Author Topic: Talking Race: Getting into trouble on othere message boards for even doing so.  (Read 72629 times)

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remember when black Hollywood would marry nobodies that no one would know. Seem like 10 to 15 years ago they wised up and started doing what the white folks do and keep the money in house and just marry for convenience. question do people in Hollywood really love each other or is it more like hey getting with you would be good for my career right now?

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If you believe that as well cool you are entitled to your OPINION.
That was exactly my point.  I agree completely.

Therefore for clarification the african man was made for the african woman.
Again, I agree completely.  Since all humankind originates from Africa that makes your statement equivalent to Wise Son's.  Agreement all around.

Uh, I wouldn't agree. I think Kitamu Re was referring to african men and women of the African Diasporic period over last couple of centuries since the Middle Passage. NOT since the birth of human kind.
Lacking the context to recognize sarcasm is one of the hazards of showing up late.  Not your fault.

 ??? Uh...ookaay then. Don't believe I was all that late since I read the entire exchange that occurred. Sarcasm can be hard to interpret via the written word on these types of boards sometimes. I didn't catch sarcasm in what you wrote, but if that is what it was then cool. I was just trying to bring some interpretation to Kitamu Re's response in case the meaning, as I saw it, was not expressed adequately.  I wasn't trying to offend.
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Sarcasm can be hard to interpret via the written word on these types of boards sometimes.
True that.

I wasn't trying to offend.
No offense taken.  It's all good.
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