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Feel The Funk / Re: Favorite Movie Soundtrack?
« on: September 13, 2007, 08:43:25 am »
Let's see... the entire soundtracks to:

Saturday Night Fever
E.T. the extra terrestrial
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Star Wars I/II/II
Star Wars/Empire/Return
intro: Planet Of The Apes (burton's version)
intro: Howard the Duck
Be Cool
New Jack City
The Incredibles
Fantastic Four
The Fly
Star Trek 'first contact'
She's Gotta Have It
Inside Man
Jason's Lyric
Super Fly
Let's Do It Again
The Big Payback

Feel The Funk / Re: Is Kanye a whiny *****?
« on: September 13, 2007, 08:05:47 am »
As much as people like to demonize Bush, he is not an evil man.  Misguided?  Maybe.  A poor President?  Perhaps.  But he wasn't sitting around in the oval office saying "Screw New Orleans, I won't send help because they are poor and black."  You are right to separate Bush the man, and Bush the President.  I am no fan of either, but I recognize a bad president doesn't equal a bad man.  Bush, along with several others, dropped the ball...big time.  And that mistake led to the deaths of many.  That makes him a poor administrator, but doesn't mean he doesn't care about them.

When a mistake of such colossal proportions occurs, it is easy to lash out and make rash statements and thats what I think Kanye did, and to me, at least, it made him look silly.  I know he felt pain about what had happened, but to me it sounds like protesters of Bush who have no message other than "he's evil!"  Rather than shoehorning those comments in (which may have been spur of the moment) he would have held more credibility with a well thought out statement.  That might not be his style, I dunno.  But overall the comments felt like "one more celebrity makes a comment about things they no little about but feel passionately about," and while their hearts might be in the right place, these are people I usually ignore.

Not evil?! Hm.:-\
According to The American Heritage College Dictionary:
1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked
2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful
3. Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous
4. Bad or blameworthy by report; infamous

Since the appearance of bush everything from the corrupted manipulation at the voting polls, to the destruction of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, corrupted republican officials, an illegal military invasion of foreign nations to plunder their resources, NASA space flights exploding, unscrupulous family ties to the nazi, not to mention the countless innocents getting killed & dying in unimaginable ways as a direct result of the chaos & turmoil...

I...are you for real?! :-[ I think the term evil is a qualifyer, if not an understatement.

BET Life / Re: Damn, Reggie, why do you hate Black people SO DAMN MUCH!!!??
« on: September 10, 2007, 03:05:02 pm »
Hm. :-\
Didja check out how the CNN video report began in the first link with prompts to a children's demographic program comparing Sesame Street, Electric Co. (which btw, Morgan Freeman was just a young, bushy-eye, recurring extra!) and Schoolhouse Rock to BET's 18-34 old demographic? ???

Boy, those geniuses at CNN are critiquing that BET caters to the lowest of the low Common Denominator? ;D
For shame, Tony Harris...! :)

Latest Flicks / Re: Denzel's American Gangster
« on: September 10, 2007, 07:01:14 am »
Sorry for the late response!  :-[

I'm not sure. I've re-read the article she appeared in and there is no mention of what part she'll play in American Gangster. I'd be surprised if she got more than 1.5 seconds of screen time when the film releases . :-\
I'll tell you this, She still looks good. ;D

Other Comics / Re: Walter Mosley on Good Comic Book Writing
« on: September 10, 2007, 06:41:42 am »
This catch on (hopefully) Priest's letter to MARVEL is dead on,and I completely agree with him.The response by Marvel is both reasonable and more than a trifle indicative of the very ignorance that Owsley was writing about.Note how they completely ignored the issues of characterization which formulated the primary thrust of Owsley's letter.

Yeah, I caught that, too. ;) Well, the tactic the editors used in thier response is to deflect the criticism by re-arranging the pieces of the puzzle to see if Priest (or the readers) will see something different. Since this is before the 'post & go' style of a global internet forum,  and whatever reply Priest may give is at the mercy of the publishers plus the lag time between responses completely kills the momentum of the issue.

I agree with Marvel's comment about Falc not buzzing Scarsdale because it's not in harlem,but in so doing they really miss the main thrust of Owsley's point.they wind un REENFORCING Owsley's contention regarding their inability to write Black characters well and their lack of affinity for the soul of Black people as a whole.

