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« on: May 08, 2014, 02:52:35 pm »
Gawker Is Hiring
Max Read

Max Read
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Today 4:06pm

Gawker needs more bloggers.

Not essayists (though you should be able to turn a beautiful phrase). Not reporters (though you should know how, and when, to get up from your desk or pick up the phone and ask questions). Not columnists (though you should have a sheaf of ideas for regular features and rubrics). Bloggers.

We're looking for fast writers who can turn around original, engaging stories on a variety of topics; follow and advance breaking news; identify and cover emerging trends; and otherwise initiate, develop, and generally own ideas, stories, and conversations on the internet. You know, bloggers.

We're not looking for aggregators, or not just aggregators. You should follow news across a number of categories, and be able and willing to write up news reports quickly and clearly, yes, but you should also be seeking out stories, ideas, crazes, fads, conversations, arguments, and gossip that you can put together into sharp, appealing packages that start and drive conversations.

And you should be interested in taking part in those conversations—in using Gawker's Kinja platform to find and engage subjects, sources, experts, and opponents, all in service of furthering and strengthening your stories.

All over the internet, in and out of traditional media, talented writers are overlooked and underused. If you're trapped by the bureaucracy, inertia, or institutional fear of your current employer, we can help you break free (and accelerate). If you've got the kind of talent and skill that deserves a wider audience, we can provide you with that platform. If you're a quick study who wants to learn how to write for the internet—and what else is there to write for?—we can give you the smartest, sharpest set of coworkers on the planet. If you don't have access to traditional hiring networks and pathways, we don't care. Consider this your invitation.

For a lengthier explanation of why you should work at Gawker, and what you can expect, see here:

Inexperience required
And now for a message from Nick Denton, the Founder and Publisher of Gawker Media.
Read more

These are a full-time staff writer positions with salary and benefits. It's best if you're based out of New York City, though we won't hold it against you if you're not. To apply, please send clips and a resume to Or, even better: Start a Kinja account. Debate. Discuss. Blog. Let me know who you are. I'll be in touch.

...we also need more recruits.

In addition to hiring staff writers for full-time salaried positions, we're looking to bring on more bloggers to launch and maintain subject-specific blogs under our recruits program, through which our weather blog, The Vane, operates. What kind of subjects make for good recruit blogs? We're open to pitches—the weirder, newer, and little-covered the better!—but some ideas we've been kicking around here include:

A well-researched and reported blog focusing on examining, contextualizing (and often debunking) fringe internet communities and viral conspiracy theories: Who's being accused of Illuminati activity? What is Alex Jones babbling about today? Which militia is threatening to secede?
A thoughtful, critical blog dedicated to examining the weird art and artifacts that only exist thanks to the internet—everything from Twitter bots to Amazon algorithms to Russian Livejournal memes to teenage Vine stars.

A blog that serves as rapid-response desk for internet bullsh*t—a responsive version of Adrienne LaFrance's Antiviral column. If you can spot a Jimmy Kimmel hoax from a 100 yards away and are able to pick up the phone and find out if that tech startup really has invented a perpetual motion machine, you can come be the world's biggest spoilsport, and save the internet while you're doing it.

A warblog—or maybe, more accurately, a conflict blog—dedicated to providing sharp, nuanced, up-to-the-minute accounting, explanation, and elucidation of global conflicts both inter- and intra-national.

Recruits are hired as freelancers starting at $1,500 a month, with a significant bonus for page views past a certain level. It's a steady gig with a commitment level determined by the writer; it's the perfect opportunity for a young, hungry writer working as a freelancer and looking to carve out a beat for herself. For more on the program, read here:

Introducing Recruits
Discovering and nurturing talent has always been an essential, if unsung element of Gawker cultur...
Read on joel.​kinja.​com
If you're interested in launching a recruits blog, email with a pitch, a resume, and some clips.