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The DM never should have graduated from supporting cool body guard status

Give the 2 hanging around names, kill one off in the line of duty every few years, rinse and repeat.

Black panther is so popular and unique that every represses group want him ti be everything

Cant just be a "wish fullfiment" colored super hero. Naw...

Black females want repped too

Lesbians want repped too. Look at that stupid movie sh*t about a runored smile between 2 doras. It wasn't even the right two gay doras and lgbt threw a fit anyway over test screening rumors!

Black couples want repped too

Gotta rep wakanda red shirts to show "black excellence if left alone"

Meanwhile the title freaking character is trying to squeeze in so he can actually get that spotlight


I agree, They shouldn't have ever graduated. Shuri deserves her own book before the MA.. The MA shouldn't gotten anything until atleast 5 years of development and even then i would put them in a shared title with the HZ, Titled: BP Wakanda's Elite and have the series dive into both factions showing the rivalry, cooperation etc as they interact and defend Wakanda from threats with T'Challa.

The funny thing is that the Blue points are already repped/ going to be repped in the movie. what people need to get through their heads is that, due to the unique nature of the BP mythos, if you focus on T'Challa, all the other boxes groups want checked become filled as well because he is more then just a super hero. Black Females get repped due to the supporting cast mostly being female, Lesbians eh not really repped but BP wasn't targeted to that demographic even though there was a lgbt relationship already in the mythos. Black Couples because of his LI, and Black Execellence simply due to Wakanda itself, WiTBP, Strum und Drang, SWaD.. So all that gets repped simply by Giving T'Challa the spotlight rather then trying to divide it up among his supporting cast, many of which do not need or deserve a spin off.
Hero, main villain, love interest, tag along companion(s).

That's how it works.  Largely in that order.

Thats why Chadwick, MBJ, Lupita and Danai were the first cast.
^^^ remember a year or two ago when a few of us were warning the bp fanbase in cbr of how this was going to happen?

A buncha groups who dont give a sh*t about tchalla were gonna try to leach on.

Even back then some of the bp fans were guilty of it with their overexcitement; the way they wanted everybody in the mytho to shine and do this n that with their own storylines and we was like hold on... thats not how this works lol. Iron man, cap, thor, etc.. these are not equal opportunity movies.  Nor should they
The DM never should have graduated from supporting cool body guard status

Give the 2 hanging around names, kill one off in the line of duty every few years, rinse and repeat.

Black panther is so popular and unique that every represses group want him ti be everything

Cant just be a "wish fullfiment" colored super hero. Naw...

Black females want repped too

Lesbians want repped too. Look at that stupid movie sh*t about a runored smile between 2 doras. It wasn't even the right two gay doras and lgbt threw a fit anyway over test screening rumors!

Black couples want repped too

Gotta rep wakanda red shirts to show "black excellence if left alone"

Meanwhile the title freaking character is trying to squeeze in so he can actually get that spotlight

Other Comics / Re: Unworthy
« Last post by MindofShadow on Today at 10:43:48 am »
Great reveal

Really fit the story
It would take alot of Work to get the DM back to where they were. part of which requires the removal of the Ayo and Aneka. They need to go off to new york like they were so fond of in BP WoW. leave the DM to Okeye and Nakia to run 
Other Comics / Re: Unworthy
« Last post by KIP LEWIS on Today at 10:19:16 am »
So War-Thor has been revealed as
Spoiler (click to reveal)

So are those Yetis?  Are they the Star Trek TOS white-gorilla-things?  Where are they at, exactly?

Jabari Lands

We don't know where they are from but its 100% implied it is from the same place as the Snake-Dudes T'challa and Co have been dealing with.

and man... its the T'Choro for life fans that keep T'challa a monk. Because it certainly isn't X fans and it certainly isn't the main Storm fan base (34 of them)

Its BP/Storm fo life fans that won't wake up and realize Hudlin had a great idea... but Marvel said "nooooooooooope."

It was a great idea. From a power couple perspective, a sales perspective, potential story perspective, ect.

But there are a lot of great ideas that simply don't pan out.

T'Choro NEVER panned out. What is the best story with the two? the honeymoon tour? CW? Worlds Apart? Not exactly a murderous row of great stories.

This is just a Hudlin lite thing all over again. BP books (aka one writer) attached to the couple (which is so weird bc he doesn't like it), and the rest of the MU just goes "nawwwww"

really think its a coincidence that at the same time Storm re showed up in T'challa's books... Forge became a thing again? And then magically Gambit out of the blue? (and I like Gambit, at least he got somethign more than Rogue lol)

The X office is just flexing ATM. They own her and know it.

What I hope happens is that Coates is setting us up for a huge bait and switch. THey go through all this reconnecting... and they both realize they aren't the same people anymore, swap Snapchat user names for some flirtatious late night Wakandan Whiskey shennanigans, and move on. Id go buy his trade if he did....

In 2017, storm/bp fans are almost as frustrating as coates. (almost)  The end result with either group is an emmasculated t'challa.

Complain about him being a chump but push for him to crawl back to the same exotic dancer who gives *everybody* a turn.  Its disgusting.  She doesnt belong to black panther, she belongs to the game.

How many times have we had 'closure' to this thing?  Hickman; that stupid wolverine story; that "AvX vs" thing.  Now coates??  I loved what Hudlin did but more and more I feel Priest was right: they shouldve never been brought together. bc now that they were, we're stuck in this twighlight zone
I can't stand Nick Spencer!  I'd rather have Al Ewing write a BP book...he did a good job on Mighty Avengers and Ultimates.

I love me some Ewing too, and I think Ewing would smash with BP too. But wait...why you hatin on Spencer? You know something we don't? Drop that 411, Catch!
I actually really hate this preview and it fills me with rage Everytime the MA appear, be it on a cover or in the story.

Their spin off crashed and burned and now they are crawling back to the BP mythos to her some shine and shade throw on Tchalla. When they should be grateful he didn't execute them for what they did. And they are shiit now.

The whole DM order is shiit, they went from punking bw, taking on thugs who have guns and punking them without killing them, taking down ninjas, taking on Doom bots powered my mystical Vibranium, and holding off an army for an hour while being outnumbered 6 to 1 and repelling the Black order... To being punked by the HZ (not necessarily bad because they are Elite's too, but this was a curb stomp) talk about serve in all ways, Being bred by men to be given to other men, wishing they were in new york,
stupidly kill a chieftain when they should be more then capable of subduing him, and then Blame T'Challa despite the fact that they kept information From him..

Seriously T'Challa needs the infinity gauntlet to reverse this garbage of run out of existence

Nah. We just need Coates off the book. IT'S THE WRITER who screwed the formerly outstanding in all ways, wonderful and necessary DM, and M.A. Keep them. Just jettison Coates. ASAP. Before he finds something else hallowed in BP lore to screw up.

He mess around and retcon T'Chaka into a womanizing philanderer, and have T'Challa's new nemesis be a half-White mutant sister from freakin Selene, The Black Queen of The Hellfire Club. Who dissed T'Chaka after she beat him up and dragged him into her bedchamber. Then drugged and bedded him. And then he'd write T'Challa feeling inadequate and probably apologizing to Selene and her daughter as the daughter beats him down, only for T'Challa to be saved by Shuri, Storm and the DM. [ Better stop, before I give Coates ideas ].

 Coates' Season 2 is better than Season 1 [ watching offal dry is better than his Season 1 ], but we haven't seen THE REAL T'CHALLA yet. And we won't see him, under Coates' pen.

The only way the DM can be saved is by essentially ignoring Coates story all together. They aren't interesting enough to be separate from T'challa (Which is Coates AND marvels fault for stupidly thinking that after 4-5 months after their debut, they would be popular enough to sport their own spin off, rather then doing the smart thing and making the spin off expand more on T'Challa or Shuri even, BP wow could of been an explosively action packed story showcases ON PANEL the events on TRO that the main book didn't show) and have their own order. They need to go back to beign royal body guards, as they had a specific position. They protected the royal family and where this badass all female elite fighting group, an The HZ were the Black ops group. Noe the DM are.... Rulers of the Jabari lands? That they exterminated another tribe for and apparently were responsible for the deaths of "Legions" of people and they get off with a Stern talking to? Bullshiit. I remember a time when Wakandan loss of life from another Wakandan meant Death or atleast banishment. Yet they not only avoid the death sentence, they avoid banishment AND now rule the Jabari Lands... No wonder they gonna keep Shade throwing on T'challa, he has no guts.

