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oh my goodness are we just gonna keep posting links or talk about the subject?

I hope, some if not all of, the cast truly have enough love and respect for what Chadwick Boseman put into Black Panther to see the necessity of continuing T'Challa's legacy.

Next summer's movie competition will be hot. Black Adam comes out July 29th, 2022 just three weeks after Black Panther. Some other heat comes from John Wick: Chapter 4, Mission: Impossible 7, Buzz Lightyear (without Tim Allen?!?), Minions: The Rise of Gru, and these three monsters Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, Jurassic World: Dominion, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Let's not forget Indiana Jones 5 and Marvel's own Thor Love and Thunder. This is just the summer releases. Year in superheroes films coming out include Morbius, The Batman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, The Flash and last but not least The Marvels. Competition will be high.       
With Chadwick Boseman on board I would have no doubt that Black Panther Wakanda Forever could have been the highest grossing movie of the year. If they recasted and promoted like they did the first BP I would have had little doubt that BP2 could've been the biggest movie of the year. As is currently however I have some serious doubt. Marvel's one saving grace to help ensure massive box office returns is the question what happened to T'Challa. If they kill him off it could go either way. If they have him absent for some reason then show him in a brilliantly done post credit scene forecasting his return in BP3 all bets are off.

By ArtStation



Is that Doom in the middle? And I didn't see Matrix 4 listed.

Latest Flicks / Re: Black Widow
« on: July 10, 2021, 12:27:19 pm »
Really dug it

Hudlin TV / Re: (Netflix) Masters of the Universe: Revelation
« on: July 10, 2021, 12:25:20 pm »
Oh and I ended up very much not liking She-Ra. Made it past season 1 and didn't get far into season 2 before I went online to see was it what I thought it was gonna be and then I saw all the ish about Bo's 2 fathers and She-Ra and Catra having a relationship, smh.

Milestone Media / Re: MILESTONE RETURNS #0, itís finally happening!
« on: July 10, 2021, 12:32:59 am »
excellent and enjoyable overall.

Random musings:  SPOILERS!!

Fascinating to see the different art styles at work here.  The early Static sequence, the art seems partially anime'-manga inspired.  The new introduction to Virgil, his family members, friends, intriguing.

I have to retool my mind to look at this now.  When I first was introduced to the Milestone characters, Virgil and Raquel would have been around my age.  Now they are clearly Generation Z (and their parents are likely "my age" in-story), and have social perspectives based on that cohort.

I have to think about the 25+ year jump in eras since we last had consistent stories told about the Milestone heroes.
.. barely any Internet by the time things stopped publishing in 1997.. Internet and social media all over the place and growing now..
now, there's much more black and BIPOC presence in mainstream popular culture, music, theater, TV, film, other creative arts..

Seems like Static doesn't have a secret identity now.. or does he?  In this era of cameras on "everybody", hmm.. wonder how they'll address it.  It's interesting to see.  Obviously Icon can tap into dozens of video camera feeds... and even what some people are typing on computers/tablets?  That one exchange where Virgil seemingly isn't talking out loud but rather is typing on something, and Raquel reacts to it.. lol.. I guess that sequence in Dark Knight where Bruce sets up a cell phone spying machine is similar..

Glad to see the beginnings of Hardware, Icon & Rocket..  I hope that Hardware gets to take on all sorts of bad folks, and I hope we get to see flashback sequences to his youth, growing up being "adopted" by a company like Apple or Microsoft or 3M...

I'm surprised already that Arnus is giving a speech to the United Nations. I didn't remember that he'd be into doing that this early.  I guess we'll see how the 'world' knowing who he is impacts the saga now.  I definitely want to see some supervillains in the Icon/Rocket saga, though I appreciate the real world conflicts that they are addressing.

Sidebar:  I hope that this isn't controversial, but I'm actually okay with Raquel not getting pregnant in this current narrative.  It was a bold choice in the first era, and had compelling subplots, but I hope that the writers don't feel "obligated" to go there this time around.

I wonder who this mysterious 'bat-man' (yeah, I know) is..

I wonder when we'll get to see the new Blood Syndicate.. some old characters plus some all new ones.

The asian-american couple.. the new version of someone?  A body-sharing narrative? Hmm..

I hope that prose novels eventually are produced, as well as radio dramas (podcasts), and of course eventually animation and live action.

Oh, last but not least, I'm looking forward to seeing the archival material in hardcopies, even in budget form (e.g., black/white printing, on newsprint, like the Marvel Essential collections and the DC Showcase collections).

Peace. It would be good to get some trades like they did for the original 2099 series of comics. Man, what a time to get into comics back in the day when Milestone came out. This took me back. Great post Hype! Milestone Returns and Static are two of the most highest rated comics I have seen on

Very excited about Hudlin's Icon and Rocket. Haven't read a comic scribed by him since that Black Panther annual where T'challa and Storm were old had mad kids and T'challa had the heads of foes he vanquished including Doom and Starks

Milestone Media / What is the best way to contact Reginald Hudlin?
« on: July 09, 2021, 10:37:47 am »
Does he still respond to msgs on this forum? We have our own Black owned bookstore called Grassrootz in Phoenix, AZ and anyone who knows about how to go about reaching him to do a signing or how to get Milestone comics in bulk please assist. We would like to get these comics in our store.

First Static issue was cool. Surprised at the Pride month ads. They're not even hiding it anymore and these are marketed to the youth smh

Black Panther / The Ebony Blade
« on: June 29, 2021, 05:15:04 pm »
Is there a comic that explains how it got back in the possession of Dane from when T'challa had it in Hudlin's run?

Reading Immortal Hulk 46 and 47 in which T'challa shows up with the Avengers. T'challa really gives it to the Hulk in issue 47 as well. Don't remember him being that bad ass in any of the issues Coates did. It's over though so I will do my best to stop complaining about it lol

This is really a treasure of a find if you can get a copy as it features the first meeting btwn T'challa and Storm in comics, 25 years before Reginald Hudlin would have them marry in his Black Panther run. The FF/Spiderman story is written by Chris Claremont with art done by Frank Miller while the Black Panther/ Storm story "Cry Vengeance" has Claremont on the script again with John Byrne doing the pencils. It's a story you can't think too hard about or it will have you asking why anyone tries to fight Storm with how OP she is controlling the weather and wonder why as a king and a diplomat in a foreign country, why does T'challa just not contact authorities when there is a threat on his life. That wouldn't make too great of a story though. Still don't quite understand how a bullet shot from a rifle of a would be assassin just bounces off Storm's forehead though (shrugs) A good read I like to revisit now and then when I forget about how the events in it transpired.Seriously though, does Storm have some Kal-El abilities I am not familiar with because I'm trying to understand how a bullet from an assassin's rifle just bounces off her forehead and only gives her a headache and no blood or nothing.  She got that vibranium forehead balm?

Hudlin TV / Re: (Netflix) Masters of the Universe: Revelation
« on: June 11, 2021, 07:18:24 am »
80s babies continue to get spoiled. Mark Hamill voicing Skeletor? Count me in. 5 seasons of She-Ra on Netflix (which I been binge watching with my 11 year old daughter) before they finally got this rolling. Not mad though, especially with Kevin Smith involved.

Is it any good?

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