Author Topic: My Bitch Bad!  (Read 900 times)


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My Bitch Bad!
« on: May 10, 2013, 11:41:01 pm »
I'm talking about my female dog... Gotcha!

Tonight she had her first confirmed kill... A possum!

After a years worth of getting clowned by two cats that rotate mocking my dog by invading her territory and leaping the fence when she chases them the game has been changed!

One night we had raccoons by the pool and she went crazy trying to get out the back to rep her hood but it was late at night and I aint cleaning up all that hot ghetto mess so we let that ride!

There are squirrels now flirting with death eating the fruit off the two fruit tress on the side of the house so if they get caught slipping and fall to their doom that's on them!

The smell of death from the blood I had to hose down should send a message that it is on and popping in the backyard for whatever varmint wants beef!

She is a german shepherd and lab mix which means that she is not sure if she should attack me for being black or fetch my slippers... Decisions... Decisions...

Anyone else here at HEF got dogs or pets that put it down for the team while patrolling the household?

Share your stories of the hunt or even those less mild and of the sweet cuddly nature!

You want some of this!!! 8)