Author Topic: Am I missing something? How come no one is talking about The Ultimates?  (Read 1524 times)

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I remember way back in a discussion about Blue Marvel we talked about Ewing's project with the new Ultimates team. With some of the criticism's of Coates "Panther" thus far, I expected to see more comments about this book. Afterall, they are the catalyst for Civil War 2. I personally, like it and the way they depict T'Challa and Blue Marvel though I want to see more of Spectrum. I actually am starting to like (let alone pay attention for the first time) Captain Marvel. I really hope this book gets a good following and continues for awhile.

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I hope it incorporates some action!  Comics today remind me of mid 70's American television which practically prohibited punching, kicking and other depictions of violence.  You'd be lucky to see a judo flip.