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Re: When Racists Attack
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Friday, 26th April 2019
When Racists Attack: Clark County, Nevada
by David Ferrara

The second of two teens was sentenced Friday for his role in a series of racist threats made against black Arbor View High School students on Instagram.

“I’m so sorry for the fear and the trouble this has caused all of you,” the teen said during a Juvenile Court hearing.

“This is all because of my poor decision making, my bad judgment. And though my part in this was not the biggest, compared with my co-defendant, any part in something like this is too big of a part. And it sucks that it took me getting arrested to realize that.”

The 15-year-old boy, who pleaded guilty earlier this week to a felony charge of making a terrorist threat, was ordered to a diversion program at a juvenile facility, followed by 12 months of probation.

During his sentence, the teen is prohibited from using the internet and social media, except for supervised academic purposes.

The teen admitted to helping his 14-year-old co-defendant, the Instagram account creator, write photo captions that threatened to “cleanse” the school’s hallways of black students in a “Columbine pt. 2.”

The threats were posted with candid photos of nine black students, and the account’s username included a racist slur.

During the hearing before Judge William Voy on Friday, one of the targets of the Instagram posts wore a yellow T-shirt with the words “No Racism In Schools #1865.”

He said he had not known the boys who created the account.

He said he was at first confused about his picture having been taken.

Then, he said, “It dawned on me that someone wanted to shoot and kill us because we were black.”

About 15 people sat in the courtroom gallery in support of the victims, some wearing similar T-shirts, many wiping away tears as he spoke.

“I’ve heard of horrible things like this happening to other people, but I never thought it would happen to me,” he said, with his mother at his side.

“How do you hate someone because they look different than you? How do you hate someone you don’t know that has never done anything wrong or bad to you? … I like being a teenager, and somehow I’m pushed into adult things. I’m glad it was just a phone that was aimed at my head and not a weapon.”

The teen who was charged also dabbed his eyes with a tissue as he sat in an orange sweatshirt and blue sweatpants next to his lawyer.

He has remained in custody at the Juvenile Detention Center since his March 19 arrest.

The amount of time he spends in the diversion program will depend on the customized program created for him by Clark County Juvenile Probation.

Voy also said the teen would not be allowed to re-enroll in the Clark County School District without the court’s permission, and he instructed the teen to write apology letters to all nine students whose photos were posted to the account and to the school at large.

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Re: When Racists Attack
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Wednesday, 15th May 2019
When Racists Attack: Multnomah County, Oregon
by Soraya Joseph

A Gresham, Oregon man by the name of Michael James Black was arrested May 11 and is being investigated for a hate crime after allegedly yelling racial slurs at a Black teenage boy.

According to documents obtained by Oregon Live,  the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office is charging Black, 64, with second-degree intimidation and menacing.

It’s alleged that on May 10, the 14-year-old victim (who remains unnamed in publications due to his minor status), was threatened by the older man while he was riding his bicycle near Black’s residence.

According to Gresham Police spokesman Ben Costigan, the teen was riding his bike around 9:30pm, not far from Black’s house on Northeast Glisan Street.

The young victim said he was riding his bicycle in circles, when Black proceeded to yell at him.

“He called him a racial slur, and said he was going to blow his head off,” Costigan states.

According to a probable cause statement released by the district attorney’s office, the teen was riding his bike home with friends after basketball practice.

Although the teen was traveling on bike, his friends were on foot, which he claims is the reason why he occasionally rode in circles allowing his teammates a chance to catch up to him.

The teens were walking in a cul-de-sac that they presumed was a public space.

That’s when the young man alleges that Black, who is white, yelled at the teen from about 30-40 feet away, that the area is private property, followed up by racial slurs and threats.

Fearful that Black would make good on his threats, the teen told officials he got scared, so he rode home where his mother later alerted police of the issue.

Black’s subsequent statement to officials varies somewhat.

According to t Oregon Live, Black told the police that the teen went on to his property and engaged in a yelling match and “flipped” him off.”

Black also said that he thought the teen had a knife, but admitted he is vision impaired.

