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Apple TV!
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:29:15 pm »
Who has that little black box plugged into their TV?

Of all the products that Apple has this one seems to be the one that is most neglected but has the greatest potential!

As tent pole movies dominate their selected time slots announced years in advance this little device could be the key to getting independent movies featured!

Internet access has changed the entertainment game forever and with a little ingenuity a small studio could use this as a backdoor way of getting viewers without the long lines of an opening weekend box office draw!

Apple is currently the largest company in the world (Exxon's days are numbered via Tesla Motors rise Lol) with the sales of iPhones, iPads, iPods and iMacs all with iTunes capabilities not to mention the recently over 50 billion downloads mark being reached by their app store makes their ready made fan base something to be reckoned with!

Apple TV can be that solution even for the black filmmaking market assuming that quality product is produced for that much neglected segment of entertainment revenue!

With minimal advertising many projects like Angry Birds through the handheld products has grown substantially but no one has as of yet to push the envelope in the area of cinema!

Apple TV also offers the ability to connect your iMac computer directly to your TV screen by mirroring which can also be done with your iPad, iPhone or iPad using the Remote app!

This comes in handy for demo reels of animation, movies or video games and multi-media power point presentations!

It's not that you cannot do this with other high tech gear it's just that syncing Apple products with other Apple products is so simple Stevie Wonder could do it making it more hassle free! Lmao

Every time I open my iMac Safari web browser it automatically goes to the Apple page (Except when I'm at Hudlin's site of course) 8) and most keynote addresses by Apple execs are of the new iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac and hardly ever about Apple TV!

One day a major motion picture may open on Apple TV first... Is Apple missing the boat here or what?