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INTRODUCING STAR IV BY: Mykisha Mac (New Book)

Candace Carpenter, a bashful social worker comes to find her true calling in a world filled with needless, gratuitous crime. At first, crime is forbidden and despised in her eyes, but later it becomes her main attraction. Candace Carpenter isn’t your ordinary human, she is Arcturus, the fourth star in the midnight sky and the brightest star of the Constellation Bootes.

Arcturus descends from the night sky to earth and lands on the porch of Carlos and Helen Carpenter, a couple who has been trying to conceive for years but never gets lucky at doing so. The Carpenters accepts the beautiful infant girl, whose eyes sparkles with flashes of bright light and raises her as their own. Candace grows up as a normal kid, not knowing who she really is or even having the slightest clue of where she came from. Instead, Candace is easily embarrassed and self consciously timid. Because of her own mishaps as a kid, Candace decides she wants to do whatever she can to help less fortunate kids so she becomes a Social Worker.
Candace’s daily thoughts are consumed with nothing else but helping victimized children with her expertise of Social Working, understanding, and a kind heart. Her calling and journey begins to unfold after one night of a mighty thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning shatters through her apartment, lacing her body with supernatural abilities. Candace wakes up the next morning to find herself dressed up as a seductive, edgy, vixen who she does not recognize. Everything about her appearance has changed. A distinctive voice of a woman named Asteria, begins to speak to her. The mysterious voice begins to tell her that she is the Goddess of fallen stars and someone who knew her before she was born. Asteria tells Candace her birth right is to be Arcturus, the fourth star, and from that day forward she is to be known as Star IV.

At first, Candace doesn’t trust the voice, but later she learns to appreciate it. After becoming acquainted with Asteria, Candace begins to whole heartedly trust what the Goddess of fallen stars is sent to do; enlighten her and to teach her everything she needs to know to complete her missions. Asteria teaches Star IV to trust the power she already possesses along with the supernatural powers she is given.

Once Candace answers her true calling as Star IV, she waste no time at confronting crime with a vengeance. Her heart’s compassion shines like a beacon of light towards abused children. Any one who harms them takes a willing risk of  becoming her archenemy. In a blink of an eye she is transformed from kind and tender to a vicious vixen. She goes against her principles and begins to embrace her dark side, only to learn that darkness is in the eye of its beholder. Once she feast her eyes upon her prey, nothing or no one is able to stop her. Crime against children makes her behave furiously.

After Candace’s transformation and her obliging to her calling as Star IV, her killer instincts conflicts with her obligation to save the innocent. She finds herself  battling with discernment about good verses evil, a head space that she never imagined she, Candace Carpenter the timid social worker, would ever be. She begins to question her own motives to help a world that she once saw as troubled and evil and now she too, among child abusers and crooks, can’t decide which one she is.

Pyper, a perplexed orphan shows up unexpectantly at the adoption agency, where Candace works at looking for her. Sam, Candace’s obnoxious bully boss goes ballistic. He tells Candace that she is behaving inappropriately by getting attached to what he calls, “disturbed kids who are damaged goods” and it’s beginning to affect her work. He advises Candace to get her act together or the disturbed kids were going to cost her, her job. Sam questions Pyper’s motives by showing up at the agency after she’d already been placed with a family. Candace too begins to question Pyper’s motives.  She even disappoints Pyper by telling her she has to put and end to all of the excuses and stop being a menace to society. Pyper get’s pissed off and storms out of Sam’s office and no one sees or hears from her since.

 Candace begins to feel as though she may have been a little too hard on Pyper’s already wounded heart, causing an even greater insult to injury. Being a social worker is rewarding but obviously just isn’t enough. Children are still being mistreated and committing crime appears to be inevitable for the wicked. It’s the only destiny they know and their only circumstance and condition in life. Candace hates that and her man hunt for Pyper begins and she gambles with a risky and daring adventure without any regards.

As Candace Carpenter, who becomes Star IV, vengefully takes on a world filled with child abusers, drunk drivers, bank robbers, and  mobsters, a heart throb  name Jason tries to get her attention but she’s too busy taking the law into her own hands too even take notice.

With Pyper still missing, and all the troubles she has somehow managed to get herself into, Star IV begins to feel the heat from her killer instincts. She believes she’s choosing her battles wisely when inadvertently she’s digging a hole for herself. Star IV contentiously takes on any and everyone who gets in her way, even her boss Sam. Sam figures out where Pyper is hiding and attempts to teach Candace a lesson by reporting Pyper to the authorities. He knows Candace has become personally attached to the troubled teenage girl and it is willing to make her suffer at any cost. Sam wants to send Candace and Pyper a message loud and clear. When Candace finds out what Sam has done he too then puts himself directly in Star IV’s belligerent wrath.


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Set for release in the begining of 2013
Mykisha Mac