It was also revealed that Black has been arrested before, but for crimes not associated with this scenario.

While the stories between Black and the unnamed teen vary, he does admit to using racially-charged language during the exchange.

We can only imagine what words he used to describe the teen during this encounter.

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Re: When Racists Attack
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Wednesday, 29th May 2019
When Racists Attack: Starkville, Mississippi

by Dan Cancian

A white woman who threatened a black couple at a campground in Mississippi with a gun because they did not have a reservation has been fired.

On Tuesday, Kampgrounds of America spokesman Mike Gast told The Associated Press that the unidentified employee had been fired, adding the company “does not condone the use of a firearm in any manner.”

On Sunday, Jessica Richardson and her husband were trying to enjoy a picnic with their dog by Oktibbeha County Lake, located approximately 12 miles northwest of Starkville, Mississippi.

When the couple arrived at the nearby Kampgrounds of America they reportedly asked at the reception whether they needed to stay at the campsite to spend the day by the nearby lake and were told access to the latter was not exclusive to guests.

However, soon after they started walking, Richardson and her husband were approached by an elderly white female, who pulled her truck up next to them.

The woman then got off her vehicle and took out a gun.

She ordered the couple to leave the campsite after learning they did not have a reservation.

The whole incident was captured on camera by Richardson, who then posted the footage on Facebook with the caption “racism is alive and well.”

In the video, Richardson can be heard saying:

“This lady just pulled a gun because we [are] out here and don't have reservations.

“The only thing you had to tell us was to leave, we would have left. You didn't have to pull a gun."

The woman, who was wearing a Kampgrounds of America T-shirt, can then be heard telling the couple they have to leave the campsite as they are not allowed on the premises.

“Well I'm just telling you you need to leave because it's under private ownership,” she said before eventually putting the gun away.

“You can't be out here.”

Shortly after the video was posted on Fakebook, Kampgrounds of America confirmed they had been made aware of the incident and were investigating it.

“Kampgrounds of America is currently looking into the matter and reaching out to all of the parties involved,” it said in a statement.

“Kampgrounds of America prides itself on providing a welcoming, safe environment for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.”
According to its website, Kampgrounds of America is the world’s largest system of privately held campgrounds and the company operates almost 500 different sites across the U.S. and Canada.

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Re: When Racists Attack
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Saturday, 6th July 2019
When Racists Attack: Peoria, Arizona
by Michael Harriot

Arizona law enforcement officials arrested a man who allegedly killed an innocent teenager in a brutal stabbing early Thursday morning.

Although the teen didn’t know the suspect or apparently do anything to his alleged killer, authorities say the man committed the fatal act simply because he felt threatened by the music the teen was playing.

On Thursday, police in Peoria, Ariz. charged 27-year-old Michael Paul Adams with the first-degree, premeditated murder of 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin.

According to the Arizona Republic’s review of court documents, Adams allegedly slit the boy’s throat and stabbed him with a pocketknife at a Peoria Circle K gas station.

Superior court records say Adams told investigators that he felt threatened by the hip-hop music the teen was playing—not the teenager himself—explaining that people who play rap music are a threat to him and his community.

Adams reportedly said he was being “proactive, not reactive” because the musical genre makes him feel “unsafe” after rap music listeners attacked him in the past.

Al-Amin had just finished working his shift at Subway at 11:30 p.m., visiting his girlfriend before heading to the Circle K around 1:42 a.m. Surveillance footage from the convenience store shows Al-Amin walking into the store, followed by Adams a few seconds later, reports the Republic.

After Adam allegedly stabbed the teenager, Al-Amin ran out of the store where he collapsed near the gas tanks.

He was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead around 2:05 a.m. on Thursday, authorities say.

After a brief search, the cops claim they found Adams covered in blood and reportedly admitting he was “involved” in the heinous slaying.

Adams, whose criminal history includes theft, disorderly conduct, assault with a weapon and assault on a corrections officer, was released from prison on Tuesday.

Adams’ attorney says that he had no access to mental health services after he was released although a statement from an Arizona Department of Corrections spokesperson says that Adams was “not designated seriously mentally ill.”