Which is why I posted this gem! :)
It was a well known problem at that time everyone knew about. Priest clearly wanted to change things from the inside offices of Marvel instead of complaining from the outside.  And he did. 

Other Comics / Re: Walter Mosley on Good Comic Book Writing
« on: September 04, 2007, 07:54:01 am »
I was re-reading an old issue of MARVEL PREMIERE #52, y'know the 3-part arc where Black Panther confronts the klan...and in the letters page First Class Mail, was a note written to the assistant editor, Jim Salicrup by a little known amateur named James Owsley. I've read that this person became Christopher Priest. This book was printed in the summer of 1979 so I'm not sure if Priest went pro yet but think back...but if he was just a fan writing to Marvel checking them... then this was just a hint of what was to come! ;)  His letter to the editors, Roger Stern and Jim Salicrup:


MARVEL PREMIERE #49 was a pretty good issue, all-in-all. Mark Evanier has done what few comics writers today can do---fit a story into just seventeen pages. I must salute Mark for his composition, which was amply supported by the art.
The who-done-it angle was not, of course, completely original. And i feel the story depended a bit too much on Captain America's association with neo-fascist super villians. In fact, (as implied) Captain America had shown up at the reception at the Bodavian Embassy, chances are that the entire murder scheme would never have gotten off the ground.

It's a little hard for me to believe that the spindly, well-bred Count Barza decked the Falcon, and then made a fool out of him on three separate occasions. Also, Captain America I've come to know and love would not have gone on with his daily constitutional while his former partner was all torn up over a case.

What's really disappointing, though, is that--as always--Marvel writers seem to have trouble writing Black characters. Contrary to popular opinion, Black people do not run around making incredibly cute and witty remarks to each other. Moreover, the Falcon, as an unofficial representation of his country--and as a Black man--would never insult a member of the Bodavian consulate with that quip about Redwing's fetish for dead rat hors d'oerves. I mean, by the end of the story, I expected Falc to don a wide grin and shuffle off into the sunset.

Sal Buscema'a art was also pretty good this issue. Sal is an excellent artist, but he always seems to get saddled with some lesser talent as an inker. This issue, fortunately, was not the case. Dave Simons's inks were very good. The coloring was also exceptional, and the lettering was fine. In fact, my only criticism with the art was the presence of one of the most ineptly drawn J. Jonah Jamesons in the history of comics.

The cover was drawn well, but it was---IMO--insulting to Blacks... uh,make that us Blacks. Al Milgrom, in a fine attempt to create a ghetto atmosphere, ended up placing insultingly familiar stereotypes, such as the fat lady with the groceries, the jive-talking wino being hassled by the cops, and the mountainous supply of garbage--in front of the vegatable store. C'mon, Al, give me a break!  Not all of Harlem is like that... and not all Blacks live in Harlem. I guess that White middle-America couldn't relate to the Falcon sweeping down over Scarsdale.

James Owsley
New York, NY

Oh, we don't know about that, Jim. However, having the Falcon buzz Scarsdale on the cover would have related a lot less to the story... part of which did take place in Harlem (that is where Sam Wilson lives, after all). And since when are fat ladies, winos, and garbage considered black stereotypes? It seems that if you changed the race of the people on that cover---and changed the street by one hundred city blocks--you'd have a street scene right out of the garment district. Would that make it insulting to whites? (Oh, BTW, Frank Miller and Klaus Janson drew that cover... not Al Milgrom!)

Latest Flicks / Re: Denzel's American Gangster
« on: August 31, 2007, 09:44:59 am »
I've read that late 80s, early 90s  adult entertainment star,  Heather Hunter :-* will be a part of American Gangster.

The further southern regions in Asia, the darker the inhabitants skin tone. The further northern regions of Asia, the lighter the skin tone.

