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Help support S.O.N.S. (Saving Our Noble Sons)
« on: January 22, 2017, 02:43:03 pm »

What is S.O.N.S.?

S.O.N.S. is an acronym for Saving Our Noble Sons and is a 15 week Leadership Development Program designed specifically for African American boys, ages 12-17.

Who is S.O.N.S?

S.O.N.S. is a collaborative effort between several local organizations that have a history of committing their time and resources to the African American community. They include: Fatimah Halim, President/CEO of Life Paradigms, Inc., Qaadir Muhammad and Bilal Rahim of "Fight For Life" No Excuses and Our Black Fathers Committee LLC and Gung Fu Specialist, James Sesay.


In addition to weekly Gung Fu Martial Arts training, Spoken Word, writing lyrics and poetry, learning to play Chess, and developing Public Speaking skills, classes include the following:

Digital Branding
Community Service
Health and Nutrition
Mental Wellness –mental self care; hygiene
Community Activism
Political Science
College Preparedness
History of Political Movements and Activism
Sex Education
Digital Branding
Personal Finance; stocks & bonds; investments; brokerage accounts; mutual funds, saving and banking, etc.
Police Interaction
Creating an App
Camping Retreat

Classes will begin at 10am for the boys at South Mountain Community center but the instructor expects them to be there at 9:45 in which they will start stretching for Gung Fu class.

Here is the important part where you can help, the organizers are looking for any generous donations you can contribute to help aid in acquiring.....

*Uniforms, Ceremonial Sashes

*Tents, Sleeping Bags

*Field Trip

If parents can't afford to pay for the above, we really don't want to turn their children away that NEED this. The cost for all the above would be around $75 and the head count expected for all the young men to go through the whole program is 12, so that's how we came up with the goal of $1,000.00

African American boys have the opportunity to receive some of the best and most comprehensive leadership and life skills training afforded young black men in Arizona.

All our young brothers and sisters should go through some rites of passage like this and truly learn about themselves, not just how to be slaves and hard workers for a capitalistic society.

Help spread the word!

"Don't count the days, make the days count"-Muhammad Ali