Author Topic: Pope Francis Condemns Economic Inequality: ‘We Want A Just System'  (Read 1219 times)

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Pope Francis Condemns Economic Inequality: ‘We Want A Just System That Helps Everyone’

Meeting with a group of unemployed workers, Pope Francis abandoned his prepared text on Sunday to make some of his strongest remarks against economic inequality.

Later, he spoke to a crowd of thousands where he condemned the idolization of the “god of money.” “To defend this economic culture, a throwaway culture has been installed,” he said “We throw away grandparents, and we throw away young people. We have to say no to his throwaway culture. We want a just system that helps everyone.”

This approach, Francis said, marginalizes the young and old, causing those who suffer the most to “fall away,” creating a “hidden euthanasia” that neglects the poor elderly.

Francis spoke at Sardinia, an island off of Italy’s coast and a site of vast income inequality between its cities and resort beaches. The island has been a location for massive protests against extreme European budget-cutting. Francis himself has condemned austerity policies and instead encouraged lawmakers to implement pro-growth policies to fight poverty. And yet the American Catholic Church has only reigned in the efforts of a group of U.S. Catholic nuns to champion economic and health care programs that help the poor.

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Re: Pope Francis Condemns Economic Inequality: ‘We Want A Just System'
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It should be interesting to hear the opinions of those that may want to disagree & argue with the Pope on this topic. :)