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« on: June 23, 2014, 09:58:38 pm »
Bob Lefsetz <>
5:19 PM (7 hours ago)

to me
That's Yahoo's new business model. To sneak in advertorial amongst the real posts to try to get you to click on them so they can make money.

And you wonder why no one trusts the press. David Carr did a good article about that today:

"A Novel Lays Bare Media Ills":

Which is why credibility is so important. Everybody's so busy trying not to offend anybody that they lose their identity. John Lennon had it right, you can only believe in yourself...I'm not so sure about Yoko.

So your business model is challenged. Too bad. If you can't survive financially in today's world, maybe you shouldn't. But to resort to b.s. to make coin is just offensive. The same way the Republicans utilize subterfuge to achieve their goals. Can't we agree on the facts and then argue from there? But no, everyone's playing the game.

Used to be we depended upon artists to show the way. Back before they would do anything to get Facebook likes and Twitter followers, before the gamification of art. Once again, if your track is not good enough to stop me in my tracks, maybe you don't deserve to have a career.

Honest. Forthright. Believable. From the heart. When did those go out of style?

It's like our whole nation is on the wrong path. The rich don't believe in an honest living, Microsoft breaks antitrust laws, forcing manufacturers to pay for Windows whether they install it on machines or not and Sean Parker steals e-mail addresses from one company to launch another, known as Plaxo, and the end result is these people are heroes.

And the only ones living honestly are those at the bottom, the disadvantaged, who have no other option but to be honest and forthright.

And the music business is no better. Can you explain how I buy a ticket again? Is there a website of pre-sales? Why is there even a secondary market? It's a business of bots and holdbacks and the artists blame Ticketmaster when they, themselves, are at fault.

So, we can't attack climate change because someone in a paid for think tank says it ain't so.

And we're subjected to the same damn lyrics in every country song.

And now that we have alternative news sources, we realize how much the mainstream media misses.

Yet everybody believes if they just yell loud enough, they'll win.

Marissa Mayer... Maybe Yahoo was meant to fail. Google owns search and your content appeals to few. Maybe the company can't be reinvented. Just because you stand up in your designer outfits and say it is so does not make it so. I used to use your news page as my homepage, but now it's filled with advertising, you're winning, but I'm losing. But not for long. This is how you lose me.

And clickbait is not forever. I've wasted too much time. And now it's the same damn stories recycled. I know which stars have had plastic surgery.

And we used to depend on artists for truth. But now they're just bitching that they can't win. But instead of focusing on their bona fides, their art, they build up the penumbra, the marketing, to try and get us to listen to that which we should not. Yup, that's the truth, just like Yahoo may have no place in the future, your music might not either.

But we're always hungry for that which comes straight from the heart, which touches us, which acknowledges that life is brief and precious and confusing.

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« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2014, 10:02:05 am »
Bob Lefsetz <>
5:19 PM (7 hours ago)

Honest. Forthright. Believable. From the heart. When did those go out of style?

When the game became a 'numbers game',  then the game became all about breaking records.  So now, there's quantity over quality.  Elegance and integrity is lost in the process.  Anyone else who don't have a stake in the game is either prevented or kicked out.