Author Topic: Latina.Com Thinks “Empire” Should Include Latinos  (Read 1440 times)

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Latina.Com Thinks “Empire” Should Include Latinos
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:16:07 am »
Latina Magazine has a few issues with Fox’s top-rated show “Empire.” So many issues, they created a listicle of sorts to break down just what’s wrong with the show. Although their post is titled “10 Things Empire Gets Wrong About The Hip-Hop Industry,” one of the gripes they have is that the show doesn’t showcase Latino actors.

Where are the Latinos?

Though it’s an exciting, juicy, melodramatic show, Empire does the Latino community a huge disservice by positioning the entire hip-hop business as black and white — literally. In the pilot episode, when Lucious announces the upcoming IPO, he looks upon a conference room filled with black executives, with only two or three white businessmen in the group. The same is true of the A&R executives over which Anika (played by Grace Gealey) presides in the “False Imposition” episode. There are plenty of Latino publicists, managers, agents, lawyers, and executives within every record label, so why don’t we see any on the show? Not a single one? C’mon now! To ignore the Latino community in a series centered on hip-hop music is to perpetuate the myth that, somehow, we weren’t involved in the birth and evolution of this genre, which is not only offensive, but also inaccurate.

I guess the same thing can be asked about, and its former print magazine. How many times did they feature Afro-Latina models besides LaLa from MTV? Nearly never.

Is it up to “Empire” to include every ethnicity in the show? It’s not as though Black people are always featured in telenova’s on Telemundo or Univision? Next, you’ll have Asians complaining they’re not included either!