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F@#$ Roland Martin
« on: August 28, 2015, 04:32:41 pm »
I've watched several documentaries involving Katrina and how the Charter industry used this man-made natural disaster as a means to prey upon that community. With the 10 year anniversary, I knew the corporate owned media would take advantage of this moment and use it to engage in revisionist history.

Enter, Roland Martin.

Whever I see a special "analyzing" education from any of the corporate media giants, there is a standard script.

One, talk about school choice. Translation, Charter's are the savior of the American educational system. Two, portray the state of education as a civil rights issue. Translation, if you are anti-charter schools, you are anti-Black. Three, teachers and their unions are marginalizing true options for parents. Translation, the bastards only care about themselves and their salary.

Martin didn't fail to disappoint by following the pattern to a T.

The panel consisted of a mix of parents, teachers, and administrators within the hour long special. The four featured segments all focused on, you guessed it, charter school success stories.Conversely, Whenever public schools were mentioned it was only from the perspective of failure in student achievement and the unwillingness of teachers to accept responsibility.

There were a few bright spots where Martin and the Charter school clan were forced to deviate from their agenda. The funniest was when a Prof. from Tulane used an indictment of public schools to point out that Charter's select their student population while public schools accept all who can legally attend. The look on that animal, Martin's, face when she brought up the point was worth watching the rest of this fraud. The superintendent's inability to answer why Charters are allowed to reject students at will was also noteworthy.

While the aforementioned instances were comical, there was one that was truly sad in what it displays about the Charter school movement.

The love that poor Black parents have for their children is the central point of exploitation by the millionaires and billionaires who profit off these schools. Once again, a poor Black mother laments about how her "A student" child is forced to go to a failing neighborhood school. A few minutes later she reveals that the child she was talking about had entered 'kindergarten" in that failing school. Now, if her child was forced to enter kindergarten, that means the only other grade he could've attended was Pre-K. To my knowledge NO letter grades are given in Pre-K, in fact, letter grades are usually never given in elementary school.

I can think of few things worse than a person being manipulated into becoming a proxy for those who are seeking to destroy them.

Any notion of objectivity or true journalism was entirely absent from the perverse piece of propaganda Martin put on display this morning. I think some ambush journalism is sorely needed to address this pathetic spectacle with Roland Martin as the target.

P.S. !@#$ Roland Martin