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I think T'Challa would/should win this fight against Cap. Neither one of them have beaten each other in a straight equal fight, either one have not been 100% on some regard. Given how the story has taken place, what the Phoenix has said to T'Challa, T'Challas connection to the Phoenix via 1mil bc Avengers, it doesn't make sense for him to lose to Cap. Plus when it comes to fighting prowess, T'Challa should outclass Steve. It should not be a walk in the park, but it's not going to be a long struggle that takes everything he has to beat him either. If JA has T'Challa lose then it will be by forfeit or phoenix intervention like how the Phoenix was cheating during the fight with Logan. But otherwise T'Challa should come out on top, we should see his pla. Unfold because the story is leading that path and the twist should make logical sense.

In the end, Cap CAN and SHOULD lose this fight. Though I can also see T'Challa and Cap fighting and talking and T'Challa telling Cap to trust him, resulting in Cap forfeiting to prevent a loss for Cap as well

Black Panther / Re: BLACK PANTHER - King in Black!
« on: March 01, 2021, 08:59:08 am »
Redjack has said the hand of Bast could take down the Phoenix so I trust him, Okoyes Job was to distract the dragon, I won't lie it would of been a good fear for the weapon, however, since RJ isn't the solo writer it was ultimately probably best he gets the feat as it's T'Challas book. Honestly I just want to see all of Wakandas heavy hitters on full display in the solo:

Wakandan quinjets
Boseman helicarrier
Nyami mothership

Prowler hulk buster
Doomsday prowlers
Panther zord
Hand of Bast

Those are the things I want to see in the Solo and getting some feats. Yes the panther zord was supposed to appear in the cancelled agents of Wakanda tie in but it's still a cool concept I want to see be made Canon

I doubt the fight is over, no way are they going to spoil the results of the fight in the preview. Also Ontop of that, why would the Phoenix be talking to T'Challa in the previous issue about ending the whole thing is he just accepted it?

Clearly it wants him and that much was made clear. Unless he is purposefully throwing the match I doubt it's over and if it is, well Marvel was foolish to spoil the issue before it even comes out (unlikely but stranger things have happened

Black Panther / Re: BLACK PANTHER - King in Black!
« on: February 26, 2021, 11:05:12 am »
I think honestly we haven't seen T'Challa this powerful since before Hickman. Hickmans BP talked but never was allowed to Carry the weight behind his threat's.

Frankly, Redjacks panther is wholly unique to CJP always prepared panther, abd RH hardcore Panther. I would say RJ Panther is straight up the most dangerous man alive imo.

As much as I usually agree with and always respect and appreciate Ezyo's opinions? I have to both agree and disagree here. I completely agree that Hickman BP was too often NOT carrying through his threats, and NOT acquiring decisive, satisfactory, solo and unaided victories ON PANEL that were unambiguous and permanent. However...

My brother, I think you forgot three major feats HICKMAN BP pulled off which have trumped everything that any iteration of BP has done since. And that would be? KING OF THE DEAD UNITING MARVEL ZOMBIES Black Panther. INFINITY GAUNTLET Black Panther. REALITY GEM wielding Black Panther, who literally rewrought and brought into existence the current MCU as it exists.

Brother S.I I would counter with: Unfortunately Hickman decided he needed Namors help to get the zombies to actually follow him, this heavily cheapening what would of been a wonderful feat. Yes he wielded the IF gauntlet and it's impressive how well he held up and survived god Doom, he still got utterly trounced and was lying broken at dooms feet. Abd yes we see that he rewrote the mu and brought back 616, that unfortunately was also overshadowed by the FF sacrificing themselves and remaking the multiverses. Too much tell, bot enough show, and too much over reliance on outside forces when it should of been his own doing.

Whereas Redjack shows T'Challa turn the tide for his people, decimate the enemy forces when he jumps into the battle,  immediately figures out and crafts a plan to beat back knulls forces and his dragon, and does what Every hero in this event has failed to do, rid part of the planet of knulls control. Abd he did it with his own power and resources and introduced us to T'Challas (his own creation btw) contingency to take down the Phoenix. No speeches, no outside help, no empty threats. Just T'Challa taking command and leading his forces to victory while being THE guy to beat knulls forces. How is that not showing the the most dangerous Black Panther?

Priest- Always prepared Panther
Hudlin- Unapologetic hardcore Panther
Redjack- Most dangerous Panther 

Black Panther / Re: BLACK PANTHER - King in Black!
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:00:59 pm »
I think honestly we haven't seen T'Challa this powerful since before Hickman. Hickmans BP talked but never was allowed to Carry the weight behind his threat's.

Frankly, Redjacks panther is wholly unique to CJP always prepared panther, abd RH hardcore Panther. I would say RJ Panther is straight up the most dangerous man alive imo.

