Author Topic: UChicago Tells Students It Doesn't Believe in Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings  (Read 1093 times)

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In a move that the internet will use as fuel for a new round of exhausting yelling, the University of Chicago has sent a letter to incoming freshmen warning the school doesn’t provide “so-called ‘trigger warnings’” or “condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces.’” The University’s president and provost have previously accused student protesters of hampering free speech on campus.

The concept of what a trigger warning actually is or does has wandered very far afield in the past few years, way, way away from its original intent as a concrete warning to trauma survivors. The debate over safe spaces, too, has become cartoonized, a shorthand way to complain about privileged millennials, because the big, hard, knotty discussion about institutionalized racism on campus, about freedom of expression versus sensitivity to discrimination and injustice, takes too long and can’t be expressed in 140 characters.

And so now we have this move from University of Chicago, first reported by the site Intellectual Takeout and then picked up by the campus paper the Chicago Maroon. It was quickly rebroadcast approvingly by Fox News and a round of right-wing blogs. From the letter to the incoming class: