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Other Comics / Re: AKHN (my upcoming graphic novel)
« Last post by Gessela on Today at 08:22:23 am »
I appreciate it brother, and I'm working overtime to finally get this product out to the people.
There must be some serious behind the scenes politics at work preventing the full integration of the MCU into the MU. I witnessed numerous occasions at my LCS in which people came in to purchase comic books based on Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy only to be disappointed that the comic book vaguely resembled the movie. Marvel has been experiencing this kind of disconnect with their live action and comics since the onset.

Black Panther was a little more unique in the fact that many of the comic book purchasers were interested primarily in getting the Black Panther for his cultural representation, ethnic identification and social impact which many felt was a long over due.

I like to think that a second wave of Black Panther promotions is coming with the release of video games and animated features. It is there that I see the integration of all things Black Panther movie thus impacting on the comic books. It would be criminal not to introduce the style and sensibilities of the film into those forms of media.
Spirituality / Hate
« Last post by michaelintp on Today at 07:31:38 am »
no matter how directed,
no matter how justified,
spills over.
no matter how directed,
no matter how justified,
injected with fear,


Hatred alone can only go so far. Most will resist it. Add self-interest and more will embrace it. Add fear and most will be overwhelmed by it.

The antidotes?
Mindful listening.
Thoughtful questions.

Despite the antidotes, in this perfect-yet-imperfect reality of good and evil, joy and suffering, love and hate, light and dark, yin and yang, self-defense is sometimes necessary. When pursued, it should be with reluctance and sadness. With vigilance to commence its cessation and reconciliation.

Allowing that which must take place in this Eternal Moment.
Awareness replacing fear.
Love replacing hate.
Unity replacing separation.

[These thoughts were triggered by events occurring at the "Occupy I.C.E." encampment. One chant going far afield from the mistreatment of immigrants and their families seeking asylum or jobs in the United States. And by disparaging vulgar references to I.C.E. agents. Such as, "pieces of sh*t." To such a dehumanizing reference, my response was, "They are just people" "Who?!!" "The I.C.E. agents. At the heart of their souls there is purity just like at the heart of your soul - it is just covered by layers and layers of filthy gauze and garments that need to be unwound" - waving my arms in a spinning motion excitedly. (These observations apply to all, or most, of us, including myself). Some agreed that it is important to keep this in mind and that some have had experience "reaching" others - such as soldiers, for example, in different yet similar contexts.

My point was the importance of coming from a place of nonviolence and love. As a means of influencing the thinking of more people. These were the approaches of Gandhi and King, when circumstances allowed their effectiveness.

These thoughts also reflect introspection surrounding my own reactions after September 11, 2001. And the means of moving beyond them.]
Spirituality / Plowing Kaballah
« Last post by michaelintp on Today at 12:56:46 am »
- Plowing Kaballah -

The self
wholly obliterated
in Absolute ONE
is the
Terror of Total Annihilation.
Eternal Death.
Bitul b'metziut - Existential Nullification.

The selfless
wholly absorbed
in Absolute LOVE
is the
Bliss of Absolute Unity.
Eternal Life.
Bitul hayesh - Nullification of Somethingness.

The Absolute ONE,
the Absolute LOVE,
are the Same.

Eternal Death
Eternal Life
are the Same.

Seen as Opposites

Only through the lenses of
Ego obliteration 😱💥
Selfless union 💫❤


(I refer to this as "plowing Kaballah" as one plows the earth, turning the soil over, turning the constructs upside down, suggesting that notions of "higher" and "lower" bitul (nullification) are meaningless when placed aside Infinite Oneness. All this is based on my own idiosyncratic experience, however, and others may and do describe similar experiences in different words using different constructs.)
Spirituality / Be Free
« Last post by michaelintp on Today at 12:49:40 am »
Do not be pushed to the Left
Do not be pulled to the Right
Do not be thrust Up
Do not be dragged Down
without peering forward
without looking back
to move Within
the Darkness
to Experience
the Light
with Open Heart
not Hardened
without fear
without need
and Action
will be Present

- Fēngzi

[This relates to  interaction with a very nice person in the "Occupy I.C.E." encampment. He commented in passing that we need to push people to the Left. My reaction was that we need to push ourselves Within. We shared all kinds of thoughts, back and forth ❤.]
Seriously look at the design, its really easy to incorporate into the MU... T'Challa needs his MCU design in comics already

I agree with APEXABYSS. We here on HEF are very clearly BP CENTRAL, the real hub of all that is fly for BP. TURE'S and APEXABYSS' REQUIEM FOR A KING is a trillion times better than anything else out in print since RH exited BP...although Aaron MIGHT have BP do something fly, if he actually has BP move on LOKI. But truthfully? Don't hold your breath on that.

And oh yeah. Who was the first to legit setup T'Challa vs Loki? That would be me. In the exact same first chapter that saw T'Challa both defeat Killmonger with dominating, decisive ease for the first and only time in any iteration of T'Challa and the first mention of Ufalme Wa Nyoka, we see the very first mention of a straight one on one impending battle between T'Challa and Loki. Even the guy who I drew my inspiration from on that...the magnificent and brilliant CHRISTOPHER PRIEST...didn't actually have T'Challa vs Loki, he had T'Challa vs HPP...when HPP was allegedly mentally controlled by Loki.

I could never quite buy that notion of Loki controlling ANY BP, for the same reasons that neither SHADOW KING or anyone else could mentally dominate ANY BP. If they could? They would've done it long ago, as there are too many advantages to be had in the offing were any villain able to achieve such a feat.

