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Singer Ne-Yo Knows 'Tekken' Better than 'Madden'
« on: September 03, 2012, 08:17:21 am »

Singer Ne-Yo Knows 'Tekken' Better than 'Madden'
9:14 AM PDT 8/31/2012 by John Gaudiosi

The Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter knows how to deliver virtual punches in the Tekken and Street Fighter games.

Shaffer Chimere Smith is best known by R&B fans as Ne-Yo. And to gamers, he may be their worst enemy if they happen upon him online in a game of Capcomís Street Fighter X Tekken. The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter recently took to the real gridiron to play flag football in the EA Sports Madden NFL 13 Pigskin Pro-Am alongside Brett Favre and other football legends on NBC. The singer loves to play games when heís not writing music or singing. He talks about his gaming prowess in the exclusive interview below.

The Hollywood Reporter: What was it like for you to be part of the NBC EA Sports Madden Pigskin Pro Am?

Ne-Yo: It was exciting. We had NFL Hall of Famers out there. The fact that I shared the field with them was super exciting.

THR: How big a Madden video game player are you?

Ne-Yo: Iím good, but not great at Madden. I have friends that their whole life is based around this video game. A shout out to them; theyíre extremely jealous that I played in this game and they didnít. Iím good at the game, but Iím more of a fighting and adventure games type guy.

THR: So what do you normally play?

Ne-Yo: Iím heavy into Max Payne 3. Thatís a good one. I like any of the fighting games and all of the Tekken and Street Fighter series. They just did Street Fighter X Tekken, and Iím huge on that one right now. Undefeated, currently.

THR: Whoís your go to fighter?

Ne-Yo: Ryu for Street Fighter, and for Tekken probably Paul Phoenix.

THR: And theyíre coming out with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this year, too.

Ne-Yo: I heard. Iím looking forward to that. Iím sitting in front of the store with everybody else waiting on that game. Oh, yeah. Um-hum.

THR: When you do play Madden, whoís your ďgo toĒ team?

Ne-Yo: Let me see; I normally go with the Falcons.

THR: Do you have a secret strategy that you like to use?

Ne-Yo: Not necessarily, which is probably why Iím not as good as the other guys at the game. I just go in and go for it, pass the ball, and pray that the guy Iím passing to catches it. Thatís pretty much it.

THR: Do you use the video game as preparation at all for the Pro Am game?

Ne-Yo: No. Actually, I went hard for a few weeks getting my knees right, and making sure that I can still catch and pass, and all that. I hadnít played football in a few years. Iím pretty quick. I think I was one of the quickest on the field, so my plan was to just outrun everybody. High knees; thatís what itís all about.

THR: At what point did you feel like Madden went beyond being a video game and became part of pop culture?

Ne-Yo: You know what? Madden is the closest thing to actually being on the field yourself. Itís so ridiculously realistic. Before I play it, I honestly didnít understand. ďWhatís all the hype? Itís a video game.Ē Then I sat down and played it, and you feel like youíre on the field. Itís that incredible. Kudos to the designers and programmers, because they did the most with this one. Absolutely.

THR: When it comes to looking back when you were playing as a kid, do you have a favorite Madden memory you can share with us?

Ne-Yo: No, a lot of losses. As I said, I have friends whose lives are dedicated to Madden. I play them in their game and let them beat the hell out of me, and then we play one of my games, and I win.

THR: What role do you feel video games play in music these days?

Ne-Yo: I feel like the two are starting to go hand-in-hand. The right song in the game might just make you play a little bit better; you never know.

THR: Would you like your music to be in any of the Street Fighter or Tekken games?

Ne-Yo: Come on, man, Iíll write a song specifically for it.  Let me know. Just make me a character in the game; the strongest character. Make me one of the bosses in the game, and Iíll write a song for the series. Iíll do it.

THR: Thatís a message straight to Capcom and Namco.

Ne-Yo: If youíre reading this, come on, I know what Iím doing. Trust me.

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