Author Topic: Warrington Hudlin produces "The Siege of Detroit" pilot  (Read 1476 times)

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Warrington Hudlin produces "The Siege of Detroit" pilot
« on: January 13, 2017, 06:31:50 am »
Strong kudos to Mr. Hudlin and hopefully this will get a high profile release!  Fascinating subject matter, for sure-- apparently the production will film in New Jersey-- hopefully they'll swing by the D




 THE SIEGE OF DETROIT is a episodic streaming television drama being produced in a production partnership between African American and Chinese American producers.

Warrington Hudlin is the veteran producer of the box office hit movies, HOUSE PARTY and BOOMERANG. 

Kim Wang owns and operates an award winning production and post-production company. 

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The most compelling stories are the ones that are intentionally left untold. Media companies under the Donald Trump presidency will likely be intimidated and afraid of becoming a target of his tweets, practice even more self-censorship than they have done in the past.

The Siege of Detroit


Social justice activists occupy a church and appeal to the UN when the city starts turning off water to people who can't pay their bill.  Inspired by current events in Detroit.

Siege of Detroit will be the first episodic television drama where the central characters are grassroots and net roots human rights activists.

These principal characters were social justice activists back in the 70’s which left them coping varying degrees of post traumatic stress. The story becomes a cross-generational drama because they are now challenged to build an activist alliance with millennials (some of whom are their children and all of whom are their children’s age) to fight back against the corrupt politicians and a hostile police force that serve corporate interests intent on privatizing public services.


Warrington Hudlin is a veteran African American filmmaker who has produced motion pictures and television productions (several which are recognized as popular cinema landmarks) and, for almost four decades has been a pioneering community organizer for filmmakers of color.

He has now formed an alliance with a multicultural group of filmmakers and actors to create an episodic streaming television drama series about a multiracial group of activists in Detroit who fighting back against the privatization of public services and its consequences.

As actors and filmmakers, we reject the false dichotomy between social concerns and popular entertainment. We are expanding our alliance by extending invitations to our audiences and viewers.  We have a pledge from our long time friend and ally Michael Moore to promote this campaign to his 2 million plus twitter followers.


The narrative ambition of this groundbreaking TV series is to reveal the political and personal high drama on the front line of  resistance.  Written to resonate with both baby boomers and millennials, we anticipate viewers becoming emotionally engaged with and inspired by the characters and their heroic resistance.

The need for this type of storytelling has become more urgent as American enters the era of the Donald Trump presidency.  Like the characters in our story, we are standing up to defend human rights and to fight the power of anyone and everyone who attempts to take it away.

We are not afraid. We will resist. Join us.


Our challenge is to finance this production without the controls and compromises imposed by corporate media companies. Our strategy is anchor the first episode by raising $500k via crowd funding and then shift into a stretch funding campaign to raise a total of  three million dollars for the total cost of the first three episodes of the pilot season.

We have a dedicated social media marketing team to reach out to fans and followers of the issues, the cast,  and multiple film and television  genres.

We have designed a suite of thank you rewards that we think you will enjoy because they are designed to make you a part of the team and process. We are asking those who are unable to financially contribute to help spread the word about the campaign.

In the event that crowdfunding goals are not met, we will immediately expand to include crowd equity funding as well as foreign pre-sales.

It is not enough to be "woke", if you are not "loose".

Let's make Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20th, the countdown clock to raise the funds.

We create.  We contribute. We resist.
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