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Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« Last post by Emperorjones on Today at 04:07:46 pm »
I hope I can do a mini-marathon of this and Justice League this weekend.  We'll see.
seen it 3 times in 4 days, today was IMAX which had two big Black Panther displays

For a brief period at the theater I go to the most, they had a poster of Black Panther beside John Boyega fronting the Pacific Rim 2 movie. That was pretty cool to see.
Latest Flicks / The Shape of Water, Monsters & Love
« Last post by Tanksleyd on Today at 02:28:21 pm »
Except for the blood, gore and sex
This takes the 1950's monster
And transforms into love
A chick flick for sure
But a little more
Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (Spoilers)
« Last post by True Father 7 on Today at 02:11:54 pm »
I checked out The Last Jedi last night. Itís better than The Force Awakens, but not as good as Rogue One. I think Iíve fallen out of love with Star Wars. The Last Jedi was chock full of action, a dash of romance, and humor (some of it poorly inserted), but I was rarely moved by most of it. It was like a bunch of nice looking action scenes and wow moments stitched together on an assembly line with no guiding creative vision behind it. I havenít figured out what this second trilogy is supposed to be about. In truth, I donít really think itís about anything but making more money for Disney.

I do think The Last Jedi did attempt to address some of the problems in TFA. Most of the new young actors got more development and/or more scenes, for good or ill. Also, Snoke mocked Ren a bit for being a Vader fanboy, we got more of Poe doing derring-do, more Phasma, Rey was less of a Mary Sue, and Finn was less of a walking stereotype, so those things were good in a sense, but not enough to make me care about these characters. In fact, my estimation of Poe went down a bit. Thereís also several new characters added to the saga, the chief one being Rose, one of the X-wing mechanics, who gets a sizable role in this film.

The new sequel seems to love bringing down the original trilogy heroes, and itís odd to me that many of these filmmakers likely grew up idolizing Luke, Leia, and Han, and Disney certainly wants to make as much money as possible on those characters and all of the other characters too. Yet, I feel that itís almost like the filmmakers, with Disneyís consent, see the original trilogy heroes like a child who gets older and starts to see the flaws in their parents. I also wonder if the sequel trilogy is really almost anti-Lucas in a sense, though itís so drenched in nostalgia, itís hard to see. That perhaps there is a cynicism about public figures, about societal heroes, about institutions, and that todayís audience, and the filmmakers, are too hip to buy pure heroism, so the heroes have to be taken down, dirt has to be thrown on them, that institutions are corrupt or grow corrupt over time.

Lucas did present those ideas in his prequel films, to some extent, though I think his take on Star Wars was more hopeful. The word Ďhopeí is mentioned more than once in The Last Jedi, like a mantra, but I didnít really feel it was that genuine. Certainly the film had heroic moments and the final scene speaks to its professions of hope for the future, but Iím not quite buying it yet. The Last Jedi also touched on the moral relativism that reared its head in Rogue One as well.

There is no end credit scene for TLJ. There is a brief acknowledgment for Carrie Fisher though in the closing credits.

What I liked about the film:
-The cinematography looked great. Itís a gorgeous looking film, maybe the best looking of any of the Star Wars films.
-The special effects were pretty good.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
-Snoke. Snoke finally took on a menace that I felt was lacking in TFA. And he seemed to possess more power than even Palpatine.
-Character development. As I mentioned before, Johnson moved the saga in the right direction by building up the core characters more. I still think there is work to be done, but it was a good step.
-Force bond: I thought that was a really neat way to build on the Ren/Rey connection.
-Yoda: Itís always great to see him again. I was hoping to see other Force ghosts as well, but alas.
-The Resistance. The Resistance feels more like a ragtag, desperate group than the Rebel Alliance did in the original films, or even the Resistance in TFA.