Here's the slice of conversation in my fanfic I wrote 6 years ago that first mentions the Ufalme Wa Nyota...the Kingdom of the Stars...

I cannot defecate enough on TNC.

And then this guy takes my Ufalme Wa Nyota...Kingdom of the Stars...idea which I introduced in Chapter 1 of my fanfic, and warps it into THIS crap?

[ this is the slice of conversation from the fanfic of mine called BLACK PANTHER IN: "EXPLANATIONS" that TNC clearly bit, and warped into total garbage...I wrote this in 2012:;topicseen#msg179384

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Re: Reparations and Revolution for the Damisa-Sarki Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther
« Reply #3940 on: February 22, 2018, 12:14:00 am »
I cannot defecate enough on TNC.

And then this guy takes my Ufalme Wa Nyota...Kingdom of the Stars...idea which I introduced in Chapter 1 of my fanfic, and warps it into THIS crap?

[ this is the slice of conversation from the fanfic of mine called BLACK PANTHER IN: "EXPLANATIONS" that TNC clearly bit, and warped into total garbage...I wrote this in 2012:

“Precisely as you commanded, my Lord King.”

“And Shuri?”

“Sire. The Queen Regent is wrapping up the last leg of her tour. Her P.R.I.D.E. has informed us that every aspect of her plan has come together flawlessly. It’s absolutely…completely…totally…amazing, what all of you have done, My Lord.”

“Not at all. This matter was nothing. Dealing with The Skrulls was slightly more challenging. Where is Uncle Syan?”

“The Esteemed Panther has returned from Ufalme Wa Nyota [ "The Kingdom of Stars", the interstellar aspects of Wakanda ] as he promised. He has converted the last of the Desturi and struck down the last remnants of Doctor Doom’s and The Hand’s support network in and around Africa, as you and he previously agreed, Sire.”

“My mother?”

“The Queen Mother has ordered a wide spectrum oscillating phase organic repulsor wave to ripple around above through and below the whole of Africa. This wave will travel the world a thousand times per second. It has already cleared our continent of the animals commanded by Namor, without killing a single one. It will further disable any and all intrusive devices that managed to slip our counterespionage net, and purify all water resources in Africa.”

“Excellent. The European doctors spreading malignant viruses among our African brethren. The mutant killing commando groups backed by the Western and Eastern powers. Did she treat with the other countries about them?”

“No, Sire, she didn’t. She had all of them summarily vaporized. No survivors. Their technology and malignant viruses were either destroyed or retrieved for study by our forces. The Queen Mother made it clear to the Western and Eastern countries that such incursions into Africa would be looked upon as Acts of War against the sovereignty of Wakanda, and would never be tolerated. She also assuaged the world’s financiers with evidence proving that Wakanda is actually more economically powerful now than at any other time in our existence, so the world’s stock markets remain strong. Foolish fears of a Grecian economic collapse in Wakanda were finally put to rest.”

“I thought she might do such a thing. She made it clear that the days of treating with the international powers regarding these matters should have never come, in her opinion.”

“Yes, Sire. Most of Wakanda shares that same perspective,” TChalla’s governmental aide added, knowing that T'Challa already knew this tidbit of information, and thus would not be insulted.

“You have done an excellent job, N’dubisi. Keep this line open, and inform me the instant anything changes.”

“As you command, Sire.”

Yeah, I've read that, too, Supreme.  :)

Perhaps,  Mr. Coates is paying homage to your work.

Jokes, now.

I wouldn't mind 616 writers snagging our ideas so much if they actually used them to be respectful of and toward BP. But look at the gargantuan differences here. My Uflame Wa Nyoka built on RH's fly THRICE BLESSED ARMOR and the much underrated Al Ewing's ULTIMATE ULTIMATES LIFEBRINGER ONE and turned T'Challa into LIFEBRINGER TWO. That's Afro-Futurism connected to Continuity with zero problems.;topicseen#msg179455

Punkazz Chokes gutted Ufalme Wa Nyoka and turned T'Challa into an amnesiac and slave while writing a combo Star Wars+Neuter Real 616 Wakanda rip off. Like I said before: I cannot defecate on TNC enough.
Hudlin TV / Re: What Are YOU Watching?
« Last post by Mastrmynd on Yesterday at 10:53:35 am »
>>>Dj Mastrmynd

Thanks for your reply!  :)

How did the radio show go with your guest?

It was for my new podcast, The 3G's Podcast Show.
And Erika Alexander is one of the coolest and most humble beings on this planet. She It was like we've known each other for a long time.
It goes down as one of my favorite interviews. My OutKast interview is still #1.  I asked her a question about her involvement in the comicbook industry and her answer was amazing. I learned soooo much. So many nuggets of knowledge were dropped.

I think I'm gonna tag all of the comic book websites and sdcc so that everyone can view it.

Your image insertion isn't showing up online.  :-\

Your image insertion isn't showing up online (it's a picture of Hulk Hogan being interviewed) you figure out what that means & its significance to these posts.

your words are a perfect reflection... of BP via HEF

PC for BP

I did ask a question. says more about the state of HEF than it says about me!

ho-hum & yawn! carry on...
Hudlin TV / Re: What Are YOU Watching?
« Last post by Battle on Yesterday at 09:52:38 am »
>>>Dj Mastrmynd

Thanks for your reply!  :)

How did the radio show go with your guest?
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