Author Topic: ‘Queen Sugar’: Director Neema Barnette is Ava Duvernay’s Secret Weapon  (Read 1361 times)

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There’s a Catch-22 for indie film directors trying to break into television.  To direct, episodic television networks and showrunners often require previous experience working in television, which is impossible to get if no one will hire you. It’s an experience barrier that is most often pointed to when Hollywood tries to explain how few minority and female directors there are working in TV.

Ava DuVernay decided to blow up this roadblock when hiring her all-female directing team — many of whom are women of color and have little-to-no TV experience — to shoot her new show “Queen Sugar.” DuVernay, whose roots are in Sundance and indie film, recently explained on a conference call why she reached for festival filmmakers like So Yong Kim (“Lovesong”), Tina Marby (“Mississippi Damned”) and Kat Candler (“Hellion”).


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Each episode looks beautiful.

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Right on to the real and death to the fakers!  Peace out!

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I'm loving Queen Sugar. The reveal in the last episode was powerful. I feel like it's been gathering momentum and is ready to roll.
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Neema has been a friend since I was a youngin'. So glad she's getting the shine she deserves.