The only way i could see a new writer being able to work something out is for this "deal" made between T'Challa and Aneka requiring that, they can have their freedom to live where ever and and do whatever, but when he calls on them, they Answer regardless. Or that of the order there were some who willingly decided to stay with in the golden city with T'Challa and the royal family *Cough* Okeye and Nakia 10-12 years aged*  to operate as the Body guards for the king on their own.

Ayo and Aneka are boring ass chracters who i will be glad when they fall into Limbo, and would be even happier to see the return of the OG DM as they were by and far better and were ride or die for T'Challa. Not up on some bullshiit No One Man crap.

Could the MA have been interesting? Sure, they could of, the break away from the Royal family migth of worked better as a later story arc after T'Challa had been established as well as Wakanda, as the greats they are, and maybe after some development and change in the execution of the arc, could made for a good story.. But at this point the MA are Crap, the DM order is ruined to me and Coates needs to gtfo

See, bruh, ALL OF YOUR POINTS ARE VALID. But they're only valid because of your [ not quite 2 Seasons old ] perspective on Coatesverse BP. Before that? With Priest and R to the H? The DM and the M.A. [ one of several Maberry inventions that were actually freakin good ] are all on point.

Man. Imagine what Priest [ who is imo the best at taking Z-List characters and making them hella interesting ], RH or even Spencer got his hands on them. Allat Coatesverse stuff? Outta here and turned into something interesting. Stuff we didn't agree with in TRO and Battleworld? Take it because it happened. Don't erase it. But then spin it so that it brings out more positivity for TChalla. I mean, let's keep it real. After that Infinity Gauntlet stuff? The main universal megapowers will have their "eyes" on T'Challa. That's the main reason that I think that T'Challa is indispensable to a team like Ewings' ULTIMATES.

 In my new upcoming fanfic? I kept every letter of the Coatesverse garbage. Know why? It's canon [ I dislike ejecting continuity only slightly less than I dislike continuity porn ] that can be spun into something insanely dope from an actually creative writer's perspective who loves OUR T'Challa, the REAL Black Panther. As someone here so APTLY put it? Coatesverse BP is The BLAND Panther.

Put on your creativity cap. How can Coatesverse vomit be re-spun into dopeness for all involved?

I can think of a few answers right now. That AREN'T in my fanfic so they're not spoiling anything. What If...

...The big universal powers [ Eternity, Death, The Celestials, Cosmic Cubes, the surviving Molecule Men, etc ] decided to get together and prevent another coming of The Beyonders [ because the Reality Molecule Bombs weren't enough to wipe The Beyonders out, only weaken them ]. This decision would have all kinds of ramifications, and includes the reunion of Reed, TChalla and Tony [ we all know tht if Tony could and did digitize his own mind and consciousness, he'd think having a bunch of perfect human Tony Stark bodies for his mind to inhabit hanging around "just in case" is right up his alley; in this case his "Tony Stark bodies" would literally function as his multiple multipurpose suits of armor would function ] wit hthe mighty powers listed above. It would explain why Tony didn't just have his consciousness hop into a standard issue backup "Tony Stark" body and keep on keepin on the way he always has done.

Tony didn't do that "Tony Stark In New Custom Built Tony Stark Body" Invasion of The Stark Body Snatchers technique on Earth because his main consciousness [ which is simultaneously downloading all the experiences of his satellite consciousnesses in various realities ] is with Reed and T'Challa, gallivanting around various Realities to save us all. But Reed Tony and T'Challa aren't alone in this task. They're receiving help from:

-The Council of Reeds
-The Silver Surfer
-The Space Knights [ yall remember ROM? ]
-The Nova Corps

At some point? Stuff got handled enough to allow T'Challa to return to the 616 to face and defeat other severe threats that're coming our way.

So. What does this have to do with Coatesverse Rape Camps and No One Man? Everything, of course.

