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Technology / Re: GAMERS THREAD
« Last post by Mastrmynd on Today at 10:51:03 am »
It doesn't work offline AT ALL?
i'm still getting one. I'm team Xbox.
And Scorpio's specs are supposed to be bananas. I forget how beefy it'll be, but they are definitely shooting for 4K supremacy.
The new Mass Effect is coming soon. I must have my One by the release date.
WTF!?!  I can't with Marvel Comics and their Secretive Empire!?!


Black Panther / Re: Black Panther #11 SPOILERS and Discussion
« Last post by CvilleWakandan on Yesterday at 06:29:49 am »
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Better writing and pacing. Nice cameos. Overall a let down. He hyped up a big desperate fight for survival and we got a scrimmage at the front gate. If Wakandas basic military was this weak, how could they fight off anything. No equipment from the end of #10 used, so what was the point of the build up? This run does nothing but make you think Wakanda is a small village that is lightly populated. But Stelfreeze's art would make you think otherwise. It lacks continuity within itself. I thinks Coates's biggest problem may be that he thinks too small.
Other Comics / KFA: Kicking Furry Ass Vol 1
« Last post by Blanks on Yesterday at 06:12:25 am »

KFA: Kicking Furry Ass
A Furry Convention is overrun by Nephilum Demons in the guise of anthropomorphic animals with the intent of corrupting humanity with a ‘Furry Virus’ to turn humanity into ‘Furry Demons’. A group of unconventional soldiers is sent in to stop them, one way or another.

Okay, so my new comic book, KFA, KICKING FURRY ASS(C) drops today online. Its only available in print at the moment (still awaiting approval from Comixology and Peep Game Comix for Digital Comic Format). It's a 100 page book, with 84 pages of story that I wrote, pencilled and inked. I colored the cover. At the link below there are three or four preview pages.

Black Panther / Re: The Ultimate, New Black Panther, New Black Power???
« Last post by Ture on Yesterday at 06:12:01 am »
While I'll not contest Ewing's iteration of the Black Panther is superior to Coatesverse Panther the fact remains that in this era of Panther mania there is little to be pleased with concerning the Black Panther in comic books. Ewing  has shown T'Challa doing more talking and chaufering than his being scientific genius, brilliant tactian or proficient lethal warrior.

It is only in contrast to Coatesverse Panther that Ewing's version shines. To speak to this matter Ewing could have as easily shown T'Challa's tech at the very least matching Spitfire's. Instead we get T'Challa on his back and then being stripped of his wearable computer. He is left with nothing but his drawers. Even Priest had to have T'Challa butt naked pushing up against Ross to escape one of Achebe's death trap.

And this wearable computer... what an empty concept to apply to the Black Panther; as if to imply this is cutting edge. Ironman, Dr Doom, Reed Richards, hell, even Spitfire all wear computers. The fact that T'Challa has to even use his hands to operate Kimoyo instead of doing so mentally or even verbally speaks volumes on Wakanda's and Black Panther's technological superiority.

This why I keep saying there is this Fear of a Black Panther. I don't see a consistent portrayal of a Black Panther that has actualized his potential. For the most part, post his introduction by Lee and Kirby, his potential has been squandered, down played or used for comic relief.

I guess this is where we have different idea's. As I see it, only Coates is the one not with the program with Tchalla in the MU (of course this is the big issue because it's his Solo and goons and meta humans which vague power levels are giving him this much trouble) while other writers are doing Right. Deadpool vs Black Panther Tchalla kicks Wade's ads in his own book and he kicks his as hard. In Spidey Peter comments that only a few people can get past his spider sense and comments that Tchallas senses are superior then his spider sense in the fact that he was predicting where his opponent was going to be before they knew. Cho vs Tchalla was a good fight as well despite him kinda losing.

Ewing has shown: Tchalla outsmart Galactus and cure him. Stagger Thanos, fry Thanos brain without any prep and using resources from the jail that held anti man. In CoC Tchalla took out 2-3 symbiods who possed powers of venom and hit as hard as sentry, and Tchalla has modified his daggers to match the frequency and power of Carol's nonbinary blasts. Which was subtly hinting (of Ewing goes that route) a world's finest between Carol and Tchalla, insinuating that he has studied her power and if chose so, he can shut her down.
As for Kimoyo, I feel it's more so artist the writer, Rocafort showed Kimoyo as a super cool looking wearable immersive computer whereas now it looks a little more basic. But Kimoyo was never a combatant oriented computer. Even in Priest's and Hudlins run, the most offensive thing was a EMP. Ewing had it communicating with Galactus advanced computer.

And I get in This fight it was kinda cheesy that Kimoyo was shut down too easily but at the same time everyone in that issue was getting their asses kicked, and we have been saying we want to see Tchalla as a badass not just relying on Tech and gear but with h2h as well. I feel this next Issue we are gonna see the warrior side we haven't seen much of in awhile but have been requesting.

Deadpool vs Black Panther came off as comic relief. T'Challa's senses being superior to Spiderman's is another throw away as it has no historical precedent. Not the least of which it was presented in a Spidey Super Stories book. The Black Panther v the Awesome Hulk would have been a good fight if T'Challa just used his Coatesverse Black Panther costume and modified the force push to absorb or more accurately shunt Cho's gamma radiation and then actually have the Black Panther teleport the Hulk to the Everywhere Room dimension, with assistance coming from Wakandan techs not S.H.I.E.L.D. The Black Panther's "Hulkbuster armor was an unorginal, one shot, plot device.

These so called victories seem shallow. Contest of Champions symbiods... throw away characters. If T'Challa and team Wakanda cured Galactus I'd be happy. If T'Challa and team Wakanda took out Thanos I'd be happy. T'Challa didn't even display any enmity towards Thanos. The fact that the writer left that out says something. Tchalla's modified energy daggers matching the frequency and power of Carol's nonbinary blasts is ok but the real comes when they go toe to toe and that aint happen yet.

I feel you Ezyo but to me these are crumbs from the table, meaningless scraps that in BP's reality were never truly meant elevate him. These event possess the same hollowness as T'Challa joining the Illuminati which made no sense. Becoming one of the Illuminati did not demonstrate the advance tactical awareness or the long range strategic planning T'Challa is supposed to be in possession of. If the writers were truly invested in the Black Panther they would have written him manipulating the Illuminati and forming the Ultimates.

I want to read a consistent trans Priest level Black Panther. Nothing else will satisfy me.
On top of that CvilleWakandan we got this to look forward to.

• The Wakandan gods have been silent for too long and T’Challa has no answers for his people.
• T’Challa communes with the spirits of former Black Panthers for insight and all roads lead to a man from  T’Challa’s past…
• ...but first T’Challa must deal with the mind-warping DOCTOR FAUSTUS!

Editorial is really digging in the crates so Coates can write another episode of an ineffectual and dysfunctional Black Panther. Doctor Faustus...really? What, is he T'Challa's psychiatrist? That cover is speaks volumes. They could have brought back King Cadaver to play mind games.
Black Panther / Black Panther #11 SPOILERS and Discussion
« Last post by The Wakandan on Yesterday at 12:25:15 am »
BP #11 is out today. Hence this thread.

Will post my thoughts on this issue later on.
Hard Choices / Re: super strength vs. super speed
« Last post by Reginald Hudlin on February 21, 2017, 09:52:36 pm »
Even presuming the super strength comes with a minimum of durability, I think the tactical advantages of super speed makes you a more dangerous opponent.  And will be a lot of fun.   And if your healing rate and thinking rate increases, it's definitely the way to go.

New solicitations are out. No World of Wakanda listed, except for the first six issues collected in TPB
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