This article, preview and all of Coates run just shows how divorced from reality this entire thing has been, and how Coates utterly failed to not only capture T'Challas voice and ideals, but ironically turned Wakanda prime into a perverted version of what it is. Just like in this long drawn out speech. This isn't something to celebrate, especially after what we saw in KiB and how T'Challa abd Wakanda really are, this is something to look at and use as an example of how NOT to write T'Challa or Wakanda because it completely goes against what it represents abd not at all in a good way

Black Panther / Re: BLACK PANTHER - King in Black!
« on: February 12, 2021, 05:06:16 pm »
my summaroes from the CBR

Quote from: ezyo
Oh my sweet Bast... Redjack... Mr. Thorne... Mr. Frakking Thorne... THAT is OUR T'Challa. THAT is our king. The calculating, the planning, the warrior KING. I wish this was longer, a 3 parter SWaD style. Everyone shined in here. No one was cut down to make another look good. No ones intelligence was sacrificed. We all needed this. As Chester be stated, the ending is what everyone needs to remember, Feige, the Disney higher ups..

Truly amazing and I am utterly blown away at how great that was. You can see and feel the admiration for the character on every page. 100/10.

I like how RJ really set up the difference as well and why T'Challa is the grandmaster chess player  While Okoye is all about sending soldiers in to fight and not run Shuri is about fixing the shield, T'Challa already knows what needed to be done and had the plan in place 
T'Challa is very much to the point, he doesn't have time to make long speeches like Cap. He is blunt and too the point because he has to be, his peoples lives are in his hands. Again Priest said it best. T'Challa is the shrewdest man alive, got you looking left when you should be looking abd and by the time you realize it, it's too late.

I too also liked what RJ did with Shuri. It's honestly the best mixing of what Coates was trying to do and what the MCU did. THAT version of Shuri we saw in KiB I can get behind and would like to read more about

Courtesy of Dboi from the CBR:

Quote from: Dboi654;5367818

Quote from: Dboi654;5367790
Another good review

Based on the reviews it confirms one thing I already knew/ wished, that this was a 2-3 parter, if for nothing else but to give us a SWaD part II vibe

Redjack commented on the cbr. Saying that in the preview they just started engaging the enemy and didn't know what the were up against.. I also think he did it to showcase that WHY T'Challa is their leader, he is THE guy

Black Panther / Re: BP710: THE PROTOCOLS
« on: February 01, 2021, 08:24:56 pm »
Problem is that T'Challa ain't in it. From what we have heard and what's been said, he is being left behind and Wakanda is becoming the focus. Thing is, Wakanda was only Interesting when we experienced it with T'Challa, as it's been since his inception. Yet people are acting like Wakanda came first and is bigger than T'Challa. It isn't. It would be like Batman and Gotham but Batmans out of the picture.. Right as Batman was introduced and just started taking off.

My prediction is that BP 2 is basically going to be a origin story for the D+ show, and T'Challa will be just the footnote in his own franchise if they really stick to no recast. This ending the era of T'Challa the Black Panther before it even began

Yeah I will say this. I am on episode 9. The best issues are Redjacks 1, 7 & 8. The rest basically has T'Challa acting likes Coates T'Challa, doubting himself, full of "shame" distracted, and always complimenting on other's Genius but his own.

Redjacks writing is top notch and proves T'Challa did the heavy lifting. My problem is that after Redjacks set up the following writers are too focused on being like... Coates/ McGregor panther? Gets hit too much and monologues. Im torn.. Really Redjack should of been the one to do the whole series as it's hard to go from his version to the next with out feeling frustration and Coates vibes.

Redjacks panther is proactive, the others are reactive, even when he should be proactive. I'm not done yet but Redjacks episodes really show T'Challa runs the show and the supporting cast is hurting when he isn't there

I'm not saying novels should be short by any means, but I think what cville is getting at most likely is when a novel goes on and on in a particular tangent, so much so that it loses whatever momentum it had going or the set up for the plot is done in such a way that a huge amount of pages or time has to go into it and the story gets stale.

What comes to mind for me was when I read one of the lord of the rings books in highschool. At one point the book seemed to have gone into a story within a story and the tangent was so bad that I forgot where the book was even heading and I lost interest.

That being said, I am still going to pickup the serial series and check it out. I liked the first and I will see for myself how it progresses. I don't mind a build up for the plot so long as it gets going before the series is too far in to care

I said it in the CBR, I think these would be really good as comics or trade form. Live action or animation as well. I get what you mean about novels can get a little to wordy, but I am still going to check out and see how I like it. I like listening to it while I'm doing stuff

Courtesy of Redjack from the CBR. The serial box series he is writing:

Quote from: Redjack;5352646

Another reason why we need Redjack on the book/pointman for BP

As long as he was told to take T'Challa to the next level and out a deconstruction story of hold for the foreseeable future, I would be all for it

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