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Roles in a Film Production
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The whole thing is really long (9 pages) but the download link is here--

From Pasadena City College


This is a partial list and explanation of typical roles on the filmmaking team.
By Noel Paul,with modifications by Lindsey Jang
with the exception of the descriptions of the UPM, 1st AD, and 2nd AD;
which come from The Film Director’s Team by Silver and Ward.
To the lay person (a.k.a. “civilians”), learning about the vast number of jobs on a motion picture
project can be astonishing. It can help to group them by department. For the cinema production
student, it can be helpful to view them by the craft areas that can are typically taught in school.
e.g. Ben Hecht, Charles Brackett, Michael Wilson, William Goldman, Paddy Chayefsky, Robert
Benton, Jane Campion, Wes Anderson, Joel & Ethan Coen, Nora Ephron, Quentin Tarantino
e.g. Gene O. Selznick, Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Silver, Scott Rudin, Harvey Weinstein.
e.g. Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, Ang Lee, Lee Daniels, James Cameron, Katharine Bigelow
Cinematographer, a.k.a. Director of Photography/cinematography
e.g. Gregg Toland, James Wong Howe, Conrad Hall, Januz Kaminski, Maurio Fiore, Robert
Film or Picture Editor, a.k.a. Editor/editing
e.g. Dede Allen, Walter Murch, Sally Menke
Production Sound or Sound Designer/Sound Editor
e.g. Walter Murch, Ben Burtt, Gary Rydstorm, Steve Flick.
There are many more positions and they are often learned either through specialized private
programs, e.g. script supervision, make-up, or through direct experience/apprenticeship, e.g.
production design, art direction, hair & make-up, set decoration, property master.
A film producer creates the conditions for making movies. The producer initiates, coordinates,
supervises and controls matters such as fundraising, hiring key personnel, and arranging for
distributors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the filmmaking process from
development to completion of a project.
Casting Director
Works closely with the director to cast the film. Specific duties will include:
• Assist in the organization and administration of casting calls and auditions
• Assist in the recruitment and hiring of cast
Unit Production Manager
The UPM, under the supervision of the Exec Producer, coordinates, facilitates, and
oversees the preparation of the production unit, including: all off-set logistics, day to day
production decisions, locations, budget schedules and personnel. Specific duties will
• Prepare script breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule with the 1st AD
• Prepare and coordinate the budget
• Oversee search and survey of all locations and the completion of business arrangements
for the same
• Assist in the preparation of the production with a mind towards efficiency collaboration
• Supervise completion of the production report for each day’s work, showing work
covered and the status of the production, and arrange for distribution of that report to
proper channels
• Coordinate arrangements for the transportation and housing of cast, crew, and staff
• Oversee the securing of releases and negotiations for locations and personnel
• Maintain a liaison with the local authorities regarding locations and the operation of the
1st Assistant Director
During preproduction the 1st AD works in conjunction with the UPM in organizing the
crew, securing equipment, script break down, stripboard (production board) prep, and
shooting schedule. During production he/she assists the director with respect to on-set
production details, coordinates and supervises crew and cast activities and facilitates an
organized flow of production activity. Specific duties will include:
• Prepare script breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule with the UPM
• Aid in location business, as delegated by the UPM
• Check weather reports
• Prepare day-out-of-day schedules for talent employment and determine the cast and
crew calls
• Supervise the preparation of the call sheet for cast and crew
• Direct background action and supervise crowd control
• Supervise the functioning of the shooting set and crew
2nd Assistant Director
The 2nd AD is the chief assistant to the 1st AD in conducting the business of the set or the
location site. Specific duties will include:
• Prepare the call sheet, in conjunction with the 1st AD
• Prepare the daily production report, in conjunction with the UPM
• Distribute scripts, sides, changes, and call sheets to cast and crew
• Communicate advance scheduling to cast and crew
• Aid in location managing as required by the UPM, 1st AD, or Location Manager
• Facilitate transportation of equipment and personnel, under the supervision of the UPM
• Schedule food, lodging, and other facilities
• Supervise set and location wrap
• Maintain liaison between UPM and 1st AD
• Assist in the direction of background action and the supervision of crowd control
Script Supervisor
The script supervisor maintains a daily log of the shots covered and their relation to the
script during the course of a production, acts as chief continuity person, and acts as an
on-set liaison to the post-production staff. Specific duties will include:
• Maintain of log of all shots, including the following information: shot number(s) as seen
on script, actual slated shot number(s), comments by director or DP, continuity
information including digital stills references, tape/reel#, camera settings, date, time,
production statistics, etc.
• Act as continuity person on set
• Daily cross-referencing with continuity stills photographer to ensure accessibility of
continuity stills during production
• Maintain liaison with 2nd AD, provide information for daily production reports
• Provide editor, other postproduction staff with log of footage
Key Production Assistant
The key PA is the chief on-set/on-location assistant of the 1st AD in terms of set
operations. Specific duties will include:
• Management of walkie-talkies, traffic cones, and other production staff equipment
• Management of other production assistants
• Assist in the direction of background action and the supervision of crowd control
• Assist in set lock-downs
• Assist in the functioning of the shooting set and crew
Production Accountant
The production accountant works closely with the UPM to maintain the production’s
budget. Specific duties will include:
• Preparation of the budget, in conjunction with UPM
• Maintenance of production accounts
• Facilitate release of expenditures
• Accounting for costs, filling out cost reports
Location Manager
The location manager works with the UPM and the 2nd AD to manage the discovery and
securing of locations. The locations manager maintains a liaison between the production
and the local authorities, and obtains the necessary clearance and release for use of
Working closely with the executive producer, director, art director, and publicity
designer, the publicist works to publicize and promote the film during all phases of
production. Specific duties will include:
• Securing permission for and supervising placement of posters, flyers, and other promo
• Supervising the generation and distribution of press releases
• Maintaining a liaison with the press
• Assisting in fundraising activities
Production Designer
Working under the supervision of the director and in coordination with the Art Director,
the Production Designer develops, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees the overall
design of the production, i.e. anything that will appear in front of the camera. The
Production Designer acts as a supervisor to the makeup, hair, and wardrobe departments,
and as a consultant to the camera, art director, special effects, and compositing
departments. Specific duties will include:
• Early development of attitude boards for characters, locations, scenes, etc.
• Coordinate the work of the costume designer, production designer, and compositors
with the DP and the director.
• Supervise the work of the publicity designer
• Supervise the creation of title sequences and credits
Art Director
Working under the supervision of the director and in coordination with the Production
Designer, the Art Director develops, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees the design of
the sets, whether on stage or practical locations. The Art Director supervises the work
of the construction crew, set decorating crew, and property department in conjunction
with the director and DP. Specific duties will include:
• Participation in location scouting recces
• Design of sets
• Supervision of set construction and dressing
• Coordination, via the art director, with the make up, wardrobe, camera, property, and
compositing departments
Publicity Designer
Working under the supervision of the director and in coordination with the art director
and the publicist, the publicity designer develops, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees
the design of publicity materials including posters, promo shots, and the website.
Specific duties will include:
• Design and implementation of production website
• Design of posters and other promotional materials
• Design of Electronic Press Kit materials
• Design of DVD
Key Makeup Person
The key makeup person applies and maintains the cast’s makeup. Specific duties will
• Applying makeup to cast members
• Maintaining actor’s makeup during shooting, in coordination with the script supervisor
and the continuity stills photographer
Key Hairdresser
The key hairdresser dresses and maintains the cast’s hair. Specific duties will include:
• Dressing cast members hair
• Maintaining actor’s hair during shooting, in coordination with the script supervisor and
the continuity stills photographer
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