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The idea of Wakanda being better is an interesting one. Certainly it has the technology and wealth, but it is also governed by a mostly absolute monarchy that uses combat to determine succession. They are also isolationist and xenophobic, for the most part. So, there are contradictions there, and there's nothing wrong with that, it can make for good stories and drama, but I do think it's interesting that we all generally just consider Wakanda "better".

They are the black version of how certain white American's worship the Nordic/Scandinavian countries.

Homogeneous society that seems rather progressive with wealth to keep citizens happy and prosperous.

Everyone in Wakanda looks the same, they worship the same God (comics kicked the Jabari out for not worshipping the same god, MCU Jabari chose to leave), very rich and very safe.

So, I think from a Wakandan citizen POV, they are better. Of course, outsiders can point out the very big warts and would be correct.

That's visually saying something, that black Americans are not as civilized as Wakanda, ergo continental Africans

There not though. Wakanda is beyond them.

Just like they are beyond Nigeria and their caravan of human trafficking.

Wakanda is supposed to be better.

OF course, that doesn't change people using that to sew the seeds of controversy or whatever. But I don't think that is Coogler's fault. He portrayed Wakanda correctly. IMO

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther's Agents of Wakanda
« on: February 13, 2020, 01:47:12 pm »
The force push is the second worst thing ot happen to modern T'challa (first is coates).

This isn't hard. Coogler did it right.

The force push should be used sparingly and tactically. It isn't his bast damn go to for every single fight for f*cksake.

It should be used to save his ass every once in awhile (like when he got gang beat on after the rhino blasted him in the movie or when killmonger was about f*cked by the DM) or it should be used as a tactical trump card on occasion to deal with stuff he can't deal with with his normal abilities (such as blowing up a car or exploding a crowd of people after jumping a wall spear)

It isn't meant to be used on 1v1 fights

God, i don't even recognize this character anymore in the comics.

Black Panther / Re: The moderator Marvelous has died
« on: November 24, 2019, 06:02:16 am »
Thank you for letting us know. Funny, these online friendships. Honestly, I'm a little shook though my interactions with Marvelous were strictly through the HEF.

RIP, Marv.

This was my reaction. Idk Marv was on Reddit, at all. I always felt he was a HEF exclusive. I'm a bit hollowed out by this sad event.

I hope he achieved what he wanted most in his life. Love, peace, and power to HEF's Most Marvelous One...

...Make My Moderator Marv-elous

I don't think he was on reddit.

A facebook friend of his found me on reddit.

I also notice Speouse likes to draw Tchalla with his chin and eyes down. It's the subtle things that tear at a franchise.


Dude has no regal air to him at all. Dude is a polymath royal from birth, blessed by a god, top warrior of a nation of warriors.

The funny thing is, Coates had a template in T'chadwick right there in front of him but keeps going with the version that seriously needs some testosterone replacement therapy. T'chadwick had that bravado with a bit more "humanity" to him than in the comics sometimes if Coates wanted to go that route.

instead, he feminized the dude, while making all the woman extra masculine.

Coates has murdered my fandom of comic book T'challa. Especially when I can get a fix elsewhere in movies and Pantherjack

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther's Agents of Wakanda
« on: November 21, 2019, 08:06:46 am »
first trade collects 1-5

meaning this is likely a 10 issue book unless sales hold weirdly well

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther's Agents of Wakanda
« on: November 18, 2019, 05:29:47 am »
I dont need the team to be Wakanda centered. That is what the solo book is for. Tchalla is as fully mature in this book as it's going to get without Priest writing. As long as the book is fun, I'm in.

It is basically agents of black panther rather than agents of wakanda.

Which is fine by me. I'd like to see Kasper because he is F list like the rest of the group and makes some sense and is actually a decently interesting character... but other than that, I really don't need to see any of the character-less stiff Wakandan's thrown out to join the team. Sucks any fun out of the group.

It isn't Zub's job to fix the fact that none of the Wakandan supporting characters have any life to them. Solo books are for building depth in the characters, team books take the "superficial" character traits and put them in a team setting.

I do understand the criticism of a book called Agents of Wakanda... not being that. The name doesn't really fit. The real name should be "Secret Avengers" because that is essentially what it is... an off shoot Avengers team doing stuff the main team doesn't have time for.

That would have been a weird fight. Weird powerset mix there.

As a panther fan, obviously id take every second of it. Understand why they just kept it moving though.

They still do those "statue" games?

I like that killmoger

Thats pretty cool

Black Panther / The moderator Marvelous has died
« on: November 03, 2019, 04:37:11 am »
Someone gave me the heads up on Reddit and I figured you guys would want to know.

If this isn't appropriate, please delete. Maybe you guys already know but I didn't see any posts.

To the people who knew him better than me, sorry about your lost.

Nothing important today. There is a cool varient cover for Agents of W. Not sure what issue it's for, but it's for the 2020 stuff.

Thought the Bast/T'challa convo was about to get interesting, then it stopped lol

You know Wakanda can barely handle a few guys with AKs or monsters. What are they going to do against space ships. Lol.

Hadari Yao of course!

Wow, having two black women at each other’s throats. Yep, we’ve officially reached Tyler Perry territory people.


When did Taku learn ot teleport anyway? I dont' remember him doing that in Season 1?

Angel? Florida what does that even mean lol

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