Author Topic: A list for Black comics geeks (a.k.a stop ignoring Black indie creators)  (Read 1795 times)

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A lot of Black comics geeks will say: "I want to support indie Black creators, but I don't know who they are or what they produce."

Here's an excellent guide for those looking for new independent graphic novels and comics series made by Black writers. The material is as diverse as they folks who created them; it's not all "Black to Africa" stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that) and we've got to stop assuming the worst and support our creators of color. See for yourself.

Also, this brother, Chace, wrote some excellent words in regard to why he put this list together. I LOVE what he had to say:

"It took me awhile to accept it, but I have. They (Marvel and DC) don't care about us. That's why I said I took issue with the statement in the original blog about how we 'have to take what we can get' from Marvel and DC. I know I'm probably taking it worse than what the writer actual meant, but it is a frustration I have with Black/POC comic-book fans, whose sole focus is on the so-called Big Two and so are constantly complaining about the lack of diversity, yet they keep buying the comics, thereby insuring that the Big Two have no reason to change!

And so they keep complaining, yet get excited for every tiny little token stab at diversity that the Big Two does. "Oh look! DC's adding a transgender character to Batgirl!" (which MILESTONE did over 20 years ago), or "Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League!" Whoopee.

I mean, I checked the CBR Marvel forum and they still have a 160+ page thread about BLUE MARVEL, with the same small group of Black fans all coming up with ways Blue Marvel could be used, and while complaining that Marvel isn't doing anything. The thread's been going on for like 4 years, yet they really do think they have some influence, and that by talking about the character that means Marvel MIGHT use him someday.

Meanwhile we've got books like the ones on my list AND the ones on the new Black Heroes list, and these fans aren't talking about those

Also, can't forget this excellent piece by Hannibal Tabu:
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I remember when the “Brother Man” comics came out & I scrambled to make sure I had every issue. I did the same for  Hudlin, McDuffie, Lashley, MileStone & a few others. Several years ago (early to mid 2K), I fell out of the loop on what’s going on with black comic creators.  My buddies & I had our own semi-book-club or comic-book-club. Now, we don’t see each other as often, but when we do I appreciate their recommendations. I appreciate it on the HEF too. Thanks Everybody!

That’s why I joined the HEF. Well, Supa-Cat(BP) (and Storm) actually brought me here. I thought it would be like an on-line comic-book-club. It is… but now I realize it’s much more. I’ve never been more impressed by the talent here on the HEF & as a gallery-art-veteran I’ve been surrounded by creative people my entire career.

Some say the “two heads” don’t care. I just think they don’t have any real balls. I don’t think the black independents have much balls either. Rappers make whole songs addressing the ‘shadiness’ in the music industry. Rappers don’t save their complaints for interviews or articles… they include the commentary in their art. Rappers know labels don’t run sh*t… the fans do. Black comic creators seem to only be interested in the integrity of their own work (as they should be). If the industry lacks the same level of integrity then these same independent creators are the “nice-girls” at a party full of ‘skeezers‘. Yes, I said skeezers! Indeed, they wanna be the good-girls but nice-girls will continue to complain while the chicks with the biggest boobs get all the fan-boys.     

I wish independent black creators acted more like rappers. I know, I know, the comic industry is sacred territory. If I’m out of line, this too shall pass.

who needs who?
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Cool list. I have about half of it so far. The only one I hadn't heard of was Big Hitters.