What I didnít like about the film:
Spoiler (click to reveal)
-Time: It was confusing for me to figure out how soon this movie happened after TFA. The opening crawl seemed to suggest that there had been more battles as the First Order was crushing the Resistance, but after the big space battle at the start of the film, it jumps right to Rey handing the lightsaber to Luke. It felt like there should have been more passage of time than that, time enough to allow the First Order to regroup after losing Starkiller Base.
-Plot: There wasnít a lot of story in this movie that was two hours and thirty minutes. And I felt some of it was tacked on just because of that running time and also to stuff it with more action and Ďhumorí scenes.
-Humor: Some was fine, but some was too contemporary and done for an immediate cheap laugh. I also think some was meant to be a bit shocking or daring, or to make the story feel more unpredictable than it really was. I also think the film was at times too self-aware for its own good.
-First Order: The opening crawl sets them up as being more formidable than they were in TFA. But the first scene shows them to be pretty incompetent and that doesnít change for most of the film. I donít buy Hux as a great general. In fact, TLJ decided to go the comedy route with him, weakening him even further. I thought Kylo Ren was better handled this time around, but still Iím not buying him as a leader. Heís still got to get his weight up. Also, the First Orderís tendency to play with the Resistance instead of crushing them when they have the chance just made them look even more weaker. Their behavior felt more plot dictated than organic.
-Snokeís demise. While his death was a nice surprise and the way he went was pretty cool, I felt this was ultimately a waste of a character. There was really nothing to him because the film didnít explain who he was or where he came from before axing him. So all he remains is a low-rent Palpatine. And that sucks because the film was building him up to be very powerful in the Force. However, his powers-like many Jedi throughout the saga-are very plot dictated. I had read a rumor before seeing the film that Snoke was possibly the first Jedi. That is not revealed in the film, but I wish they had gone that route since they ruled out Darth Plageuis. With Snoke gone there isnít a really strong villain for the next film.
-Poe: He was way too rash. Perhaps Disney feels it needs to fill the role of Han Solo, but I felt that Dameron was at times too pushy.
-Finn: Johnson did better by Finn than Abrams. That being said, there was still the broad comedy that was at Finnís expense, he still kept getting taken down in fights, mostly by women in a way to emasculate him. Another way that was done was with the character Rose. Rose was often bossing him around and then she denied him his big sacrificial moment, the time when he had fully shed his fear of the First Order. The plus side is that she cares for him, said she loved him, and even kissed him, but I did notice that sheís the forceful one more so than him. Finn was still Rey crazy at first, but that was tempered somewhat. And I thought it was interesting when they showed Rey watching as Finn was checking in on an injured Rose. I couldnít read her expression. I canít say it was jealousy on Reyís part, but perhaps satisfaction that Finn had found someone, or that maybe he would stop hounding her. And Finn finally got a big win on Phasma, a pretty much unqualified win, so that was pretty cool.
-Reyís parents: I hope itís just a fake out, but the reveal that Reyís parents were nobodies just felt anticlimactic. So much speculation had been built up over that, especially because of TFAís focusing on it, and TLJ focused on it as well.
-Canto Blight: The casino world that Finn and Rose go to just felt like padding. And the alien designs werenít that interesting.
-DJ: Though Benecio Del Toro added a stutter to his performance-something I donít recall any Star Wars character having before-I was hoping for more with his character. And there might be in the next film, but I wish it had been more here. As it stands, he was there to show that both the Resistance and First Order had bloody hands and to betray Finn and Rose. But we never got the change of heart that we did with Lando. And that perhaps was Johnson trying to flip things again, but doing what was unexpected.
-Vice Admiral Holdo. I think they wasted Laura Dern in this role. I also didnít like that she wasnít in a uniform. She was dressed more like a Senator. I wish they had made her a First Order admiral or something instead. And she was there to also to flip expectations, sacrificing herself in a scene that normally wouldíve had Leia doing it.
-Iím iffy on Luke here. I can see why Mark Hamill had some issues with Rian Johnsonís take on his character. I will give points that the film does lay out why Luke went into exile, providing some reasoning for it. Still I wish that they had went another route with him. And it sucks that we so far have never really seen Luke just cut loose with that lightsaber. Also, the scene with Luke drinking alien breast milk was very unneeded.
-Lightsaber battles: The best was a team-up of Rey and Ren versus Snokeís bodyguards. It wasnít the greatest fight in the saga, but it was decent and had at least one cool moment to it. And it was a lightsaber fight that was badly needed. I think the sequel trilogy is trying to go for the less action, more emotion of the original filmsí lightsaber battles, but the characters havenít earned that yet. The battle between Ren and Luke was a disappointment, but I get why they went that route.
-Space battles: The space battles werenít the best here. There was a good heroic last stand on the desert planet at the end, but for the most part the space combat scenes are not going to be hallmarks of the saga.
-Bigger is not always better. I think one of the many problems with the sequels is just having bigger starships, bigger weapons, etc. And itís not just about that. I mean Rogue Oneís Krennic, a bureaucrat, radiated more menace than Hux. Itís not about the position, itís about the actors, the material they are given, and the tone. I still feel that too many of the new sequel characters are just kids playing dress up.

How I rank the Star Wars live-action films:
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Episode IV: A New Hope
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Empire Strikes Back
The Last Jedi
Return of the Jedi
A New Hope
Rogue One
The Force Awakens
Revenge of the Sith
Attack of the Clones
Phantom Menance
Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« Last post by True Father 7 on Today at 02:01:33 pm »
I hope I can do a mini-marathon of this and Justice League this weekend.  We'll see.
seen it 3 times in 4 days, today was IMAX which had two big Black Panther displays
This is disgusting and fascinating all at the same time.

nothing new.
Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
« Last post by True Father 7 on Today at 01:58:17 pm »
Such a fantastic movie in which just about every character had a major moment. Hard to pick the best, from Luke punking his nephew to seeing Leia use the force (so many scenes of hers all the more moving due to her passing) Chewie flying the Falcon like a boss with no copilot (when Lando going to show up by the way?) Poe Dameron a beast in that X Wing as well, Yoda still schooling Luke on the sciences of life, Holdon's sacrifice, Finn against Phasma, Rose saving Finn, Rose's sister with her sacrifice, even frackin' BB8 in that walker. But Kylo f*ckin' Ren man, can't believe that's what Han and Leia gave birth too, that boy got issues though, lol. This is the satisfaction I been waiting on from a Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi
We've come really far though, my fellow Wakandans



I still remember looking at that first image in disbelief that this was happening. It was the kind of disbelief that was calm and it just didn't fully register in my head yet how much I had wanted this.

I'll be honest, I was unsure about a lot of stuff, like Chadwick's casting, the look of the costume, Coogler being picked to direct and so on. But ever since that shot of T'Challa running faster than Cap, jumping over a car and slashing the tyres of Bucky's bike, I KNEW I was going to be blown away.

I'm still shocked how good Ryan, Hannah Bleacher and the rest of the production team have made Wakanda look. I love that there was clear and extensive research done on several African tribes to take inspiration from their looks to differentiate the aesthetics of each Wakandan tribe. That's what really impresses the most. It's authentic, yet very creative and badass in it's own right. Now all I need is this movie to have a good script. I feel like this could be Marvel's best made film in terms of overall quality.
Much success to'em.
Still prefer the linear and intricate designs interlace within the CW suit, but the new one is getting better with each render pass.
Awesome blindwedjat just awesome.

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