BET Life / Re: We Got To Do Better
« on: August 29, 2007, 02:40:26 pm »
From the Village Voice article:

Meanwhile, more new shows are on the way. If Gina McCauley and Rainbow/PUSH didn't like We Got to Do Better, they're going to loathe BUFU. An animated sketch-comedy series debuting this fall, the show is hosted by former MADtv actor Orlando Jones. In one clip, a sketch called "Who Needs They Ass Whopped?", a thirteen-year-old mother, with kids in tow, is a contestant on a game show. Her goal is to listen to three men and find out which one is telling the truth about being a good-for-nothing baby daddy. The contestants include an NBA player who can barely speak properly, a smooth playa dressed in a suit, and a European ballplayer who doesn't speak English. Social commentary on the decline of the black family structure? Yes. Slightly offensive? Indeed. Funny? Absolutely.

BUFU?! ;D  Orlando Jones? ;D  uh Oh! Already I'm smiling! :D


Say, did you airbrush that image on the t-shirt?   ...or did you silk-screen?

had the shirt airbrush, thanks for the PM and I gotta hit you up w/ a tshirt scan of comic cover for future ideas.   8)

Hey thanks for the reply!  We gotta talk future , lucrativ0-bizzo! ;)

which show did BET have segment of SDCC?

Also FYI, last week I just happen to be watching BET one afternoon (with a friend) and a brief highlight of SDCC appeared in-between Alesha Renee's show:
  • There was commentary with Denys Cowan which seemed focused on what BET is planning in future animated spots.
  • There was a quick pan shot of the entire panel where Mr. Hudlin stood among them. I think I even saw Marv Wolfman in that group.
  • There was a quick pan shot of the attendees. No one I reconized.


Sports Talk / Re: Michael Vick Pleads guilty
« on: August 25, 2007, 08:08:27 am »
That's a very funny illustration! ;D
...but the artist forgot to include Muttley!

Other Comics / Re: Mike Weiringo Dies---
« on: August 25, 2007, 07:57:42 am »
Damn, what th---!   Heart attack at 44?!?

I'll never forget that page Weiringo drew on 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man' where Peter Parker goes to Wakanda to see T'Challa about a cure for a terminal illness. So while Peter waits on an answer, you see a panel of Wakandan female beauticians braiding his hair into cornrolls. ;D 

In The News / Re: Chinese toy boss kills self after toy recall--
« on: August 24, 2007, 08:27:24 am »
No, this is a rimshot... ;D

O.K. ...take 2:

"If our current administration felt this level of shame, Arlington would be full."

« on: August 23, 2007, 09:29:06 am »
honorable mention(s):

Taste of Honey, "Boogie Oogie Oogie"

SOS Band, "Take your Time"

my vote was Chic, "Good Times" but the above are heavy rotations and have great baselines, IMO

Did you know that Taste of Honey's 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' earned a Grammy for 'Best New Artist' and 'Record of the Year' that same year Elvis Costello came out.

« on: August 23, 2007, 06:57:25 am »
U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential candidate is expected to tour the crumbling, worst schools in South Carolina today
---Dillon District Two also known as "The Hall of Shame".

Mr. Obama should also know that this is perhaps one of the most racist towns in South Carolina, next to Marion.

In preparation of his visit, the public town officials have begun last minute temporary renovations in key areas of the school J V Martin to create the illusion that the school is 'under construction' while outside the school parking sits the teachers and staff's expensive cars (2007 Mustangs and M3 BMWs).

This is the same school where earlier this year, a dedication of Martin Luther King Jr. event took place on January 15, 2007 with a re-enactment of the famous march heading towards JV Martin High School followed by a ribbon cutting cerimony, a vigil, several public speakers, musical entertainment and a prayer. It was really inspiring.

What wasn't inspiring was the awkwardness of Dillon's Mayor, Todd Davis. I
must ask, "Why was he there?"

I would imagine the point of all participants was to assemble in honor of
the achievements of a great man acknowlegded by all invited speakers by
which you also said a few rousing words. However, whenever I witness a
public official who, by the way wasn't invited (I've looked all the paper
program and didn't see his name anywhere), invited to the microphone stood

"'m glad to be here."

And just quietly sat down and continued to stare into space.

I mean, the afflections in his voice said it all (albeit in awkward pauses),
in his sentence, not once did he verbally acknowledge where he was, or why.

From the article:
Obama will speak with teachers and tour J.V. Martin Junior High School in Dillon. The school, built in 1896, is part of the so-called “Corridor of Shame,” a collection of poor, rural S.C. school systems. The tour begins at 1:30 p.m. but, because school is in session, is not open to the public. more.

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