Author Topic: These Twins Aren't Conjoined, But They Have Shared Everything.. Including A Boyf  (Read 1421 times)

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These Twins Aren't Conjoined, But They Have Shared Everything.. Including A Boyfriend
The Huffington Post  | by  Sarah Barness

Upon hearing the remarkable story of adopted identical twins Amy and Becky Glass, 46, from New Jersey, you might think they are conjoined.

Amazingly, the sisters are not physically connected, but over the years they have worked to become mirror images of one another. Though many sets of twins share a similar unique bond, the Glass sisters have taken their connection to a whole new level, and Barcroft TV reports they have not been apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 years.

Amy and Becky were featured on the TLC show, "My Strange Addiction," where they talk about being addicted to each other. They wear the same clothes, eat the same food bite-for-bite to maintain the exact same figure, own the same business together and share social media accounts.

In their 20's they even shared a sexual relationship with a boyfriend named Chris.

"It was kinda like whose turn was it? It kinda felt natural," explain both sisters as they complete each others' sentences in the video above. "It was like oh, it's Amy's turn... it wasn't even like whose turn it was. It was almost like, who was in the mood."

Amy told ABC News, “We date, we have fun,” and her sister added, “If we date, we both go out on the date together with one guy.”

The sisters now live in Los Angeles in (surprise surprise) the same apartment in the same bedroom. They feel the other is merely an extension of themselves, and have no desire to be married because they consider their relationship to be a kind of marriage in itself.

"We don't have to answer to anybody. We have the same path in life, we have the same company we share together. It's kinda like we already have a soulmate with each other, and we're best friends."

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Oh my goodness!  I have adopted identical twin girls who are 23 years old and I WISH they had such a close bond.  In fact the Dr. Phil show has been chasing them for over a year to do a segment about identical twins who DON'T get along!  That being said - even though they fight constantly and can't stand to be around each other for more than an hour, they do finish each others sentences and have the same thoughts.

I believe trauma separated them in their third year of college because until then, they were close and always stayed together. Sharing rooms, dorms, apartments, same friends...then everything I posted before here - it was due to traumatic experiences during my divorce after 25 years of marriage - they felt abandoned again....the deep effect a Father has on a daughter has been expressed here in this forum and has been a crucial part of MY personal healing and understanding of what a Fathers love really means ---- thanks Reg for the wise words you continue to bring to light and please know the deep appreciation I have for you and this community!

Much love and peace to all you AWESOME fathers out there who show how much they love their children!
Debbie Andrews