The Orishas and Elder Gods [ Maat style ] of Wakanda were part of this here "Save All Multiverses Plan", but a few of them and other gods from other realities got greedy. Saw opporutinities for them to come up and increase their own powers. Started a war amongst themselves. It was they who ahd Teh Rape Camps jumped off, because The Rape Camps were actually Desecration Grounds whose horrors performed ritually for The Rogue Orishas literally increased their powers. Allowed The Rogue Orishas to not only fight with but get the edge over the Good Orishas. That's why the Good Orishas weren't on deck for Wakanda... they had everything they could do just to survive not being stomped out by the treacherous Rogue Orishas. But TGO [ The Good Orishas ] already had contingency plans in place for The Rogues...

So how could allat up there be true, if T'Challa is here on Earth making terrible showings against the bad guys? Answer: Happy Pants Panther...still recovering from the debilitating effects of The Brain handling biz on Earth. It has to be HPP. No form of doppleganger could get past Wakanda's defenses, AND fool Ororo, Shuri, Ramonda, TPG, etc. So it has to be the real T'Challa. Either our HPP or the real T'Challa from a different timeline. I'm leaning toward HPP. The Brain Aneurysm could explain his hesitancy and unusual lack of instant fully correct, Machiavellia-WISH-he-was-this-nice multitiered planning from jump. It took everything HPP had to keep himself from being crushed by pain that kills even the ability to think at all.

It also explains why Zawaviri and Mendinao weren't on deck at all in Coatesverse Season 1. Shady Zawaviri [ who on the low is helping the rogue faction of Orishas; these Orishas btw also adopted Malice and Achebe  ] and moral Mendinao were fully engaged in helping HPP overcome the brain aneurysm. The more the trio of them succeeded against The Brain Aneurysm? The more HPP was able to bust out his regular magnificent fly T'Challa feats. Until? Middle of Coatesverse Season 2? We got T'Challa back with a extra zing, because fully Aneurysm Free HPP is literally T'Challa+ ESP and Clairvoyance. Which falls right in line with the powers of the previous Panthers that T'Challa can call upon at will, as King of the Dead.

So why didn't they bring The Ancient Future Shuri in on the plan? Shuri already knew, once she got her Ancient Future on. And she was down with it. This kind of stuff is part of the stories of their people, and part of the wisdom of The Dahlia. So she saw zero unusual about this, because this is how they used to always ride on suckas. See? 

And all that above realigns the DM and the M.A. The DM serve multitiered functions. Yes, they keep the peace in Wakanda, literally by existing and keeping the multiple factions from jumping down each others' throats. Yes, they are ceremonial wives. But they are also literally living embodiments of the stories and lessons of ancient Wakanda from hundreds of thousands if not nearly a million years ago. They are the women who are the flesh and blood embodiment of some of the wisdom of our people, the very wisdom and stories and powers that The Dahlia literally exists to continue and protect. In that one act? We have simultaneously the rigorous reasons why they as the bodyguards of the King and the glue cementing the nation together must continue to exist as they are, AND we have the foundation for them to become something else. They lost some of their story and power...and allowed various opportunities for chicanery by evil deities as a direct result, the fuller extent of said chicanery being revealed in later issues...due to the successful machinations of Elder Gods like Anubis, that's why the whole "No One Man" thing happened at all. The return of their knowledge comes slowly but inevitably with the rise of The Ancient Future and her return to her people. "No One Man" EVER held all the power. And Wakanda is a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY. No Republic needed. They just forgot their stories...more accurately, had those stories and powers stripped from them...until The Ancient Future returned and made things right.

Which of course pissed Mephisto off to no end. He was bout tuh get his revenge on, for the last shellacking that T'Challa gave him. You know Mephisto is bout it bout it on the revenge tip. But Fisto ain't solo. Having learned from the last mollywhopping he received, and knowing that The Golden City is still the main shield of humanity protecting Earth and Magic even AFTER the invasion of the magic killers making Doctor Strange's life a mess and killing all of the magic on Earth [ except that in Wakanda ]? He teamed up with a cabal of bad guys to finally finish the job for real.

The Maker
Killmonger [ amped by the Rogue Orisha into an even deadlier form of himself ]
Baron Macabre
The Red Priests, corruptions of Hickman's Black Priests

All sorts of merriment and mayhem ensue.

And that, folks, is just one way to spin something amazing from the vomit of Coatesverse BP Season 1.
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