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Enzo, Aaron said that in one of his interviews leading up to Secret Invasion, that Wakanda couldn't win in a straight fight against the Skrulls.  (Of course I have to accept the possibility that he was misquoted.)

And really, its kind of irrelevant anyway. What matters is what is on panel.

But, I thought it was implied by T'challa's urgency that they needed to take their tech down though

But, either or, he succeeded so it is kinda moot.


Im sorry i just read the See Wakanda and Die issues again and i don't see anywhere stating Wakanada couldn't win in a fair fight. Skrulls didn't attack from the skies (which they would of been stopped anyways, I highly doubt T'Challa, Especially after being in skrull cities/ universes, wouldn't have plans for Stopping orbital attacks.

THey do, at least in hickman's run they did


However, I am surprised to see that there wasn't some kind of word from him maybe speaking up offering more tactical advice that could of been ignored (Thus also causing the death of Rhodey) and being a small crack forming in the team.

That would have been..... perfect.

I would love for Ewing to use this opportunity to Have T'Challa start taking a more active role in things, he is not liking the approach of late and that the team itself is taking too big of risks with dangerous prisoners (Anti-Man, Thanos) and starts working on some Contingency plans in secret. Or if he is going to start Showing MAC thinking she needs to shut the group down, have T'Challa notice her intent and start planning for it. Because while i can possibly see MAC shut down the rest of the team, i cannot see her stop T'Challa, especially CJP Panther that Ewing is drawing from. So i hope Ewing comes correct and makes T'Challa do some kick ass feats[/size][/b]

Agree with this 100%.

Need to start doing something interesting with him (and MAC really, she isn't doing anything but punching holes).

I just can't see T'challa joining a team like this without plans in place, especially after what happened last time he joined a group of very powerful people

Quote from: KIP LEWIS

See Wakanda and Die...I have said this many times... That story shows BP so stupid that he only won because the Skrull commander was even more stupid.  Remember, Aaron starts with the premise that Wakanda CANNOT beat the Skrulls in a fair fight.  And that is why he made it a Braveheart fight, while England won and so did the US. But he said Wakanda can't. 

If we threw out every plot induced stupid based feat, there would be a lot of dead heroes :)

Realize, I'm not saying he can't and isn't the master planner; I'm saying, not enough writers have this view of him. 

That is fair.

Ewing, being a Priest Panther fan, should be one of them though.

Black Panther / Re: Message to an Admin
« on: June 28, 2016, 06:43:52 am »
Salutations and welcome to both the Wakandan and Mind of Shadow. This Wednesday should give us something to discuss.

I am scared haha.


T'challa is a damn king who is fought and led his people in WARS. He has proven to be one of the best strategic minds in the Marvel Universe. Why isn't he providing battle strategy here? Why isn't he giving his thoughts ont he subject?

When has he been proven to be one of the best strategic mind in the MU? 

This is actually T'Challa's problem.  One of two writers writing him and showing him being really strategic isn't enough to establish him as the master planner.  Hulk is the strongest because nearly every writer writes him that way; Batman is written as the batgod because more writers write him that way then don't.  Truth is, until most writers write him the Master Planner/Most Dangerous Man, then it's an empty title.

(So, yeah, Ewing needs to give him the opportunity to showcase his abilities.)

It has been more than one or two writers.

- fighting F4 in his first appearance.
- defeating Klaw in vol 1 I think issue 15ish
- The 4 issue mini in volume 2
- Priest entire run
- Hudlins run to a lesser extent
- See Wakanda and Die
- Liss run, especially Kingpin of Wakanda
- T'challa galactus contigency plan used in the F4 issue 540 something
- plan to stop God Doom in SW

I am not up-to-date with the rest of the Ultimates roster's full comic history, but, do any of them even match that resume of planning?

T'challa is no Steve Rogers, mainly because he doesn't get to lead teams often/ever (and he is a different planner than Steve) but he certainly isn't a slouch in strategy.

But, yeah, the last sentence you wrote is the biggest issue. T'challa has a very specific skill set that the rest of the Ultimates do not have. He also can't do the things physically that they can do. So, it is imperative to use T'challa to his fullest abilities when he gets the chance.

Especially since Ewing is a Priest Black Panther fan. He got his general attitude down... but not the other parts of him.

Black Panther / Re: Author suggestions
« on: June 28, 2016, 05:02:51 am »
Remender is one of my favorites but I am not sure if he would fit T'challa or not. He can just be brutal on heroes (I mean sh*t, he had Logan drown his son in a puddle) and I don't know if I could handle anymore brutality on T'challa for a bit lol.

Waid would be a refreshing choice as the story would get lighter and more super hero-like. Which I think would have been a great direction to go in after SW.

Bendis would be my worst nightmare. I don't know if I could handle a bunch of Wakandan's Bendis-speaking all over the place. His wheel house is street level and that's not T'challa.

Black Panther / Ultimates #8 continues to misuse (not use) T'challa
« on: June 28, 2016, 04:52:39 am »
As a Black Panther fanboy, Ultimates continues to disappoint me greatly. Many of my issues with this book, in regards to T'challa, is that the threats are beyond his power scale. His teammates include Superman and Wonder Woman types, a heroine made of light, and someone that can punch holes in dimensions.

So, when you get a chance to move beyond "punching people," T'challa should have his moment in the sun. He is the most dangerous man alive not because he can fly at super speed or punch planets... but because of his brain. He is one of the smartest people in the MU, he is calculated, a master planner, with the resources of Wakanda behind him. When he is with the Ultimates, he needs to become "Batgod."

 But, every time a moment in the book comes where HE should have the spotlight... Ewing decides to let other members take his shine instead. Whether its sharing Galactus-curing credit with Blue Marvel or this issue... letting Monica plan battle strategy.

T'challa is a damn king who is fought and led his people in WARS. He has proven to be one of the best strategic minds in the Marvel Universe. Why isn't he providing battle strategy here? Why isn't he giving his thoughts ont he subject?

The answer is simple... Ewing likes Monica and Blue Marvel. They are the "real" main characters of this book. T'challa is in this book to try and increase sales... nothing more, nothing less.

So, overall we get this again...

... T'challa standing around, in the background. We didn't even get a "T'challa reaction panel" to the botched mission (we got Monica's, Adam's, Carols, and even MAC's). This is just getting beyond frustrating and I want him on an Avengers proper book next relaunch please.

I continued discussing the Ultimates as a whole here:

Overally, i did feel it was one of the better issues of this book. But that isn't hard because they were actually interacting with the MU as a whole and not floating around in space pontificating.

Black Panther / Re: Message to an Admin
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:20:26 pm »
Thanks yall!

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