Author Topic: Microcephaly is the tip of the iceberg. Zika: 'Worst Brain Infections  (Read 1398 times)

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"Our goal is to illustrate for heath care professionals around the world what they could expect to see with a Zika infection during pregnancy," Dr. Deborah Levine

Our Republican congressional representatives and Senators need to educate themselves about the ravages of the Zika virus and to fully fund the Centers for Disease Control request for 1.9 billion dollars they say that they needed back in February of this year.  Instead, Congress has stalled, added poison pills to any clean bill, and taken endless vacations one of which they are enjoying at this very moment. Despite the anguished pleas from medical researchers, parents and anybody who has a heart, Republicans continue to refuse to return to Washington for even one day to approve the desperately needed funds. Their inaction is beyond cruel and it is despicable.  Now Zika is spreading across Florida from Miami to Tampa. What could have been prevented has now come to pass.

A series of images and videos were published by the Journal Radiology on Tuesday. They illustrate the horror of how Zika infection can damage fetal brain development as well as joint contractures.

Dr. Levine has stated that microcephaly is just the tip of the iceberg as to what happens to the fetal brain. Other problems are illustrated in the study (link in above paragraph) and the study abstract at the bottom of this story.