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The Accountant
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:41:28 am »
John Wick, The Equalizer and The Accountant are now the modern day trinity of the action sub group- ordinary dull looking person who really has extraordinary skills at killing people for a just cause. Each movie provided a bit of nuance to the premise- John Wick gave stylish combat and grand world building; Equalizer was about brutal precision and now the Accountant went one step further to give a heartfelt actioner. Trust me as parent you are going to get the message that is left for you to interpret at the end of the Accountant.

The supporting cast was remarkable to me since I went into the movie only knowing that Ben Affleck was in it and to see quality actors fill up the supporting roles was a pleasant surprise.

Kudos to the sound effects team and the director for work that they did with the gun battle in the final act of the movie.  The sound of those gun shots can rival the work done in the movie Heat where there was a gun battle in the streets and it felt like you were literally there.

I endorse this movie, go see it.

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Re: The Accountant
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2016, 01:39:23 pm »
I saw this film this weekend. I thought it was good, but rental or at most matinee worthy. I thought the film was slow at the beginning. However when the film had action the action was pretty good. I also liked the casting. I hadn't considered The Accountant being part of a trend, but that's an interesting way to look at and consider the film. I was looking at it as another example of an aging age becoming a bad ass action hero like Liam Neeson and The Taken films. Kevin Costner has also been in some action films over the last few years.