Author Topic: Jim Hensonís The Dark Crystal is getting a prequel from Netflix!!!  (Read 1510 times)

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by Julia Alexander

Netflix announced today that it was working on 10-episode prequel series, called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which takes place many years before the events of the original film. Brian Froud, the original filmís conceptual designer, will partner with Netflix and the new showrunner to ensure the series has the same spirit as the movie.

Of all the sequels, prequels, revamps and what not that get done this legit shocks me the most.

That they aren't gonna go CGI with this shocks me even more (unless the trailer is throwing me off and they are going CGI).

Dark Crystal was probably Jim Henson's most unique projects...even the people who love everything the man did are kinda iffy on it.

This is a callback to the good/bad old days of High Fantasy on the screen: as a fantasy you were almost always in a "take the bad with the good" mindset when watching things like this, Excalibur, Labyrinth, Neverending Story, the Ralph Bashki(?) Lord of The Rings animated film.

You could say that Star Wars movies was the first screen High Fantasy project since Wizard of Oz that worked from beginning to end but those movies (if we wanna be technical) pretend to be Science Fiction films (that have space wizards in it). 

The second would be Princess Bride (if you ask me, anyways).

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I fondly remember this from childhood.  I don't know how I would look at the new stories.  But I suppose as long as it isn't made too gruesome in the name of being 'realistic', kudos.
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Re: Jim Hensonís The Dark Crystal is getting a prequel from Netflix!!!
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Jim Henson and Frank Oz directed the first masterpiece together (((wow))) can you imagine witnessing those two visionaries working together, that had to be an amazing thing to see, the energy had to be unreal!