What was your most memorable "humanizing" moment for T'Challa? (Pick 3)

Doom kicking his ass
1 (20%)
Crying like a baby to his dead dad disowning him
0 (0%)
The Wolverine/Storm cuckhold thing
2 (40%)
Denouncing himself as an awful king unfit to rule, who never wanted to rule
2 (40%)
Propping up Doom for the nanities he used while invading Wakanda and killing his uncle
0 (0%)
Apparently not saving the universe with the reality gem
0 (0%)
Apparently abandoning Shuri in battle as opposed to her stubbornly forfeiting her life for no reason
0 (0%)
Changaroo sneak dissing him during the 'unite Wakanda' speech, that only he could apparently give
0 (0%)
Being super excited to see Captain America everytime (Bendis)
0 (0%)
Slipping on a pebble and dying that one time (also Bendis)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Author Topic: "Humanizing T'Challa" Appreciation/Unappreciation Thread  (Read 12585 times)

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Re: "Humanizing T'Challa" Appreciation/Unappreciation Thread
« Reply #60 on: July 02, 2017, 07:38:08 am »

We all know. T'Challa was the take no isht, pimp slapper who beat Magneto, Sabretooth, Wolverine, broke Red Skulls jaw, ripped Mephisto's heart out and was ready to fight three wars at once.

Some folks just weren't comfortable with that. Hence we get the Mary Sue comments when other characters had similar feats with no such comments.

Badass Black Dude Syndrome.

Thus began the watering down of the Black Panther. Luke Cage suffered a similar fate once he got married.

I cram to understand why y'all are surprised at Coates?

His agenda was clearly laid out before the first issue of his Black Panther dropped.

It was as clear as day to me.

Some if y'all chose to believe otherwise.

Are you two... insinuating ...that the whole "humanizing T'Challa" is a grand hoax, a lie perpetuated by the vocal minority who are only invested in Storm, Ayo, Aneka, Shuri, Misty, Doom, Reed and agendas outside the actual elevation of T'Challa?  Hence why sales plummet but excuses still fester?

I never mentioned anything about Shuri but other than that, I agree 99.9% with your post.  8)