Author Topic: Church Hosting 2-Mile Prayer Line To Spotlight Violence On South Side  (Read 1571 times)

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"Why don't they ever march on Black on Black crime? Conservatives ask this dumb question all the time.

Except folk do. In every major city in America. All the time. Conservatives don't know because they don't care. It rarely makes the news."

GRAND CROSSING — Thousands of people are expected to stand in unity across 21 blocks on the South Side Saturday.

In an effort to bring awareness to the lives lost to gun violence on the South Side, the Rev. John Hannah, pastor of New Life Covenant Church, is spearheading the anti-violence “Prayer on the 9” gathering.

This is the second year the church is inviting the community to come out and pray with them. Participants will gather at 79th Street and Greenwood Avenue at 10 a.m. where Hannah will address the community and present funding to three partnering organizations.

Last year more than 2,000 people participated, many wearing red, which Hannah said represented the blood that has been shed.

Again this year, everyone is encouraged to wear red. They’ll form a two-mile prayer line along 79th Street from Greenwood to the Dan Ryan Expressway. At 11 a.m., those who have lost loved ones will be asked to step into 79th Street and lie down in an effort to demonstrate the enormity of the violence. He’s asking them to bring a photo of their loved one and hold it up during that moment of silence.

“I really want to keep the face of these people in our face,” Hannah said. “Don't let the face of your loved one be forgotten.”

New this year will be band members from Dunbar High School. They will conclude the prayer event with a celebratory march.

“After prayer, what if I can shift you and say, ‘OK, we’ve cried about them, now let’s celebrate their life, the time that you had with them?”

“It’s without question that we continue to have an issue,” Hannah said about the gun violence.

Although some may criticize the idea of a march, Hannah said it still has an impact.

“I believe there is something powerful about a large group of people screaming ‘Enough is enough,’” he said. “You don’t just want to show up at a funeral, I think you need to show up before the funeral.”

He said Chicago could truly see a change for the better if every church claimed its community.

“One church can’t take over a whole city, but you’re a piece of a puzzle," he said.

Because he knows the assignment God has given him, he said he’s doing all he can to better the Grand Crossing community, adding that he has already seen changes.

That means starting with the children. The church opened its new $4 million state-of-the-art day care center last May. They also have a food pantry and recently bought a food truck which the church will use to distribute free hot meals in the summer.

“We’re more than just four walls,” Hannah said.

He’s also partnering with three community organizations in the neighborhood to provide resources and services for the residents after the demonstration. New Life Covenant will donate to the organizations over the summer to provide resources for violence prevention and awareness in the Grand Crossing area

To register for Prayer On The 9, visit Follow the specific instructions for “individuals” or “churches/organizations” to receive block placement assignments. For more information, please call 773-285-1731.

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This a classic example of a story that would never be on Fox News. 

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Re: Church Hosting 2-Mile Prayer Line To Spotlight Violence On South Side
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Friday, 23rd November 2018
Garbage pastor who railed against ‘gun-free zones’ shot woman in the head after she refused sex with him
by Brad Reed

A one-time pastor in Missouri known for going on social media rants against “gun-free zones” this week was arrested after he allegedly tried forcing three women to have sex with him — and shot one of them in the head after she refused.

USA Today reports that police say 53-year-old Thomas Bruce this week went into a Catholic Supply store, drew a gun, and forced three women working there to go with him into a back room.

After they went with them, he ordered them to “perform deviant sexual acts on him,” police allege.

One of the women refused to give in to his demands, which was when Bruce allegedly killed her with a shot to the head. This prompted the other two women to begin complying with his requests, and Bruce eventually fled the scene.

Police arrested Bruce on Wednesday and charged him with murder, sodomy and kidnapping.

According to USA Today, Bruce’s rants about gun control had continued right up until the time he allegedly kidnapped the three women.

Just last week, for example, he called for abolishing gun-free zones on the grounds that “we should stop expecting criminals to follow the rules.”

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