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« on: March 02, 2013, 03:24:40 pm »

Have you grown up or spent time living with someone considered 'disabled' by the public/government?

I have lived with some many people who had either physical or mental impairment that I believe it to be a normal circumstance.  Recently, I've run into more folks who don't share that experience and it is a difficult cultural bridge for me to cross.  My new connections tend to shun and belittle folks they perceive as 'disabled', or (perhaps worse) get silent and awkward while trying to be tolerant around 'the handicapped.'

Their entire approach upsets my stomach, and I've never had to try and educate 'the able bodied' about the problems their preconceptions may carry.  I've done some work in 'Disability Studies' but the field is generally so new that the work is often too narrow to apply to the situations I encounter.

One key concept I've come across is the idea that 'all ability is temporary' ... essentially, that everyone is 'disabled' to some degree at different points in their lives.

If anyone here has additional thoughts on getting folks who are uncomfortable with amputees, XXY folks, CP or other different forms of human existence, please share them.

Thanks in advance.
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