Author Topic: Valedictorian barred from high school graduation because he has a beard  (Read 1631 times)

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Things got hairy at a Louisiana high school graduation when the valedictorian was not allowed to participate because he took a stand over his goatee.

Andrew Jones was the head of his class at Amite High School, but education officials said what’s on his chin violated the policy against facial hair, according to WWLTV.

The 4.0 student had worn his beard for four years, but he and 13 others were told that they had to shave after arriving at their graduation ceremony Wednesday night.

Jones refused because the rule had never been enforced before, so his cap and gown were taken away...

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I hate rules that are about enforcing some kind of corporate or institutional will over people that clearly have nothing to do with academic achievement.  And I hate when people accept them under some lazy ass "thems the rules" attitude.