“He was a good kid,” El Amin’s father told KVOA in a tearful interview.

“He wanted to be hotel management, he wanted to move to Seattle, he wanted to move different places.”

Michael Paul Adams is being held on a $1 million bond.

Elijah Al-Amin would have turned 18 in two weeks.

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Re: When Racists Attack
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Monday, 12th August 2019
When Racists Attack: El Paso, Texas
by Vanessa Romo

The gunman accused of the shooting massacre that left 22 people dead at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart on Saturday was in his car — nearly a mile away from the horrific scene — when he surrendered to Texas Rangers, according to an arrest affidavit.

"Agents and police officers at the intersection then observed a male person — the defendant — exit out of the vehicle with his hands raised in the air and stated out loud to the agents, 'I'm the shooter,' " the document states.
It appears the alleged shooter somehow evaded El Paso Police Department officers who arrived at the store about six minutes after receiving calls about a disturbance at the popular shopping center, which then became calls about a shooting in progress.

Sgt. Enrique Carrillo told NPR 21-year-old Patrick Wood Crusius was in the left hand lane of an intersection when rangers pulled up behind him.

"He had driven up to that intersection, but when the officer saw him he had already exited the car," Carrillo said.

The suspect was arrested and transported to the El Paso Police Department's headquarters, where police say he waived his Miranda rights and agreed "to speak about the incident."

During questioning, police say, the alleged shooter confessed that he planned the rampage and drove nearly 10 hours from Allen, Texas, to the border city with the intention of targeting "Mexicans."

Authorities believe Crusius is the author of a 2,300-word anti-immigrant screed that was posted to the online message board 8chan just 19 minutes before the mass shooting.

The four-page document talked about a "Hispanic invasion of Texas."
"The defendant stated once inside the store he opened fire using his AK-47 shooting multiple innocent victims," the affidavit says, adding that he was carrying "multiple magazines."

The 22 victims ranged in age from 15 to 90.

Thirteen are listed as U.S. citizens; eight are Mexican nationals.

One is German.

Crusius has been in police custody since his arrest but has not been arraigned.

Claudia Duran, a spokeswoman for the El Paso County district attorney, said that won't happen until the investigation by El Paso police and the FBI concludes.

State prosecutors in El Paso announced on Sunday that they will pursue the death penalty.

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Re: When Racists Attack
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Thursday, 29th August 2019
When Racists Attack: Las Vegas, Nevada
by Joyce Lupiani

(LAS VEGAS, NV) — Braxton Ryback, 25, and Johnny Young, 22, were recently arrested by Las Vegas police after threatening to shoot up the XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas.

The incident happened Aug. 10. Police were told that Ryback and Young were shouting "White privilege, white power, we are white supremacist" and locking their fists like they were going to hit people.

Police were also told that the men told security that they were going to come back and shoot the place up.

Young then allegedly returned to the hotel-casino with pepper spray.

During an interview with police, Young told police that he had a weapon in his vehicle at the Wynn and another weapon in his apartment.

He also told police that Ryback spent time on a website called "Daily Stormer" and that he shared Ryback's beliefs.

Young also told police that he was drunk and angry at security because they had stopped him from taking photos of security cameras but he never had any intention of hurting someone.

He said he intended to only use the pepper spray for protection if needed.

Young also explained that Ryback was from Canada and that he ran an illegal AirBnB and Young and his girlfriend were staying with him.
Ryback told people that he did not remember what he said and did not recall making any threats and did not want to talk to detectives.

Police removed several items in Young's and Ryback's apartment including a loaded Cobra handgun, ammunition, a global entry ID and Belgium ID, a Nevada driver's license, a Macbook Pro, an iPhone and a Samsung phone.
Police also removed a pellet gun and hard drive from Young's car at the Wynn.
Based on numerous witness statements and the fact that Young specifically stated he would return with a gun, both people are being charged with making threats or conveying false information concerning an act of terrorism or the presence with the intent to injure, intimidate or alarm any person.

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