Damage from Josh Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men.
21 Uncanny X-men#506- Even though Warren Ellis isn't writing this issue it has a Warren Ellis vibe to it with the Beast and his science team trying to solve the problem of the X-gene. Overall this issue is alot of fun.
20. Adventure Comics#0- Its ok, I mean its the classic Origin Story of the Legion of Superheroes along with a teaser Origin and Omens story.
19. Titans#10- Yep, I'm just about done with Titans. I've just lost interest in the team even though this issue was fairly decent with Joseph jumping from body to body among the members of the Justice League and the Titans. However, I really liked the Origins and Omens story where Nightwing left the team to go back to Gotham
18. Justice League of America#30- This issue was a solid cocnclusion to Dwayne McDuffie's crossover with the Milestone Universe's Shadow Cabinet. However there seems to be more going on thatn meets the eye.
17. Action Comics#874-I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed the New Krypton storyarc and this issue does a good job of setting up the new direction of the Superman universe. I highly recommend you pick this one up.
16. Tangent: Superman's Reign#12-I really emjoyed this series and I'm looking forward to sitting down  and reading the whole thing in one sitting.
15.Vixen#5- Man, I'm happy about the way that this miniseries turned out. This miniseries was truly a diamond in the rough in the croup of this year's miniseries. It really breathed a fresh life into the character of Vixen for me.
14. Supergirl#38- I'm really enjoying this series because I'm caughht up in the mystery of who Superwoman is and now after reading this issue we know that she isn't Kryptonian and she can whup Supergirl's ass. 
13.Booster Gold#17-This is another solid issue of Booster Gold. This time we get to see Booster  interact  with Barry Allen the night before the lightening struck him that turned him into the Flash. Also, we get a really good origin and omens back story as well.
12.Robin#183- I remember when I bought the first issue of Robin many, many moons and now here is the last issue. I wasn't particularly impressed by this issue but I was impressed by how much this issue showed how Tim Drake has grrown into his role as Robin.
11.X-factor#40- I always said that the dupe of Madrox that was living as a minister would show back up and he does as Madrox gets ready to kill himself but that's not the biggest surprise....guess who shows up all grown up....Layla Miller and she still knows stuff.
10. Black Panther#1- So here we are over again for another 1st issue of Black Panther and honestly it looks good. I'm curious as what exactly happened to T'Challa and who is going to take his place as Black Panther.
9.Outsiders#15- This is the first time we get to see the new team in action and look who is coordinating the orders Alfred Pennyworth! I'm going to keep following this title for a little while longer to see what's going to happen next.
8. Batman and the Outsiders Special#1- So Batman is dead...maybe but just in case he died he left Alfred Pennyworth a special message in the batcave instructing him to reform the Outsiders with Black Lightning, Katana, Geoforce, Metamorpho, Halo, and new members The Creeper and Owlman. I have to admit the line up has me intrigued.
7. Black Lightning Year One#4- Holy moley, its Tara, Ra's Al Ghoul daughter showing up in Suicide Slum to lend Black Lightning a hand and she gives him so background on the 100. This is the second DC Mini featuring a black character that I'm really really enjoying.
6. R.E.B.E.L.S.#1- I didn't really read the old L.E.G.I.O.N. but I do remember that Viril Dox was a dick just like he was this issue however I love the tie in to Supergirl and Brainiac 5 via her time in the Legion of Super Heroes. I enjoyed this issue and I'm looking forward to what's coming next.
5. Angel After the Fall#17- Well this is the official epilogue to the Angel After the Fall after last issue where Angel sacrificed himself to save the world officially hitting the restart button on this series. The thing is everyone still remembers what happen them when Los Angeles went to hell so know everyone knows who and what Angel is .
4.Green Lantern Corps#33- This issue was dope because Mongul and Arkillo get into it over leadership of the Sinestro Corps. If you haven't read this issue  you need to check it out.
3. Invincible Iron Man#9-  This issue is off da chain! Basically Tony Stark is on the run from Norman Osborn because he has downloaded the Superman Registration Database into his head. I love this issue for the technobabble and espionage but it's interesting to see how far Tony Stark has fallen in such a short amount of time.
2. Dark Avengers#2- Let me be honest, I hate the $3.99 cover price but I really love this comic. Let me say this though...Norman Osborn is insane. You know why I say that because he told the Sentry not to hold back and then the Sentry pulled off Morgan Le Fey's head. Yep what worse is that she came back.
1.Fables#81- The cover says it all the Blue Horizon and this issue is the sad story of how Blue Boy died. I can't believe that Bill Willingham went and did but damn if it wasn't good. Also, Blue's talk with Rose did he ever tell that chick off. I hope he comes back, but its weird that he died now the way that he did after his adventures in the Homelands where he confronted the Adversary. I was sure he was going to die then and he didn't and then I thought for sure Flycatcher was going to catch it but he didn't, and now Blue Boy has finally died.

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