Author Topic: The Superman Crossover That Perfectly Explained White Privilege Decades Ago  (Read 2612 times)

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An alien ship lands on Earth. Its occupant gets raised as human, hiding special abilities for fear of reprisal. But when the superpowered extraterrestrial becomes an adult, Truth, Justice and the American Way mean something very different. Because this strange visitor from another planet is black.

In 1993, a company called Milestone Media released a slate of comic-book series set in a multicultural universe where most of the heroes were black. With the exception of magazine editor Derek T. Dingle, Milestone’s founders—Christopher Priest, Michael Davis, Denys Cowan and Dwayne McDuffie—were all comics industry veterans who’d worked at Marvel and DC. Their collective desire to broaden the horizons of the medium’s characters and readership led them to come together and form Milestone. In the work that followed—published and distributed by DC Comics—the good guys and bad guys who battled in the in a fictional midwestern city called Dakota came from a multitude of ethnicities and walks of life. Characters in titles like Blood Syndicate, Heroes, and Deathwish were trailblazing efforts to conceptualize superheroes who were vessels for gender fluidity, loving same-sex relationships and socioeconomic tension. The subtext was never so heavy-handed as to take away from the well-crafted superhero yarns...


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Looking forward to new adventures of Icon, Rocket and more! Love to find out how interested writers & artists can participate.
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I tracked down most of this multi-title, multi-issue cross-over a few years ago.  Must have for Milestone fans.  Anyone have any news on the Milestone relaunch!



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I was wondering what's up with news myself. Imo that's not good news. Hopefully they'll get it all worked out whatever IT is.

I was wondering if they didn't come out at 2015 comic con that would probably been better. I wouldn't be awaiting antisipating so much.