Author Topic: New Main Page: MARSHALL production wraps; a look back at black cinema of the 90  (Read 1345 times)

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Check out all the new articles on the main page and tell me what you think!

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Very cool, Mr. Reggie! 
How long had this film project been in development?  How quickly was the cast assembled?  Boseman Hudson, Gad, Brown-- kudos!

also, based on IMDB- James Cromwell;
also, yo!  Chili from TLC!!   (where you been!?!) :-* :-* :-*  Also Keesha Sharp from Girlfriends!   :-* :-* :-*)
Jussie Smollett from Empire, nice--  :)   Does this mean that season 3 might see an episode directed by....  ;)

What are some of the logistical challenges in location scouting for a period film like this?
I imagine having to decorate/renovate the interior of homes to reflect a 1940s aesthetic is one thing.  But how do you handle exterior scenes?
So who’s the best singer between Josh, Chadwick and Sterling?  Heh

Looking forward to the trailer premiere! (and of course, the film itself)
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